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  1. frankc98376

    Eurodam Mexico Diverted Oct. 21

    Friends boarded Eurodam today for Mexico in San Diego- perhaps there was a large group that boarded in Vancouver. We did the same last year from Vancouver- was sold as a 12 night cruise. They later opened it up to a five night coastal and 7 night Mexico.
  2. frankc98376

    Eurodam Mexico Diverted Oct. 21

    We have friends that boarded today. Only bummer is that they brought clothes for hot weather. They just heard that close to 1000 from the previous week RSVP cruise stayed on board for this cruise. Should be a lively cruise!
  3. frankc98376

    Pictures and Nieuw Statendam info

    Sorry, shows on deck plan as Americas Test Kitchen on deck 2
  4. frankc98376

    Pictures and Nieuw Statendam info

    Look at Koningsdam deck plan- is Culinary Arts Center on Koningsdam
  5. CC has published pictures and info from Nieuw Statendam. New Specialty restaurant in place of Culinary Arts Center called Club Orange. Will server breakfast and dinner for NS and PS guests and offer for fee dining to all. Also more info on public areas. Evidently suites are larger and new design for Neptune Lounge. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=8935&source=99360
  6. frankc98376

    Choosing a PCC

    I have always wondered why PCC's don't or can't at least send something for bon voyage or special occasions. HAL is saving about 16% (or so) not paying a TA commission. I guess they have determined that the commission is less than having to hire more staff to handle bookings.
  7. Was told by an officer on previous Nieuw Amsterdam in the early 80's that there would never be another ship named Prinsendam. He had served on the original Prinsendam.
  8. frankc98376

    Choosing a PCC

    We are very happy with ours and as Deliver42 said we have her extension. She is always quick to respond if we leave a message or email her. We feel the benefits outweigh the OBC we might get ftom a TA. I'm sure if you emailed CC members directly they would offer suggestions.