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  1. Blueslily - may I say compliment you for your compassionate, Pragmatic, sensible position? Bravo.
  2. Immature????? WTH? I lived and participated in the days of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. "White Rabbit" was like the national anthem for those people.
  3. Ah now I see! Your other posts says you paid $215 to upgrade - that's the cost for BOTH of you. And THAT'S why your package was accepted in the specialities. (I'm not picking on you. I just want to make sure others understand that the Easy Package is definitely NOT accepted in Speciality restaurants. Want a glass of wine? Get up from the table, walk to the nearest bar, queue up and walk back to your table.)
  4. We were on the same cruise. Its interesting how different our experiences were. Ill be adding my review within a few days. Too bad you missed the shows. In our opinions, it was the BEST thing of the cruise. In fact, probably the best showroom entertainment we've seen in 25+ cruises! (For future readers: we made reservations each night for the 7pm show. After the first night, they didn't even check. Sometimes a bit of a hassle to find seats, but just don't be overly picky.)
  5. Explained here https://www.stlucianewsonline.com/jamaica-cruise-ship-with-patient-in-isolation-denied-docking-at-ocho-rios/amp/
  6. Something doesn't make sense here. Assuming you and your partner were in the same cabin, you both were required to have the SAME package. And the Easy Package is specifically excluded from speciality restaurants All-Inclusive Drinks Packages DRINK PACKAGES Quench Your Thirst With Great Savings Enjoy one of our drink packages during your cruise. Choose from our Easy, Premium or Premium Plus package and sip' back and relax. View our drink package comparison guide, here. Book Now to Save 15% vs. onboard prices. DRINK PACKAGES Easy Package Selected Drinks up to $6! $35 per person / per day* *The package must be purchased by all guests occupying the same stateroom or traveling together, including minors who must purchase a non-alcoholic beverage package. Purchase of a beverage package is not required for children under the age of 3. Consumption of selected drinks priced up to $6! Savor the freedom to satisfy your thirst at any moment with a dedicated selection of house wines by the glass, one brand of draft beer (Heineken*) and/or Miller Lite bottled beer (for Caribbean itineraries only), selected spirits and cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water, classic hot drink (espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, hot tea) and coffee and hot chocolate drinks. You can take advantage of this offer in all onboard bars, as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, excluding specialty restaurants
  7. (Forgive me if this has been discussed before. I don't get over to this board too often.) White Rabbit (aka Go Ask Alice) is well known as being strongly related to taking drugs. Read the lyrics. In fact, Grace Slick admits she wrote it during or right after an LSD trip. I'm guessing that this brilliant bit of marketing was thought up by some 23 year old advertising agency executive.
  8. He didn't share what his personal needs were. And I have no way of confirming that he's truthful. Given his actions, I wouldn't have believed him anyway. I read all the posts in this thread. My DH and I discussed it. We NEVER discussed or considered removing the DSC. The cash we were going to leave the cabin attendant was redistributed to our MDR dinner waiter and the wine guy who were GREAT. Neither of us wanted to report him. I wanted to leave a brief note to the attendant explaining why he wasn't getting a cash gratuity. DH didn't agree, so I let it be. After all, eventually somebody will report him which will put a stop to it (and likely his job). And we feel comfortable with those decisions. Thx everyone for your input.
  9. Sorry - typo. It's Turner Classic Movies. (TMC is a pay to watch channel. MSC ain't gonna do that.)
  10. Actually I think there was. I left it off my list because it was n/a
  11. I'm betting that he's already arranged that it's his last contract with MSC. Dont you think that if many crew members were doing this, there would be multiple (many?) reports here?
  12. After going thru this experience, i'm not sure that he even deserves the 9.
  13. I'm sorry - but are you serious???? The guy is working HOW many hours a day SEVEN days a week. He's not going to be reading this forum. Heck, I'd bet the guy doesn't read much English.
  14. Shoot. I never thought of that. But I still doubt that MSC is going to go thru all of that for one ANONYMOUS report about one cabin attendant among thousands of cabin attendants.
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    It only speeds up checkin by about 90 seconds. It's not a big deal.
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