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  1. Was this an excursion sponsored by Royal, or was it a private tour that you booked. Sounds like it wasn't a very well executed excursion in either case, and I would've been very disappointed in as well. We've done Maho before and had a wonderful experience, but we used Bernard's Tours. The driver planned our day so that we were at the right place at the right time for the bigger planes, and he dropped us in a great spot. We found Bernards through numerous recommendations on Cruise Critic in the Ports of Call section. If you ever go back to the island, I would highly recommend Bernard's to you.
  2. Is Playmakers a place that someone could go, hang out for several hours watching football, and order off an appetizer menu? We will be cruising during football season - wondering what the options are for my husband to be able to enjoy games.
  3. I've never done the ultimate dining package, but i'm thinking about it for a future cruise. How does it work? I see some folks referring to fixed price vs a-la-carte... If you buy the UDP is it not really unlimited?
  4. We've had boardwalk balconies on Oasis... loved it (very far aft on Deck 11) because we had a great view of the aqua theater and the ship's wake - so it was wonderful for people watching and we still have the water view. Didn't book that same cabin again this coming cruise because that wake view was impacted when they installed the Abyss slides. We found ourselves drawn to the tranquility of Central Park each time we've been on Oasis class, so this time we're booked into one of the double-sized central park balconies on Deck 10. Biggest issue people seem to have with neighborhood balconies is the lack of privacy, but that doesn't concern me. We draw the curtains closed when we dress, and we don't do anything on the balcony that we wouldn't want anyone to see. No different than living in a city. CP can get stuffy mid-day in the more humid summer months. We generally use the balcony in the evening and early morning, so that isn't an issue for us either. And pool noise doesn't bother us as we don't nap on the balcony during the day. We do love the central park in the evening - music, lights, atmosphere - so are looking forward to spending time on our balcony overlooking that tranquil setting.
  5. We do South Beach, the art deco district. It's fun, energetic, and beautiful. Taxi, Uber, Lyft to the port.
  6. Hopefully someone else knows what I'm referring to .... Has anyone ever had one of those experiences in life that was just so perfect that it cements itself in your mind and you long to experience it again and again. I know that sounds sappy and over dramatic, but that was our experience in South Beach several years ago. Without any knowledge of the area or recommendations from anyone, prior to our first ever Royal cruise we flew in to Miami and booked a place in South Beach. It was an art deco hotel, freshly remodeled, so there weren't any reviews available. We took a chance, and boy did that chance pay off! We stayed in the Ocean Reef. It was nice. Nothing overly special about the room. It was clean, comfortable and well-appointed. This was in 2010 I believe. We had rented a car for those 5 days pre-cruise because my husband had never been anywhere near Miami before so we wanted to explore. Side Note: I won't rent a car there again this time because once you're in SOBE there are limited parking options and they're pricey, and a car isn't necessary in south beach. The second night we were there, we walked out of the hotel and intended to walk one block over and find a place to get a drink ocean-front, but the little place directly across the street from our hotel caught our eye. It's small, wedged between two hotels (one of which was The Kent). We took a chance, thought we'd just grab a cocktail and make a game plan for the rest of the night. This is an open-air place -- the tables are under the trees. Very tropical, very casual, beautiful ambient lighting, great music playing, and the absolute best mojito we've ever had to this day. The place was a gem. We stayed till closing time. . . and came back the next three nights. Those three evenings still stand out to both of us to this day. We haven't been back to Miami since, but this coming November, we are cruising out of Miami. First thing I did was look up the Ocean Reef on google maps to make sure it's still there (it is, and has been redone again), and to see if by any chance that little place was still across the street. IT IS!!!!!!! I can only hope it still has the same ambiance it did back then. I highly recommend South Beach. And if you do South Beach, I'd not recommend the rental car. It's not necessary, and it's expensive to park.
  7. I wasn't aware "most people" have that particular person in their ignore user list. And just my two cents... if you're answering anyone specifically, it's helpful to quote so everyone knows who you're addressing, especially when it comes across as abrupt as your first comment did.
  8. We have one of those double-sized balconies on Allure. Looking forward to it.
  9. This is great! Thanks for a good laugh this morning. Love your sense of humor. 😉 You win Cruise Critic for today in my book.
  10. To me, Epic looks like she's wearing the ugly black gigantic wrap-around "glasses" they give you when you've had your eyes dilated!
  11. Ours next November has been sitting at "20% off" (which means it's showing for $65) since we booked months ago. Hasn't budged off that $65 number. Since it's still over a year off, I'm doubting I'll see any sale on black friday or cyber monday either, but i sure can hope it moves. I won't pay the $65.
  12. I believe your cruise director is Mike Szwajkowski on this cruise. He was the CD on our first ever Royal cruise - and we just loved him. I hope he's as fun as he was back then on Liberty. Looking forward to your review.
  13. I've never been on a Carnival cruise. We've always been loyal to Royal. This review has made me think that a Carnival Sunrise cruise may be on the horizon for us. The ship looks beautiful and looks like a great time! I can't wait for the NE/Canada leg of this review.
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