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  1. This is a 3 minute slideshow showing some of the highlights of our recent Celebrity Flora Cruise and optional land tours to Quito, Lima, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu. To say it was the trip of a lifetime is an understatement. We highly recommend this adventure to any and all travelers who want to experience something they cannot duplicate anywhere else on this planet. Celebrity did an over the top, exceptional job in every aspect. We felt thoroughly coddled throughout our journey and totally wrapped in their big embrace. Accommodations, cuisine, tours all FIRST CLASS. Simply amazing!! IMG_0316.MOV
  2. I agree. We booked B2B cruises on the Edge for Feb. 2020 during the amazing Veterans Day sale (all four perks) and applied for the shareholders credit was was given it on both legs. So glad they loosened the restrictions and given us loyal shareholders the benefit again.
  3. If anyone is on the maiden voyage departing today, we would greatly appreciate any reviews, thoughts, comments or helpful tips as we are booked on this cruise on Dec. 1st of this year.
  4. Hi Georgia Girl, i love Seabourn too, and are boarding the Encore (first time on larger ships) in April from Bali to Singapore, so excited and can’t wait. I am celebrating my 70th brithday on the trip. And it’s looks like we live fairly close to you in Marietta. To answer your question, the only ships excursion we took was a kayaking one in Santa Barbara which we thoroughly enjoyed. Everything else we did on our own, fairly easily. Since I went with a girlfriend and had such s wonderful time, my hubby has expressed an interest in going so we may just book it again this year.
  5. That’s very interesting about the new Florida restaurant. We used to cruise all the time when we were younger on Celebrity, that is, until Seabourn stole our hearts away forever. Having said that, we also have had our eye on the Edge with such unique innovations. I do hope you will post on this blog your reflections about your experience when you return. Thanks and have a simply marvelous cruise.
  6. I know they actually do it In the surf in a number of Carribean ports, but that’s all I know so far. See you onboard!
  7. We will be on the 10day cruise on Encore departing April 12th from Benoa to Singapore. Can anyone comment on whether Cavier in the surf could be done at any of our ports stops in Indonesia? I rather think not, but one can always hope.
  8. We are aware there is an additional charge to use the Retreat area, but can anyone confirm whether the thermal area (with Steam and Sauna) are available to all guests at no extra charge on Encore? Thanks
  9. Thanks again, we will look forward to giving it a try.
  10. Oh, thanks so much for the good news. It will be in the mid 80’s our entire cruise so no jackets necessary. Is it by reservation only or just walk? Any dishes you can recommend?
  11. Can anyone confirm whether this new concept has been rolled out on Encore yet? My husband and I will be joining the ship in Bali in April and are looking forward to the experience, it has had great reviews so far. Thanks
  12. Question, can you please let me know if the Patio Grill has rolled out the Earth and Ocean in the evening for dinner on the Encore yet. We will be joining the ship in Bali in April and are hoping to try the new venue, have heard very great commments about it.
  13. Hi, my my friend and I took this pacific coastal last October and absolutely loved it. The weather starting out in Vancouver can be a bit on the chilly side but continued t warm up The farther south you get. We stayed two nights in Vancouver pre cruIse at the Westin and I would highly recommend for beautiful waterfront location, free bicycle rentals to easily peddle to Stanley Island, and withIn a 20 min. Walk to cruise port. We bought a tour to Capilano Bridge and again it’s a do not miss, only $37 per person when includes bus and entrance fees from a nearby hotel stop. In Seattle we went to the Chuilly Glass Museum and it was jaw dropping. Then took the monorail to the end of the line, walked around town and then down to Pikes Market. Weather was a bit chilly and damp, again dress in layers. Lots of options but this is what we choose. In Victoria we took the ships shuttle to downtown and outside the Fairmont Hotel is a kiosk where for $57 we purchased tickets and transportation to Buchart Gardens, another don’t miss spot. Then coming back from town walked along the waterfront all the way back to the ship, a lovely stroll and even saw an otter in the bay. In San Francisco so many options can’t list them all. My friend and I walked for over 12 miles that day and covered a lot of territory including Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 with its famous abundant seals, a cable car ride, Chinatown and much more. In Monterey we opted to take a public bus (around $2 one way) very near the port to Big Sur, an almost magical place. We went down to the beach, then strolled the lovely streets and all the shops, and followed a map to some adorable cottages that looked like they came back out of Hansel and Gretle. Back to Monterey and walked along the waters edge with lots of frisky otters frolicking, I could have stayed there for hours. In Santa Barbara we rented bicycles in the morning and explored and did a ships kayak excursion in the afternoon, all very enjoyable. After I told my husband what a good time we had he as said he wants to do it with me this year, so we just might be on it again. The California Gold Coast is truly priceless. Hope this has been of some help.
  14. Keep on cruising on, SLSD, after my PACIFIC COASTAL next week, I will have passed the 140 day mark to attain platinum club level status . . Love those extra perks!!!
  15. Mea Culpa #2. In my above story I mentioned being on Seabourn for over 200 days in the past 3 years, when it was really only 100. Damn my darn finger for hitting the wrong key and that pesky editor of mine not catching it. Maybe it was just wishful thinking!!
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