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  1. Did this on the Epic. It was pretty Meh!! Sugary sweet faux premixed drinks and not even very cold could have stayed in there for a good half hour in normal clothes!!!. Still it was an experience and I got it at a discount and had a good laugh when others found it COLD!!! 🤣
  2. G Oooooh I am looking forward to this part of your trip report as I will be reliving my favourite day of my Fjords cruise in May. That tunnel in Flam is loooong!!! I thought it was never going to end. It sounds like you are enjoying Norway when you get back I would recommend Flam again to cruise on the “Vision of the Fjords” and stop in the “Pub” and Geiranger and Olden 🙂 And the Lofoten Islands.
  3. Enjoying your fabulous review Norris and Carol. Your writing style and sense of humour is great. Loved you videos of Le Petit Chef 😀 It cheered up a very wet day in Edinburgh. Looking forward to your pics and review of Flam it’s one of my favourite places. Did you get the chance to go into the Brew House/Pub?
  4. Now I DO like the that idea especially if it was a quiet zone.
  5. OK totally radical idea, how about scenic cruising during the day and stay overnight in port. Excursions offered could be evening walks, night at the theatre etc.
  6. Ah but I detest having my meals at the buffet. Part of my holiday is sitting down and being served a nice meal. And Cosmo do a great world buffet and the are doing pretty well.
  7. Not entirely new I think Virgin may be using this idea but how about “Food of the World”. By that I mean rather than one main restaurant they have several smaller ones offering food from different parts of the world, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian etc included in the price not as extra pay venue. And the could tie one in with the area they are sailing in.
  8. Loving your review but I think the majority of differences you are experiencing are cultural differences. As Mnocket said waiters in the UK and Europe do Not tend to incessantly hover over you, chat to you or try and become your “friend”. Thankfully this would be classed as extremely rude and poor service. Also regarding the Dutch couple THEY would have probably thought it very rude if the had been in the restaurant first and you had sat next to them. They would be there to dine not make friends. Heck I would have found it weird if the whole restaurant was empty and someone sat next to me. I don’t think a lot is poor service although I agree you have had a few minor issues but in the main you have just been experiencing a different service model. 😀
  9. Fabulous review Shoppie What a love Adopted daughter you have. 🙂 Really enjoyed the handstand photos I remember when I was young enough to do those 🙂
  10. Just watched a program on UK TV claiming that Regents Seven Seas Explorer is the worlds most luxurious cruises ship!! Agree or disagree??
  11. Welcome to Edinburgh Flossie. Looks like you are just off shore. Unfortunately the forecast is for heavy rain and localised flooding 😟 but at least the thunderstorms appear to have passed. Hope you enjoy whatever you are going to do. And have enjoyed your wonderful review
  12. Train from South Queensferry or Shanks’s Pony from Leith 😀😀
  13. Fred Olsen do them for their “Cruise and walk” holidays 🙂
  14. Completly untrue I have on several occasions been provided with a packed lunch by the cruise line to take on an excursion. Maybe be the difference was the ship provisioned in the UK so both within the European zone.
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