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  1. Yes. The gratuities will draw from any OBC balance you have.
  2. Given the customer feedback it will be interesting to see whether for upcoming ship revolutions if the footstools & tables are removed. If they are removed then at least replaced with something as functional.
  3. You should still be able to modify or cancel the "pending" bid.
  4. I'd say at least 30 days out. We received our invitation to bid earlier than that 45-50 days before sailing.
  5. X used to have the daily news available on the stateroom TV's and this too has disappeared. This isn't a printing issue. Why?
  6. I understand that, however, you really did not answer the question. Which is that Celebrity's application of the exchange rate at any point in time varies between cabin classes on the SAME cruise or between different cruises. Why?
  7. We just walked off the ship. No visa required.
  8. Long time to go without an acknowledgement or response from them. Do you plan to follow up?
  9. Summit needed a refresh/update. Think you will be pleased with how things turned out.
  10. Still, if the airplane or in this case, ship has not departed it is still within the jurisdiction of the host country.
  11. No, not inferring that. The U.S. CPB agent can deny entry. However, the point I am making is that they are still operating within Canada and the Port of embarkation is within Canada.
  12. I am not so sure about this. Even though you are preclearing U.S. customs and immigration in Vancouver you are still within the legal jurisdiction of the host country, Canada.
  13. You should keep your original booking number. It will just have a new revision number. As you are just repricing your stateroom should also stay as is. Since you did not reduce or drop your OBC in repricing your CP bookings likely will remain intact. You should confirm this all with your TA.
  14. For what it's worth we booked a Celebrity December 2018 Caribbean cruise last summer through Air Canada Vacations and did not have to make payment until final cruise payment date. However, in that case we did pay for seat selection.
  15. We booked our flights beginning of February for departure end of June. We booked it through our Celebrity cruise planner who must have had access to the system. We booked basic economy for fights between YYZ and Newark, NJ. Maybe it's different for overseas flights.
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