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  1. I was 25 when I took my first solo cruise. I was 68 when I took my most recent solo cruise.
  2. Oh my goodness, this is so awful! I was on the May 26 cruise of the Summit in an odd-numbered cabin on the 9th deck between the midship elevators and the forward elevators, and I wonder if that cabin was one of those that were flooded. I know that I would have been extremely upset if the flooding had occurred while I was on the ship, especially very soon after the ship was revolutionized, and I feel so bad for the people whose cabins got flooded. I certainly hope that Celebrity does right by them.
  3. The article said, "Two cruise ship passengers from Freedom of the Seas just missed the ship by moments on Monday in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. The Royal Caribbean ship was just moving away from the pier as the two of them looked annoyed with themselves." Since the all-aboard time tends to be a half hour before the ship actually sets sail, I don't think that it's accurate to say that the passengers missed the ship by moments.
  4. Since you started your answer with the words "it's a tie," I guess that means that if the person eating apologized for sitting in a seat that was reserved and got up and walked around and around, looking for somewhere else to sit, and he/she finally found an empty seat and sat down, only to be told again that his/her seat was being saved for a friend, he/she would have to get up again and look for another empty seat, and upon finding one, sat down, only to be told again that the seat was being saved for a friend, and finally said, "I don't care - I'm sitting here," you would think that he/she was being rude, although not as rude as the seat-savers. So what should that person do to avoid being rude? Keep walking around and around (carrying his/her food)? How many times would that person have to be shooed away from an empty seat to have the right to say, "I don't care - I'm sitting here" without being rude?
  5. You took the words right out of my mouth. Who is the rude one in the following situation? Someone gets food from the buffet, walks around to find a table, and then sits down at an empty table for eight people at which two seats have stuff on them, so that there are now five empty seats, and starts to eat. Then two people approach and ask that person to leave, saying that all six empty seats are being saved for friends, despite there being nothing on those six seats. The person who is eating refuses to move. The buffet is extremely crowded at the time. and the person who is eating doesn't see any empty seats anywhere (other than those at their table). So who is rude - the person who sat down in an empty seat that was one of six empty seats at a table, or the two people who insisted that the six empty seats were being saved?
  6. I really like the two NCL address books that I won. That's how I keep track of my usernames and passwords. I also like my NCL mug. It's the perfect size.
  7. I believe that if you took a closed-loop Alaskan cruise from Seattle, your niece might not need a passport. However, there would be some shore excursions that she wouldn't be allowed to take, as they require a passport. But make sure that the custody agreement does not say that both of your niece's parents have to provide written consent for her to take the cruise. From what you wrote, it appears that your sister will not be going on the cruise with you and your parents and your niece.
  8. Just make sure that she knows where her passport is (or her birth certificate and marriage license).
  9. As I said, I enjoyed all of the production shows, especially Broadway Cabaret. You won't be disappointed.
  10. The Charlie Brown and Snoopy show was called "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show," not "Charlie Brown." Since I would not say that there was a TV show called "Mork" or "Will" or "Ned" or "Shirley," I would not say that there was a TV show called "Charlie Brown." Regarding the salary for an NFL cheerleader, I didn't know that the amount of money they get can even be called a salary. AFAIK they get a small amount of money for practice sessions and performances at the games. They can earn more money by making personal appearances, but those are governed by their teams, and all of the teams don't provide the same number of opportunities for them to make personal appearances. Whatever number was written down was phony-baloney.
  11. I just returned from the May 26 sailing of the Celebrity Summit, and the incorrect answers to trivia questions keep on coming. I learned that there was a movie called "James Bond." I have never heard of this movie, and neither has wikipedia, but Bennie, the trivia hostess, insisted that there was such a movie. Bennie also insisted that there was a TV series called "Charlie Brown." Bennie also insisted that Madonna, who was born on August 16, 1958, is 59 years old. If anyone guessed 60 years old, they were told that they were incorrect.
  12. I just got off the Summit. I saw Life and Soundtrack, but instead of Chandelier, they had Broadway Cabaret. I enjoyed all of them.
  13. No, the worst that could happen is that you wouldn't be permitted to board the ship. If you wanted to cruise to Canada, they wouldn't let you board the ship, even if you promised to stay on the ship. However, I agree with Essiesmom that Mexico doesn't seem to care.
  14. I do, too. I once cruised on the Queen of Bermuda of Bermuda Star Lines, which was merged into Commodore, or taken over by Commodore, or something. Even if they were still around, I wouldn't sail with them again for anything. They were cheap. I had the second sitting, and at dinner, I was always told that they were out of what I wanted to order. I would make another choice, but they were always out of that, too. So I would ask, "What DO you have?" and I always found something that I liked. I figured that people at the first sitting had eaten every single portion of the dishes that appealed to me. I eventually found out that they were offering completely different dishes than those on the menus, but they were too cheap to print up new menus. So the waiters were instructed to pass out the old menus and then say that they were all out of whatever was ordered.
  15. I was on the Silhouette in 2011 and on the Summit in 2012, 2013, and 2015, and I never saw Chandelier. Maybe I should sit in the last row in case I want to make a speedy exit. Does the Summit still have a piano bar?
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