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Bahama Beach Wedding Diary


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Thanks JAC1213!!


I was starting to think I was "typing" to myself!!??:D


I just booked Kel's friend's room!!!


It's so cool to hear how excited she is about the trip!!


FINALLY...somebody on Kelly's side is HAPPY to be going?!!


We now have 11 rooms booked!!


It's so odd...that I'm hoping to put a dent in the bill...in December....traditionally the WORST month for saving (only followed by January).


Baaa Humbug!!:cool:


Oh well.....Kel's on her way home from the Casino...wonder how she did!!???:p

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She brought home another $ 500 (putting $ 100 in).


I think she's up about $ 2,500, now...thank God!!


I finally got my first Catbitat sale in 2 months....and all that little profit went to the electric bill!! :(


Come on Kelly!!! Daddy needs a Jackpot!

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Hey All!!


Well it's Dec 1.....make it or break it time!!!


We have just 6 weeks to come up with about $ 5k...so it's time to kick it into high gear!!


Deadline #1...past:


Well, yesterday was the deadline to put $ 200 down to reserve our group rate. We only had two rooms left (one for Kels mom...who isn't going...and a spare)

Before Thanksgiving....we were just going to let them go....


....but Friday I got the call!!


My sister has decided to try and make this a family vacation....so her daughter is coming!!


Then....my friend called and said, "Put us down for a 3 some"!! He and his wife and friend are going to share a room (that's how they are.....)!


Aqua Class is two to a room, only....so we got them a Concierge Class room. I explained to them about Blu....but they didn't mind. His wife used to work with Kel....so one more for Kels side!!


I was able to get two of them the free Classic Beverage package (they are BIG drinkers) and $ 100 OBC for my Niece.


I'll take that.....


The Dress:


Kel's dress arrived from China yesterday...and here it is!!!





For the price...we weren't expecting it to be wrapped in gold.....but at least a box???


She hasn't opened it yet....THIS could get interesting.......




D & K

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Yeayyyy. I hope with the holidays hear you will be able to sell a bunch this season. Can't wait to see what Kel's dress looks like. I'm also secretly hoping your soon to be MIL will change her mind.


Correction *here not hear

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Hey Everyone!!!


Thanks so much for your responses!!! It's good to know you guys are out there!!!


JAC1213....sadly...Kel's a little relieved that the MIL isn't going. She really has never traveled....and would have been in "martyr mode" throughout the trip. We took her to Vegas once.....ONCE!!


Well tomorrows casino day....Come on, Kelly!!! Daddy needs a.....a wedding paid for!!!


Later D & K

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Hey All,


Tuesday Casino day didn't go well....Kel just text me that she's comin how with nothing...oh well...can't win 'em all.


She's always in a mood when she doesn't win. On top of that...she's unwrapping the ball...that is her wedding dress.


It arrived like this:








If not...guys....I could be in for a LOOOOOnnnggggg night!!


Wish me luck!!



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Good luck with the unraveling! :D The dress will be gourgous! it reminds me of one dress I tried on with the designer fell in love with online (and bought my dress from :rolleyes:)



I like your fiancée's dress much better!!!! all the rouche-ing (spelling??) is so pretty


Keep us posted on how it goes! anything from China is packed in a little tiny package, you should have seen how some of my real touch flowers arrived!

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Just a little more on the insurance issue -- I lost my engagement ring, and had insurance for "full replacement value". Let's say my ring was appraised at $5,000. My choice was either to go to a jeweler who had an agreement with the insurance company to give me a ring that was "valued at $5,000" or take $3,750 and purchase a ring elsewhere (or use the cash for whatever I wanted). I ended up with a beautiful ring from the jeweler with the insurance agreement, but I was a little surprised that the insurance coverage wasn't what I expected. For sure it was worth it to have the "scheduled property" because our basic insurance policy only covered $2,000 worth of jewelry, with $1,000 maximum per piece.

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Hey All....


Well ladies...what's your worst wedding fear?! That's right....


THE DRESS DOESN'T FIT!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:


It was a BAD night, people (thanks Xanax!!)


Kels dress didn't fit....at ALL.


Seems they do a little funny math over there....


Tomorrow, she's going to see a seamstress, to see if there is anything

she can do.


My vote...since the dress only cost $ 200....order another one....two sizes larger...and have the seamstress sow her into it...but i'm leaving that up to her....


...this is dangerous ground for a guy.....


She can donate the unworn dress to a needy bride.....


I'll let you know how things go, tomorrow....




D & K

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Kel found a seamstress with about 30 years of experience. She came back happy....


She has a second fitting in about 2 weeks. The seamstress said there was plenty of material inside...


...she thinks they just screwed up. Must be the inches to mm converter?!!


Oh well....$ 75 to $ 100 more...and Kel should have a dress!


I'll keep you posted!



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Ohh ok I see then I'm glad Kel is ok about DM not going. I understand where she is coming from 1 less thing to worry about. The planning process is stressful enough. I'm rooting for Kel next time at the casino will go much better... Now the dress, I'm not sure what it is with China, but everything runs small. I have to really watch when I order items from China. I'm glad everything is all sorted out with the dress, I'm sure the dress will be perfect once the seamstress works her magic. It really is a beautiful dress



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Hey All,


Bean Counting:


Been reviewing the budget (like I do every Friday). It's gonna be close....


If I put aside about 75% of each paycheck, from now until Jan 11....we will still be one room....short. That means...will be about $ 1,300 short. What i really need is another paycheck AFTER the deadline....


I've contacted my Group Rep, asking if anything can be done. If so...I will need it in writing.


Otherwise...we are still plugging away at Catbitat sales (had a few small ones)...and Tuesday is Casino night, so....


And then...there were none:


Well...I think we finally have a firm count. Twenty-Four (24). Twenty-Four guests in twelve (12) rooms. My first guesstimit was 25....so I was spot on!


I'm kind of glad we have our final number. I have been very careful not to bore people to death with the "wedding conversation".


It's like when people first have a baby...It's "my baby this..." and "my baby that"...and blah blah blah......:rolleyes:


I try never to even bring up the conversation...unless I'm asked.


I have been limiting my conversations and info releases.....now...I don't have to!


NOW the people I talk to, WANT to go on the cruise. They WANT info...and i'm just the guy to do it!!:)


My first update will be about passports. I will be urging those without passports, to get started NOW...BEFORE Christmas. The idiots in Congress will probably shut down the government (again) in January...and along with the country...will be the passport division. If they apply now...they just might get them before the shut down.


After that, we will discuss the Beverage packages and shore excursions.


I won't really get excited, until after we make the Celebrity deadline...but after that...it''s all down hill!!


More later!


D & K

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey All!


Well the past week has been full of ups and downs!!


No...we didn't win the Mega Millions Lottery..so we are still sweatin...:rolleyes:


Had a birthday...one year older. We had a simple dinner...so we wouldn't spend any money. Ofcourse we had to stop at the Casino on the way home...just to try our luck...


...No luck:(




I opened my email and got a little surprise....


....one of my long-time clients is coming!!


We were completely surprised! We like them a lot...we are almost family.


They were my first real customer, when I used to have a Custom Home Automation company. We've been friends/clients for the past 14 years....but I never thought they would come?


You see...they are rich....REALLY rich! As in....I call their (main) home...the Compound!! You wanna know what they call a Cabin???...It's about 5,500sqft...so it's a Cabin? Get it?!


I just thought they would send us a nice gift??




I wonder how they will get along with the "Riff Raft"?!! :p


This should be interesting....


The Payoff:


I was going to hoard all the money, then payoff all the rooms in January...but I needed some motivation. Things are getting a bit testy and depressing at home. I'll admit it...I'm in a lousy mood, lately.


I'm always a bit of a Grinch this time of the year, anyway....but adding on the stress of the Cruise deadline...and you have a very grumpy man!!


Today...I paid off our Stateroom!!! I got to see the spreadsheet go down a little....


...it helped!!


Tomorrows casino Tuesday for Kelly. She also has her first dress fitting...so keep your fingers crossed!!




D & K

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Hey All!


Wish I had some good news to report. Kel and I are feelin' a bit down and depressed.


Hey..it's Christmas time...that's how you should feel...RIGHT?!!:rolleyes:


Kel's had no luck at the casino for the past two weeks....and I've had no sales. If the usual Christmas expenses don't get too bad...I should be able to cover our next (priority) stateroom...which will be our daughters and Kel's best friend.


Kelly and I had the tough talk last night. No woman likes to talk about delaying her wedding date...


...I guess the thought of her having to wait any longer to marry me...is unbearable to her?!!;)


..but it's a reality.


We've decided to take it right up to Jan 11, 2014. A lot can happen between now and then?


IF it Fits....


Some good news. Kel's fitting went well. She LOVES the seamstress...so that's good. They are adding a bussle (sp) and will do a little custom trimming,,,and the dress should be good to go!!


We will be with Kel's family over the holiday. This will be the first time Kel, her mom (who isn't going) and booze..will all be together in the same room!!!

This could be fun!!


Kel & I would like to wish you all...a Happy Holiday!!


D & K

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Just read through all of this. We are getting married on the Celebrity Reflection, getting through final payment was hard. Now (we are doing a shipboard wedding and dealing with The Wedding Experience), every other day is an e-mail about something we can add for "just $95" here and there, it sure adds up. Thankfully we have said no to most of the upgrade offers. It definitely can be hard to make some of the necessary cuts but it seems like you guys are doing a great job.

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Hey All!


Happy New Year!!


WOW...so far 2014 is a good year for us!!!...


...but first....Christmas!!!!


We traveled back to WI to face Kel's mom (and celebrate a late Christmas). We vowed NOT to even mention the cruise.....


.....which lasted about 8min!!!


Before the first drink was consumed...as we gathered around to begin the 4 hour gift giving (seriously.....it's ridiculous)!....


...Kel's mom walks to the closet...and pulls out Kel's old WEDDING DRESS!!!


"Here...Maybe you can use this in the Bahama's?!"


BAMN!!! This S&^* just got real!!!!


A bit Passive Agressive...don't cha' think?!!:rolleyes:


After the silence passed....to Kelly's credit...she just placed the box to the side...and didn't engage. After we left, we both agreed...that there really is no good excuse for her to miss her daughters wedding. NONE.


Moving on....


It's January 2, 2014...and I already have TWO Catbitat orders!!!


We don't make a lot off of these cool Enclosures...but every bit helps!!


I actually have TWO on-site visits for Saturday and a request for two catalogs!! If only HALF of these fine people order...we might make it!!


To Celebrity's credit...they are being receptive. The deadline is still Jan 12...BUT...if we need to...they will give us until Jan 24th!!


That's HUGE to us!!


WITB? They called us right after Christmas, and said that "someone else was interested in the date"....ummm...Ok...


I don't know if it's true or not...but I emailed them and told them the truth. I told them, that our online cost of $ 1,500 has ballooned to $ 5,000...and we didn't want to send money...in case we had to bail (or cut back). If we could just pay a partial.....


Within 30min we were contacted with some "help". If we could pay just $ 200 (down from the required $ 750), then they would hold the date, location and time). DEAL!!


They supplied us with a Wells Fargo account..and I put the $ 200 down. The $ 550 is due by the end of Jan...and the balance of whatever we want...is still due by Feb 14th (how poetic is that).....


...but i'll take what I can get!!


For the first time in a month...we are a little more hopeful.


Kel and I are feeling your warm and positive vibes....keep it up!!


I think we are turning a corner?!




D & K

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Happy New Year..... LMBO I'm so sorry things got real at your soon to be MIL's house. Parents are crazy that's all I can say. The older they get the smaller the filter gets. I am hoping everyone loves your catbitat's and they purchase a bunch of them. Have/Can you put them on Etsy or pinterest? They are pretty hot sites right now. Wishing you loads of luck.



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