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HeinBloed Blog: Going now on 6/9 nights on CARNIVAL PRIDE - Dover, England - no Scotland - Irish Sea - Dover...


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The new HeinBloed blog from CARNIVAL PRIDE starts... with a nightmare!


The reports from the Baltic Sea: the CARNIVAL PRIDE sails conspicuous maneuvers, stops the engines, and anchors.


Well, in two days, we are supposed to go on board, and this message comes up at night when I need much sleep and still have to pack.


We're going anyway. Just as planned. Firstly to Belgium to buy chocolate, to visit friends and stay with them on the way to Calais, France.


That's not a good start. But what should we do now?



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After another short night: we still don't know what will happen next, except that the next stop in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been canceled.

We have the ferry tickets, and we continue.

There is probably the first information THAT there should be a shortened journey, but one may also be accommodated with a sister company from Southampton, England.

We're on vacation: it doesn't matter - what and where - the main thing is the ship.

But it's already clear: we're stuck in Dover, England, but due to the start of the holiday season in Great Britain, there are hardly any affordable rooms.

So what: at least shipspotting must be possible: VIKING VENUS and delicious food!



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Another short night: But this time it's the SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE's fault, which is arriving.


Our embarkation would have been at 11:30 am today.


We found a room for another night: we should get another statement from Miami today.


We hear nothing good from Kiel, Germany: the ship is back, and the guests are being flown home.


We take it easy on our holiday: what else can we do: eat well and enjoy the view.



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We spend our first day at sea on land.


With a lack of affordable accommodation around Dover and my cruise ship addiction, we head to Hampshire so I can at least see ships if I can't go on them.


We enjoy England: beautiful gardens, rain, fish and chips. It's England, and that's part of a holiday in England.


At least we see our alternatives, which were never actively offered: SKY PRINCESS and IONA. Unfortunately, DISNEY DREAM is not in Carvinal's portfolio.


But now we also know we are supposed to set sail on Monday, and Kiel already has optimistic news that it will work.



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And again, the morning starts very early. A friend is here: QUEEN VICTORIA. And by the way, ARVIA, SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR, and my stalker SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY, who will follow me from now on.


It's finally supposed to start again tomorrow, so we'll drive back to Kent.


Without the drive failure, my journey through time into a Wimpy would not have been possible. But that didn't taste like childhood. I would hardly have had positive memories of the lettuce and tomatoes in the hamburger.


Coast, white cliffs, Cornish Patties, gardens, castles - just England instead of Scotland.


I had set one point to visit in Edinburgh, Scotland, today: the Usher Hall - when Mary Roos fought for Germany with "Only Love Lets Us Live" at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson. I wanted to kiss the floor today.


At the end of the land part of our trip, we eat delicious again! It wasn't that bad being on land either: we were just lucky that we were traveling by car.




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Finally, sea day and rest. However, Stornoway, Scotland, would have been nice too. After moving from Portree, Scotland, to Stornoway, I found a private tour again.


I continue to be surprised on board.


Frankie, JayJay, and Makaykay give me the CARNIVAL PRIDE pin. It fits like a glove. I am pleased about it - even if I don't meet other gays at the FOD meeting here.


I experienced a very committed hotel manager: Alina - she takes care of my concerns when we have a technical problem with the air conditioning in the cabin. Not like at the CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM back then: it doesn't matter!


I'm excited about the opportunity to take a selfie with Captain Roberto.


Marcus Anthony delivers a show to my liking that engages and fires up the audience.


We have a great cabin steward: Henry.


And there's lobster! That wasn't even the case at OOSTERDAM recently.


Monique also ensures that our coffee thirst is quenched how we like it.


Only there is no lunch in the main restaurant. The Seaday brunch ends at noon.



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Today we're really getting into our cruise: we're in Belfast and are back on the "schedule".

There is coffee today, like in the famous Café Gundel in Budapest, thanks to Bernadette.

I am happy that congee is also on board - made especially for me.

We got a great corner: With Clifford (unfortunately not in the picture today), Aditya, Nicson, Ida Bagus, and Pande, we have a great team serving us in the evenings.

One thing, however, isn't for me: As a non-alcoholic drinker, I'm not drunk enough to endure Marcarena over dinner. I can still see the polonaise on the CARNIVAL SPIRIT in my mind's eye.

With the help of Sabine Kirsch, our knowledge in Belfast is reset. It's good: no Northern Irish Protestant view or Irish Catholic view. We get to know an interesting, lively, colorful, and open city - also not free of problems.

Very good: because we have a private tour and it starts to rain heavily, we can adjust everything "drier" spontaneously.

In retrospect, I'm not unhappy that we only have three instead of six shore leave days in a row.




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Almost a white spot on my map: Cobh in Ireland. We've been here before: but back then in Ringaskiddy and Blarney Castle.


Finding a private tour guide was challenging, but good things came to those who waited: Peter. Mr Eire. A musician. - Is there a more perfect combination?


Then there was the fact that we were talking about the TITANIC, and he mentioned "in passing" that his grandfather helped build the TITANIC... The tour was canceled immediately, and we took the opportunity to get the TITANIC brought closer to us.

And we have even more luck in misfortune - which isn't anymore: we experience Irish bliss: Irish music in a pub.

On board, experience our quartet for breakfast: Ashley, Alina, Apple, and Katarina. Their "boss", Alwyn, hears little to complain about - they are based more on the "cultural" differences between Carnival and the others. The crew is fantastic.

We moved to an Ocean Suite yesterday after the technical issues in our cabin could not be resolved. Our new pearl is Wai.

There are delicious non-alcoholic cocktails at the Alchemy Bar: I don't pay 18% for queuing and self-service. There must be another solution if I am to make sales here.

Josua, Maung, Marissa, Johnsson, Sanjay, Jennie-Lyn, Ronae, and Moreblessing deliver an unforgettable evening: Chef's Table with 13 courses!!! To be honest: we've been to many Chef's Tables, but almost everything is right here (there was just no espresso at the end... and this American Top... missing tablecloth!).

Only the swell causes us problems at night: otherwise, a perfect day ends.


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Our last (sea) day on the trip before we disembark again.


At breakfast, we also experience Zorica and Rowel as a great team. Only there is no Pola Pola: Raznjici and Cevapcici - the woman says "no"... Then next time I'll have to bring a table grill.


Nyoman is the chef who cooks my congee every morning. He is delighted that I have the desire to say thank you personally.


Elvis made sure I could get my lactose-free milk anywhere. And Anup ensures I get my Fahrenheit 555° rib eye for dinner at Normandie Restaurant. I never got a table as a walk-in, and not spending the last night with the fantastic team (this time with Clifford) at Normandie would have hurt me.


"Who has turned the clock?" - Hard to believe that the holiday is almost over.



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We are back in Dover, England, and have to disembark. It was a nice cruise - even if three days were missing.


Saying goodbye is difficult for us even after just six days, like from my birthday, twin Aamir from Guest Services.


Our vacation is still ongoing. We have some catching up to do. The refinery workers' strike in November 2022 meant we couldn't visit Reims, France.


So we catch up today and finally see the Cathedral of Reims.


We are staying at Nicolas' in Reims because Frederic and Hervé are already booked. But we can eat with them and look forward to seeing you again.


So we are finally concluding our journey on the QUEEN VICTORIA 2022.


So we are already looking forward to our next trips on the QUEEN ELIZABETH and MSC WORLD EUROPE in autumn.


We're waiting for Carnival's program for 2025 to see if we can catch up on the Scottish part.


Otherwise, I would be interested in the hybrid product Costa/Carnival.


Now we are still waiting for our money (3/9 of the travel price is still missing back on my credit card), the money for the three days on land has already been notified, and we'll see when we can get the rest of the onboard credit back.


There wasn't much to complain about. On the contrary: a lot was better than expected. So, all in all, a great holiday again with many great people who came into our lives and left an imprint.



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