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  1. Boy I wish I had booked the Eurostar for Jun 30th weeks ago. I couldn't find out how likely I could get to the SOU Central Station to get the train to Waterloo. Looks like the Waterloo to St Pancras means a change of tube line or the black cabs, which are expensive. I should have noticed that the Eurostar were changeable up to 7 days prior and purchased one then. It is now almost 3 times the price. Will book it now and hope someone that has done this before can give an idea as to how long it takes to get to SOU Central (I know it is only a couple miles, but having to get a taxi takes time), and whether it is difficult taking the tube from Waterloo to St Pancras or bite the bullet and get a black cab. Then I have to decide on the Eurostar. That one is changeable less than 7 days but is $40 plus fare change to the new train. Everything is tight, because of changing stations in Paris to get to Bayeux. It will be a stressful day, but not so much if I know when I can get to SOU Central. Moral: Book the Eurostar if you know the day and approximate time. You can change up to 7 days prior for free.
  2. AMA Waterways is wonderful. It is my favorite river cruise line. Although it includes beer and wine with lunch and dinner, and has a happy hour the hour before dinner, it doesn't include all alcoholic drinks, so you aren't paying for drinks you may not use. It has at least 2 and usually 3 options for excursions, to suit different tastes. They have an easier pace/mild tour option as well as more active options, including bikes.
  3. I am using the train. I am staying at the Grafton Arms Pub and Rooms near the Warren St station, which is close to King's Cross station. I am taking the train from Warren St to Waterloo and then connecting to the train from Waterloo to Southampton Central Station and taxi to cruise terminal.
  4. Oh no!!! We are taking our first 32 night cruise on the Sapphire Princess starting Oct 30 to Dec 1. That is a long time if the ship's food is not good. On the bright side, I guess my major concern of weight gain may be a non-issue.😲 I was planning on exercising 5-6 days a week, but that may not be necessary if the food is not tasty. I had friends that went on the Sapphire Princess July 19th and really enjoyed the cruise, food and everything about it. Wonder what happened between then and September. Maybe the head chef changed in there somewhere.
  5. Have you looked at the ACT Big Bus? Straight transfer or transfer with tours.
  6. Be careful with scopolamine patches if you plan on reading or tend to have a dry mouth. Scopolamine made my mouth so dry, I couldn't dink enough to quench it. It is the anticholinergic effects. I read a lot on cruises and scopolamine causes the eyes to dilate and you cannot accommodate for near vision, so I could not read. There are many side effects that could be problematic. Meclizine is used more often than the patches. I have also found the Sea Bands work if used correctly. Most of the time I see people not wearing them correctly. I get terribly seasick the first day and any rough sea days without meclizine or the Sea Bands.
  7. To me, that is like comparing a Motel 6 to a Marriott. They both have beds so you can sleep. They have bathrooms and you can usually get breakfast at both. So needs are met. The difference is how refined they are. Young 20-30 somethings that want to party hard will love Carnival as long as they are not serious foodies. It was the first cruise I ever took and it hooked me on cruising. People that aren't as much into the hairy chest, hairy legs, and wet t-shirt type contests may not enjoy it as much. Both cruise lines have their fans. That is what is neat about cruising. There's pretty much something for everyone. Demographics vary a lot. I prefer a more refined experience so I go on Celebrity. Out of over 75 cruises, I have gone 3 times on Carnival, the last being last fall. Sometimes it is hard to pass up super cheap prices. Just manage your expectations. However, if it is one of those once in a lifetime cruises, I would pass on Carnival, regardless the cost.
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