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  1. Albert was what we in the U.K. would call ‘Old School ‘ Such a pleasure to know a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge and a multi lingual gentleman. His cheese plates and wine suggestions are legendary, one of a kind the likes of which we will not see again on Symphony. For me personally the ghost of Albert will always be a fixture in what was the MDR. RIP friend.
  2. Had my invitation during the early hours of this morning. No problems with completing the survey. Agree could have been better thought out anyhow it’s a move in the right direction.
  3. I think your assumption is correct. I MHO the European Season will be completely cancelled as I said some time ago. I also think at some point a supplementary brochure may be produced for 2021.
  4. Hi Stickman1990 & Benita Formal notification was issued for Ocean Cruises in the early hours of this morning UK time direct from Crystal for those of us booked on June departures Roy
  5. For those affected this morning in the early hours Crystal cancelled all June Sailings
  6. Re your last paragraph I think with the latest figures for Europe and the UK which could now be on some form of lockdown for 6 months it is prudent of Crystal to hold both ships in Singapore. They can then cancel the European Season for both ships, Symphony to resume sailing as advertised from November and Serenity to return to North America for her North America/Canada season. This I think would make Business sense providing the intend countries are open for business Just my thoughts on the current situation going forward.
  7. Patty, I concur with you totally. I have wondered if you were still cruising Crystal for like Ernie(let’s do back to back) I have not seen any posts from either of you and I had changed computer and lost both your e mail address We continue to be Crystalised and will be on number 26 in June. Roy
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