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  1. I 100% echo that for Australia too - 100% lidos for AMEX and no joy with Visa who couldn’t find a loophole soon enough. I’m totally using AMEX moving forward
  2. Just like there is for things like Passports and Drivers Licences - but it doesn't make the intent any less valid - and 99% of people will act responsibly Hopefully the authorities put harsh penalties in place for those who choose that option It's not something we can solve however those that choose that option will really only be kidding themselves in the long run
  3. Roy - yes the Government has been the main provider of assistance with the Job Keeper programme which has been very successful here for those impacted by shut downs or restrictions - this will continue into early 2021 With no or minimal revenue coming in Qantas have limited ability to provide assistance to stood down staff, those who have been laid off permanently have received their entitlements The last couple of days has seen a glimmer of hope with regular flights resuming between Sydney and Melbourne - the second busiest commercial air route in the world - that has
  4. oooppss.... that should be 2021 of course
  5. It’s Qantas - no U No they’re not the only airline to fly to Australia - in fact right now they’re not flying scheduled flights to/from Australia at all and have indicated they don’t expect to until at least mid 2020 What the Australian Government decides on entry to Australia and vaccination requirements is still to be determined
  6. Qantas have taken the Corporate decision to require this and sure things can change but I suspect they’ve done so after considering the commercial consequences to it I’m sure Alan Joyce, the CEO, is talking to other airline CEOs. He did say “I think that's going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe.” Don't worry the antivaxers are already responding with their concerns but I’d say Qantas is not likely to change based on those protests
  7. I watched the interview last night and he said that would be the case on international flights in and out of Australia - the situation for domestic flights is still to be determined Here’s the interview https://9now.nine.com.au/a-current-affair/coronavirus-exclusive-the-compulsory-conditions-for-australians-to-travel-internationally-as-lockdowns-ease/e4bf2f6c-faab-46dd-8528-b7f8120ede2f
  8. OK - so let’s agree (for arguments sake) to cut the number of deaths caused by Covid in the US in half (a very generous allowance) for misreporting - is 126,500 an acceptable number of deaths then? Would that negate the need for action?
  9. Let’s get some perspective on this - the game was played in Queensland - due to quarantine rules no one from Sydney could travel to the game (without a 2 week quarantine prior to the game) Queensland have had 1187 case in total since the pandemic began with 6 deaths - they added 1 case today They’re not exactly a hot bed of COVID so the chances of infection in that particular crowd is low - but there has been many who questioned why they didn’t require social distancing at the game. But each State makes it own Public Health decisions and that State has made some pretty
  10. Thanks Given they have always disabled messaging on these Forums I wonder how long it will be before it’s closed down
  11. @SusieQft - So is his should send you an email? Well there’s a new trick if it works 🤞
  12. with that logic you can kill two birds with one stone... They can gather in Church to attend the funeral of yet another COVID victim... I can’t say it any simpler - if the US doesn’t change its thinking and approach on COVID their citizens are in for a long cold winter - and no cruises!
  13. Clearly there is a scale issue but the numbers and rate the US and European countries are hitting is unbelievable to those of us in Australia and New Zealand Here’s Australia’s data for the whole pandemic - our population is 25.5 million and we’ve had 27,698 cases so far with 907 deaths in total - that’s been achieved by taking serious steps such as essentially closing our borders. There is very limited travel in and out of Australia, enforced social distancing through limits on group sizes in homes, venues and restaurants etc. we had one State, Victoria where Melbourne is, with m
  14. Announced today by Crystal - a glimmer of hope on the horizon... Photo Link: Crystal Esprit New ‘Iconic Passages: Corinth & Suez’ Voyage Announced for Crystal Esprit in April 2021 MIAMI, November 5, 2020 – Luxury travelers eager to escape to the Southern Mediterranean and beyond can do so aboard Condé Nast Traveler’s Best Small-Ship Cruise Line as Crystal announces a new nine-night Iconic Passages: Corinth & Suez itinerary aboardCrystal Esprit. The 62-guest bo
  15. I’m sorry but you have been misled - that is simply and categorically not the case. As an example I have a refund that was requested in March that is still outstanding - so if what you were told was correct I should have received it by now - but I haven’t I’m sure others will post their experiences and I don’t mean to disappoint you but better to have the facts so your expectations are correct
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