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  1. and here’s another vote for more spicy dishes and some decent ethnic dishes eg Indian They did introduce a spicy soup with a real zing (the name escapes me) in Silk on Serenity earlier this year but I have a horrible feeling it was only for World Cruise When we were sailing on Symphony in Asia last month there were a lot of Asian dishes added to the Waterside menu - including one dish with the hottest Kimchi known to mankind - I kid you not, it was super spicy. Those additions were great
  2. Thanks But one word for you... HOLIDAY Time to relax and enjoy Crystal Symphony...
  3. Many thanks - looks like they’re a good choice - I always appreciate a personal recomendation
  4. Kelly - many thanks for the suggestions -very much appreciated. I look forward to meeting you next year
  5. I look forward to your review after you’ve sailed Crystal - until then aren’t you limited in your ability to make a valid comparison between the two lines? i am very interested to hear why you have chosen to cruise with Crystal as you have taken every opportunity in the past to criticise them and comment on their supposed inadequacies including the size of the cabins - what bought on this change of heart?
  6. Great news - we’re on this one as well - we couldn’t resist the Rome to Dover as a triple back to back I wouldn’t mind catching up and hearing about the Baltic cruise as we’re doing that in 2021 on Serenity
  7. We got those last voyage too - so does this mean we get them every voyage from now on - or is a once off til we hit another milestone? We regifted them so I have no idea what they taste like? Are they good quality? I used to like the SEE’s candies but they seem to have gone now
  8. I must have missed it but some friends on this cruise told me today that it missed the Inside Passage completely. They were not told why despite asking and being told someone would be in touch. That’s disappointing Can anyone shed any light on why there was a major departure from the published route?
  9. Bon Voyage everyone - be great to hear about this one as it’s on our 2021 plans on Serenity along with the Baltic - lots of common ports between the cruises
  10. Did you read Aulanis post and the fix that has been proven to work? Obvious maybe but if that’s the case how can a user show it working by using the security certificate workaround?
  11. Not a good spend IMHO - I guess some would value it though Now let’s think about the spend required to make 100 cruises - given that a couple of thousand dollars isn’t over the top (plus the free cruises and upgrades as part of Crystal Society) - but like ClefsDor I’d sooner take a credit and choose my award
  12. Apparently it doesn’t rate as a priority - despite it being a relatively easy fix I think the most recent “site upgrade” has gone way over budget and still has issues - causing a drop off in users (and maybe advertisers) - so the budget is tight even for a $5 investment 🙂 Still it’s their site and were only guests so we just have to accept it and move on
  13. You’d have to be able to leave very early to go there and leave the Mountains by 2pm at the latest - very very tight! Best bet is a ship’s tour if they’re running one. The Scenic Railway adds extra time to the requirement as there are often long lines waiting to ride it MicCanberra - if the Blue Mountains are tight why would you think the ZigZag would ever work as a day trip with an early return to the city? (I see you’ve sort of eliminated it as a day trip but just want to be clear it won’t work on the timing for this person) - it’s even further on than the Three Sisters
  14. Great to see so many contributing with candid views on their experience I suspect having the Travel Agents gala on board this cruise did make a difference, and not always a positive one. We had a similar experience with a large private tour Bridge Group on Symphony which took out the Galaxy theatre each day disrupting the lecture program delivery (moved to Starlight which is not ideal for lectures) - fortunately that was the only element disrupted by the group Opinions on what is often the same experience such as a show or even a particular table or dish will vary so don’t be put off - best to try these things for ones self
  15. Its not too new - pretty sure we saw it last August on Symphony so it’s been around a while now. I like it, particularly the fun of the piece from Something Rotten
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