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  1. Yes and it’s not like they can even head out for a relaxing 18 holes of golf when at sea ☹️ I think different Presidents would have different priorities - the current incumbent seems to have a very different approach than their predecessor
  2. Well seeing as we’re talking about Mr Wolber and what he is doing - I see he will be speaking to Australasian TAs next Monday as part of CLIAs Luxury Cruising series I wonder if he’s taking questions? https://www.cruising.org.au/CLIA-Events/luxury-cruise-showcase
  3. Thanks for the concern/support - but there are others with much more on the line than me - I just want to see the supposed refunds being handled in the order of being requested - which is clearly not happening Mine is more a frustration at how something like mine where Crystal agreed to the refund back on 18 March could still not have provided the refund. I've received several other refunds requested after that one so having this one still outstanding is frustrating
  4. Of course those dates are pure fiction - I have one showing a refund on 03/18/20 - and am still waiting on it to appear back on our Visa credit card.... At best they are the date that Crystal "processed" (what ever that means) the refund as opposed to the date any payment was actually authorised Having said that the document is accepted by the credit card companies as Crystal's commitment to make the refund and thus it's very easy to show how overdue the refunds are
  5. I’m now so confused about who is offended by what! I don’t know whether I’m offended or not I thought we were all entitled to our opinions on here
  6. Yes Nancy is correct - in Australia it’s not unusual for merchants to charge a fee for credit card payment, especially on larger amounts. This can be around 2% (usually higher for AMEX - it varies but is governed by law that it can’t exceed what the merchant gets charged by the card supplier Not all TAs charge the card fee - so it’s another incentive to shop around. I’ve paid for Crystal, Seabourn and Regent fares via my agent but with the charge made directly by the cruise lines without a surcharge. I would avoid making the actual payment through a third party’s account such as a TA Also in the early days of Crystal’s Australian office they simply didn’t accept credit cards so payment was by bank transfer - so that has caught some Australian customers out in these circumstances
  7. It’s not always that simple and it’s not correct that there is “no reason not to” There are sometimes issues with the period of time that has elapsed since payment - I know Visa won’t dispute anything where payment was made over approximately 550 days before a dispute is raised
  8. I gave up trying to resolve this with CC earlier this year - and lo and behold yesterday the notification emails have restarted No changes at my end so I wonder what CC has done at their end Hopefully it stays working going forward
  9. The gems of the Turkish Riviera https://blog.crystalcruises.com/the-gems-of-the-turkish-riviera-turquoise-coast/
  10. 168 days and still waiting for a booking I cancelled on 18 March 2020 Not impressed Anyone else that long? I have another one at 46 days - just a youngster...
  11. Sunday Cooking with Chef Jon Ashton: Shrimp Tagliatelle with Corn Crema https://blog.crystalcruises.com/sunday-cooking-with-chef-jon-ashton-shrimp-tagliatelle-pasta-corn-crema/
  12. Interesting that the venture into ship building has proven to be a major issue for Genting Here's a link to the thread on the River Cruising forum - A translation courtesy of Microsoft of the article (which contains some inaccuracies including a comment that "Genting HK is now being liquidated") - the translation has some interesting interpretations "MV WERFTEN Is parent company Genting separating from shipbuilding? The payment of EUR 28 million for salaries and operating costs of mv werften is guaranteed – but what happens next is still completely unclear. Several scenarios are haunted by corporations and politics. Schwerin. The few facts currently available are the first to be presented: on Friday, the Landtag gave the green light in principle for further financial allocations to save the MV shipyards. Finance Minister Reinhard Meyer (SPD) and Economy Minister Harry Glawe (CDU) told the Nordkurier after the confidential meeting of the Finance Committee: "The committee has unanimously decided that the state government will clear the way for the payment of the last tranche from the so-called Locked Box." This involves EUR 28 million – EUR 20 million for September salaries and EUR 8 million for monthly operating costs – from security reserves totalling EUR 175 million deposited by the Asian parent company of MV Werften, Genting Hong Kong, which is now being liquidated due to loss of revenue resulting from the Corona crisis. Read More: Land Releases Millions for MV Shipyards Existence-threatening financial imbalance In recent months, The Asia-based Genting Hong Kong has been plunged into an existential financial imbalance due to the global pandemic. The cruise market has collapsed – the Group's ships are on the anchor chain. As an end to this crisis is not yet foreseeable, the future of MV shipyards is far from clear. Read more: The MV shipyards are far from being saved. At the same time, time is running out – because at the end of September, money for salaries and operating costs must once again be available. "It's an extreme challenge," Glawe admitted. Finance Minister Meyer chose a sporting comparison from a high jump competition regarding a possible rescue of the group: "With the guarantee of the country in June, we have achieved the qualification level. Yesterday we raised the bar two centimetres higher and skipped it. Next time, the bar is higher again. We need to move step by step to find a solution to the problem." Federal bailout On Friday afternoon, representatives of the Land MV and the federal government put their heads together in a working group and worked their way deep into a 250-page report in which possible future prospects of the shipyards are examined for their plausibility. Glawe and Meyer want the MV shipyards to be able to slip under the federal bailout, the Economic Stabilization Fund. Nor is there any exclusion of silent participation by the state – at least for a four- to five-year transitional period. Read more: "MV has been saving its shipyards for 30 years" However, after research by the Nordkurier, the Finance Committee, which is meeting behind closed doors, also circulated the information that there were considerations that Genting Hong Kong could completely separate itself from shipbuilding. A difficult mix with an uncertain outcome – some MPs were not happy that the thin facts would make it more likely to be decided on the basis of the thin facts. The crucial question of whether it is still worthwhile for the country to continue with the shipyard sites and to fire taxpayers' money out is the stomach of parliamentarians. The Minister for Economic Affairs was combative and optimistic: "It is still worth it." According to Glawe, about 18,000 jobs would be affected by the MV shipyards – 3100 at the shipyards themselves and almost 15,000 in the supplier industry"
  13. Well there are plenty to chose from... According to Wikipedia there are at over 30 to chose from... "Springfield is a famously common place-name in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States. According to the U.S. Geological Survey there are currently 33 populated places named Springfield in 25 U.S. states throughout the United States,[1] including five in Wisconsin; additionally, there are at least 36 Springfield Townships, including 11 in Ohio"
  14. Come on - you mean there's another Paris other than the one in Texas? and everyone knows London, Ohio - or perhaps it's the London in Arkansas or Kentucky although they could be confused with London Bridge in Arizona Who would have ever guessed there were other countries who would choose the same names as the US cities chose? 😁
  15. Strangely I find things like service, quality and safety more important than speed of refunds It appears you are relying on what you've been told by others as opposed to personal experience on Crystal Cruises since 2014 - you might be surprised at some of the enhancements on Crystal over the last 6 years Glad you've found your perfect cruise line in Viking - enjoy - but do make sure they've checked the oil levels before you sail on them next...
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