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  1. Ha - so Japanese Remember they will avoid saying no - so you get some very perplexing answers that you have to read between the lines Unless you’re going to be there at the time of an event like the Olympics you will be ok getting a reservation but they don’t open up their systems as early as we’re used to in the west. Having said that it’s best to get in early as I have seen times when the luxury hotels all book out in advance, so it can happen Patience Grasshopper (apologies to Mr Miyagi)
  2. I’m curious what you are comparing it with? What would rate as close to it in Tokyo? The nice thing is there are many great luxury hotels in Tokyo - so location is often the deciding factor Arranging a car or taxi to / from the airport that pretty much any half decent hotel will organise for their guests
  3. I really can’t see it being a problem ive never known them to run out of milk onboard and a one litre carton is not an unusual size - it’s the standard size used in the Bistro If you want to be really certain have your TA register your special request in advance with Crystal - there’s a form they can complete and send to their contacts there
  4. Crystal released a Promo Video for Expedition Cruise - Cairns to Sydney on Crystal Endeavor in Oct 2020 Interesting to see a visit to Lady Musgrave Island included - it’s one of the Southern most points of the Reef and we once camped on this small uninhabited Island (you can walk around it on 30 minutes) for a week (there is certainly no 5 Star resort there - you need to take everything onto the island including water). The real treat was seeing Turtles laying eggs and hatching on the beach at night as well as enjoying snorkelling in the lagoon. The views of the stars at night were amazing. I guess this an indication of the type of locations to be visited by Endeavor - but in a lot more comfort than we experienced
  5. No you are entitled to the same two bottles of alcohol (wine or spirits or a combination from the All Inclusive menu) allocation that will be replenished on consumption Note the list Keith posted is illustrative only - the All Inclusive selection is much wider - basically just ask based on your preferences and it’s likely to be available (except from the additional charge menu)
  6. I can hardly wait.... Looks like a great hotel - if only we knew the name
  7. This week it’s Five Things About Prague https://blog.crystalcruises.com/5-things-to-know-before-you-explore-prague/
  8. Yes you can have up to two bottle of wine provided to your room from the All Inclusive menu - those 2 bottles come from the entitlement of 2 bottles of wine and/or spirits Once you've consumed them they can be replenished by your room attendant
  9. Welcome - Have you got any specific questions? I suggest you take sometime to read back over a couple of pages of recent threads - there’s plenty of great information in them - then come back with any specific questions
  10. Wow - US$23.99 a day to get 25% off bottled water! I’m sticking with All Inclusive thanks 🙂
  11. She's pretty hard to miss - she is in the opening sequence and talks about them never saying no Just finished watching Part 4 - the continual reference to the price of everything is tedious- I realize that's not Regents doing but Channel 4's editing It was interesting to see some aspects of Regents approach to things It was very interesting that they chose to have a guest perform the final show - very unusual that they couldn't shuffle other entertainers already on the ship around to fill the spot rather than using a guest (despite making his grandma proud!)
  12. You need more calories?????
  13. Roy - I 100% agree with your position and thank you for your posts The only correction I’d make is that you don’t include any roll call threads for combo / grand explorer cruises which sometimes have roll call threads posted.
  14. OK - I'll go one further for the team and make the supreme sacrifice of actually sampling just what comes out of those taps - and report back 🙂
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