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  1. The Serenity 2023 itineraries are all up on the Crystal website now
  2. It was communicated on 18 March 2020 on their website - however I am not aware of when it actually changes - but I'd suggest when the volume increased significantly as a result of Crystal cancelling cruises and Guests initiating cancellations https://www.crystalcruises.com.au/corona-virus-health-advisory/issuance-of-cruise-refunds
  3. This just out from Crystal - I like the concept of protection from major itinerary changes with a full refund offered. I think the Easy Book programme is new or extended too I do suggest you or your TA make sure you read the terms and conditions of these and the other offers from Crystal carefully Enhanced Travel Protection As you begin to consider your upcoming travels with Crystal, our new Crystal Voyage Assurance provides an added layer of travel protection in the event that unforeseen global travel restrictions require significant changes to set itineraries. For new and existing bookings aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity from November 2020 through April 2021, you will have the opportunity to cancel your cruise for a full refund within seven days of being notified by Crystal of changes to your itinerary. Changes may include either embarkation or disembarkation port/s, and/or alteration of more than 30% of the itinerary’s scheduled ports of call. Should you elect to keep your booked voyage, you can expect a journey to attractive destinations and the award-winning experience for which Crystal is known. Crystal Voyage Assurance applies to November 2020 - April 2021 itineraries to all destinations aboard our Ocean ships – including the 2021 Full World Cruise and all of its segments (including the final segment, which departs May 2021) – and provides enhanced peace of mind, flexibility and value when used together with Crystal Confidence, Crystal Assured Savings, or Easy Book. Easy Book Look ahead to 2021, 2022 and 2023 and plan your future Crystal cruise with total peace of mind. Crystal’s new Easy Book offers a no-risk reduced deposit of just 15% (normally 25%) on the all-inclusive, luxury cruise of your choice, granting a 100% refund of your deposit if you need to cancel prior to our standard cancellation schedules as admin fees are also waived. Available for all new bookings made by 30 June 2020 on any Crystal experience — by Ocean, River, Yacht or Expedition — Easy Book is combinable with nearly every Crystal savings program currently available, providing added value and flexibility to your travels.
  4. I am not receiving notifications - is anyone else having the same problem? It was working fine up until a few days ago
  5. Here’s an update on the plan which will see Serenity finally on the move Paraphrasing an update posted by one of the crew on Serenity, it’s certainly been a long journey home for many of our beloved crew but it sounds like they’ve been well taken care of and are in good spirits “Update: Day 70 & 71 We left our anchorage position by Port Klang in Malaysia after 70 days and sailed into port to pick up some provisions and fuel and then started our next endeavour to hopefully get repatriated home from Manila, Phillipines (Malaysia did not allow us to disembark.) On day 70 we sailed towards Penang, Malaysia and picked up some crew from the Taipan yacht (sistership of Crystal Esprit). Day 71- We arrived to Langkawi, Malaysia and we met up with Genting Dream to collect some of their crew. We successfully managed to transfer all the crew from Genting Dream. We welcomed them in Crystal style and of course gave them a nice ship tour. We are now sailing towards Singapore to meet Symphony to collect over 100 crew from there”
  6. Thanks - well there’s goes that theory then.... I just can’t see a pattern on how the refunds are being processed. It took me a while to work out what my refund related to as it was for one of the last ones I cancelled versus several that were cancelled by me or Crystal a lot earlier (they’re still within the 90 day window though so I’m waiting patiently)
  7. Here’s tonight's Crystal,Variety show featuring many familiar faces from the Galaxy Theatre
  8. But you JUST got home from a World Cruise 😉🤪😃
  9. Tracie Do you happen to know if the one who got the refund had a different type of payment source than the others? Eg cheque or bank credit versus a credit card credit? The reason I ask is that I’ve received a refund for a payment made by bank transfer (Refund received within a month) whereas I’m still waiting on another one which I cancelled on the same day where the refund will come back to my credit card. I’m also waiting on other refunds (to a credit card) also that were made earlier than the one I’ve received back into my bank account) - so the repayment method seems to be the only different factor
  10. Caipirinha time on Thirsty Thursday https://blog.crystalcruises.com/how-do-you-take-your-caipirinha-thirsty-thursday/
  11. Always look on the bright side - you could spend your life worrying about things that may never happen
  12. A 1.30am close down? That’s very early - the party would just be getting started
  13. To some it’s important and at the Crystal per diem it’s certainly a factor for me. I certainly realise for some it’s not important but I assume there are other factors which influence their decision to sail Crystal
  14. You must be so frustrated - but safety first. It’s difficult to see just when they will resume cruising
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