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  1. I discourage making any alteration (including, but not limited to, lamination) to any primary record of vaccination.
  2. A valid International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis is valid forever. The card does not come with an expiration date. However, it's not the validity of the card that is relevant to your question, I think. But in the case of yellow fever vaccine, CDC, WHO, and most other organizations are now accepting anybody who has been properly vaccinated for the first time (it takes two doses, just like the coronavirus vaccine) as fully vaccinated for his/her lifetime. This is a fairly recent (in the past 5-6 years, I think) change from the previous recommendation for people to receive boos
  3. Here's the information from the WHO about the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, which is commonly known as the Yellow Card. https://www.who.int/ihr/ports_airports/icvp/en/ And from what I can tell, the US CDC is still endorsing the use of the Yellow Card. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/vis-statements/yf.html
  4. I think the vaccination cards that are currently distributed should be as good as any vaccination record. As far as I know, that's what most primary records of vaccine administration in the US look like, for any vaccine, including the childhood ones. For example, the "yellow card" to certify vaccination for yellow fever and other "travel related" vaccine administrations is essentially the same as these cards in terms of the information contained within. The "Yellow Card" is supposedly also accepted by the World Health Organization, is made by the US Dept. of Health and Human Serv
  5. The thing about not drinking alcohol after the vaccine is apparently attributed to Russian "fake news." Supposedly someone who was reportedly working on the Russian "Sputnik" vaccine said so, and also said that "no alcohol recommendation" could apply to all vaccines. I guess if you drink way too much and die from it, the vaccine would not work. Also, if you drink too much and get into a car accident and end up in the ER, you might be at a high risk of contracting the coronavirus. Also, if you drink too much (or not) and act like a fool without a mask, you could contract the virus.
  6. I don't think we know when the data used to write this originated, and if the writer of this adver-article bothered to really look into most up-to-date information regarding this. I'm not saying this is necessarily false, but we must realize that most of these "news outlets" including "Cruise Industry News," which is hardly an independent news source, has a great incentive to report positive news more than not-so-positive news, because they exist, at least partly, to promote the cruise business. It would be great if Crystal Endeavor is in fact introduced in April of this year, but this blurb
  7. I have this funny feeling that some of you think I'm just saying that Crystal/Genting HK is about to fail, or that I want them to fail. I think that 's not the case at all. My intent in writing some of these posts are to educate myself and others to be informed consumers. In principle, I would want Crystal/Genting HK to survive somehow, either separately or together, especially the Crystal part of this enterprise. I know that cruise brands switch ownership often, and I would think it is unreasonable to think that Crystal will be with Genting HK forever. But I would want Crystal brand to s
  8. I know that the cancellation of leaseback topic was discussed extensively in the other thread, and I'm not trying to discuss that here. I am just saying that there is a clear disconnect between the two press releases, both in terms of the general outlook and logic, even though they were presumably written days apart. If I read other information regarding this particular leaseback arrangement correctly, Genting HK was planning to sell the new ship to an investor for something like 280 million Euros, though Genting HK will be giving the buyer a loan close to that amount with a 7% an
  9. "In December 2020, GHK announced the termination of the sale and leaseback deal of Crystal Endeavor with the aim to simplify the structure for typical export credit agency (ECA) covering post-delivery financing for the ship." What does the above statement from Crystal mean? Are they saying that a leaseback arrangement complicates "the structure" for "typical export credit agency," and they want this so-called "structure" to be simpler? What is "the structure?" If that's what they wanted, whey did they even bother with the contract in the first place. From what I read, Genting H
  10. I agree that Crystal/Genting HK has not reached to point where they have to start selling their furniture and door knobs, but my point is that, their expectations regarding the completion of the Endeavor, at least in terms of what they are telling the public, has changed since August of 2020. Furthermore the recent press release has admitted to that change.
  11. One year delay was being projected (I am using the word "projected" intentionally) in August of 2020. But at that time, the possibility of cancelling the sale/leaseback of the ship was not being discussed, at least publicly, at that time. So, I would think that the events between August and now have made it even more uncertain when/whether this ship will be completed. And the language quoted in the article also says this in a very vague manner. "in view of the substantial delay in construction and delivery of the vessel due to the impact of COVID-19 as well as the worldwide freez
  12. When we start thinking about prioritizing groups for early vaccinations, there are at least two somewhat related but different factors to consider. One is rapid vaccination of those with the risk of potentially morbidity/mortality when infected (those with pre-existing conditions, including medical disorders, age, etc.) to minimize mortality. This is also complicated by the fact that many in this population are also likely not to mount an adequate immune response, even after vaccination. Another factor is the vaccination of those, when infected, are really good spreaders of the virus, to sl
  13. An another way to estimate the effect of this coronavirus outbreak is to look at excess deaths this year compared to previous years. This is one of the papers published on this topic: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2771761 Between March 1 and August 1 of this year (2020), There was a 20% or 225,530 excess deaths that occured in comparison to expected number of deaths. 67% of that was officially attributed to the coronavirus infection. There are many reasons there was approx. 33% excess deaths that were not officially recorded as secondary to th
  14. I am not even attempting to explain everything about viral immunity in this post, but presence of detectable and often high levels of antibodies during an infection is typical, and some or all of these antibodies (usually there is a mixture of various antibodies generated during an infection/immunization) can go away (or more accurately, become undetectable) after clearance of the infection/vaccine antigens. However, that does not mean there is no lasting immunity. Depending on the infection/vaccine, persistently detectable antibody can be indicative of persistent immunity, but in some infe
  15. One important point which has not been made clear to the public is that we have no idea what is the real-life efficacy of these vaccines nor the duration of this efficacy. Based on this, it could be a terrible mistake if people who receive the vaccines start acting like they are fully protected. It would be great if the actual population-based efficacy turns out to be as promising as the preliminary studies suggest, and it would also be great if the vaccine efficacy is long-lasting. However, we don’t have any data to confirm this, and it will take an actual vaccination program an
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