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  1. Here is the problem, especially in the US: The actual incidence of the viral infection is higher now than 2.5 months ago, and the numbers are still going up, not down, as far was we know. Only things that have changed are that businesses are now more eager to make more money, and people are getting more tired of the restrictions, and many ex-wager earners are suffering. The outbreak situation, in the US, has not changed to make it more "safer" to reopen. It is actually the opposite. So if anything, re-opening the society (in the US, compared to other countries that has successfully contained the virus, perhaps not permanently, but at least better than what US) is going put people at a higher individual risk AND it could increase the chance of our healthcare system collapsing. So, from what I can gather, the impetus to reopen is based on a one-sided "logic" if could even call it that. The free-maket economy is not going to eliminate the outbreak, or for that matter the need for us to take the outbreak seriously.
  2. I don't think many of us are not driven by just fear. I and many others are in support of a more data-based and scientifically driven strategy in dealing with this outbreak, which did not occur, especially in the US, from the beginning. I am confident that, if we continue to "compromise" to "pressure from the public," and not really think about the long-term goals, both in terms of outbreak control and future economic prosperity, we are doomed. Current rush for US businesses to re-open is driven by many reasons,. Some of the reasons appear reasonable, at least superficially ("People need to get paid." or "We can't stay at home forever."), but some other reasons, in my opinion, are either misguided, shortsighted, or downright malicious ("Our company would rather re-open and start making money, and we don't care if some of our minimum wage workers get sick...they will deal with it or we can replace them." or "Our state cannot continue to pay for unemployment." or "I am young/healthy/don't have diabetes so I have the RIGHT to do everything while the others "at higher risk" should have the responsibility to take care of themselves. They need to stay home."). I have NEVER heard anyone say that "we can reopen because we now can do this safer." Also, I have never heard any government officials define what metric would be used to decide if/when a reversal of the easing should occur. It is clear to me that the overall motive is to just to reopen, regardless of what the outbreak decides to do in response to it. It is my assumption that what we, especially in the US, are doing now by reopening prematurely is exactly what we would do if we want the outbreak to become worse and last longer, which is exactly what is bad for the long term economic healthy of this country.
  3. Consumer confidence does not really affect how soon this outbreak will be under better control. Obviously, cruise lines would like to have high consumer confidence when they are able and willing to operate cruises again, so it is possibly good news to the travel related industries, though. Also, I would certainly hope that cruise lines are liability-conscious enough not to start cruising before the outbreak is under better control, even if there is a demand. And regardless of how many people are willing to take a cruise now, slow-walking of cancellations just to maintain liquidity is not morally justifiable.
  4. Yes, Crystal is slow-walking the cancellation process. My best guess (I’m not a business/finance person, so maybe I am totally wrong on this) is that they are doing this out of desperation. They are doing everything to prevent a “bank run” on their cash. I personally think this strategy is NOT morally justifiable, but on the other hand, it might be a small benefit for anyone whose final payment is still with Crystal if they don’t go belly-up.
  5. If that was their intent, they should have done the same for Serenity...but as I said earlier, I am not expecting Crystal to be in a position to do things in a totally calm, well thought-out manner in this crisis.
  6. I wonder Crystal is cancelling Symphony cruises just through July for now, while cancelling Serenity cruises though August. Are they spreading their bets, in case things profoundly change for the better in August?
  7. I think by extending the final payment due later, Crystal is counting on less people to prematurely cancel the cruise that may end up sailing. I can't see any other reason for doing this.
  8. It looks like me, that Crystal is a state of panic and they are not thinking well enough before making these rapid-fire changes. This is another way to prevent more customer-initiated cancellation, or at least delay them some more. I'm sure that's the best they could do in this craziness, though. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we really should not expect everything coming from Crystal to be well though-out at this time.
  9. At what temperature is the recommended storage temperature for your particular kind of insulin? As far as I know, some are supposed to be stored at refrigerator temperature, and some at room temperature.
  10. We (used to) visit Palm Springs about once a year. But we don't have "THE COOKBOOK."
  11. The reason your calls are "free" is not just because you are using wifi, but you are using apps like Whatsapp. Other options include Facetime on iphones/ipad, Google Hangouts on Android devices, and Facebook messenger (I think).
  12. I'm not sure buying shares of Genting Hong Kong would do much for Crystal, but I'm just a physician-scientist so I don't know. Also, personally, I don't consider Crystal to be some sort of a charity organization. I regard them as any other cruise line, currently weathering a very terrible predicament, but still a business, not a pet project or charity. I don't think given them money right now would really make a huge different to the big changes we will see in how we vacation after we come out of this mess, so I'm holding on to my money until I know we have a better idea about the near future.
  13. I would not be too surprised if they will be on sale for a long time onboard.
  14. My take on this is this: We just don't know how this outbreak will unfold in the future. We don't know how cruises and other vacations will be taken by anybody in the future. We certainly do not know when cruises will resume, and when/if it does, how would the resumption be like. I am personally assuming that even the itineraries of any of the bookable cruises are essentially subject to profound modifications. Trying to figure out how all of this materialize in the future is just a silly exercise in futility. Only thing we can count on is that all things travel will be different, either slightly or drastically, at least in the near future. So planning for this is essentially useless for the potential passenger.
  15. Based on the ways things have already headed and since this outbreak is not going to miraculously go away, I doubt this will be the last time Crystal would offer enticements like this. Crystal, like all other travel related companies, is hurting for cash, and this is one of their attempts to find more cash. I highly doubt that their need for cash to go away after June 30, 2020. If anything, their need can only grow in the next few months for sure. Unless cabin fever (a strange term to use now, when we are stuck in our own house, hoping to be in a "cabin" someday) is getting the best of you, it might be advisable to wait until we have a better idea about the future before giving Crystal (or any other travel related companies) your money. I am personally waiting until at least we have a more clear idea about the resumption of cruising to start giving any of these companies my money.
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