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  1. Empress has been for sale for awhile now.....but Royal just reduced the price. Not sure how much it's worth in Scrap
  2. I don't think I have any pics of the inside....but it's exactly the same as the other balcony cabins.
  3. The last time we had 1100 on a Jewel TA...the chair scrapers (old people get up way too early) above us in the outdoor windjammer was soo bad we swore we'd never take a deck 10 aft cabin again. Now....the Aft JS on Deck 8 on Rhapsody/Vision is a different story. We would of been in cabin 8596 on Rhapsody TA on April 18th 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
  4. So true.... But it was the only balcony picture I took on Serenade.
  5. Just a couple of doors down on the corner 9256. It was a fantastic cruise.
  6. Just asked..... No free frozen drinks on Vision during Happy Hour per F&B Manager.
  7. Frozen drinks will just slow things down. What they really need to add is a Bourbon
  8. Reason I said this is because ive had women directly tell me they prefer a man CD.....
  9. Susan is a top 5 CD in our opinion. There are many who don't care for female CD's.
  10. The Crew are choosing to take a 2 dollar bill over two ones. You know it's called Freedom of Choice. That use to be a fantastic crede in America. But I guess you know what is "Better" for them. So typical nowadays....
  11. Hey Island Lady John's on Allure for the TA I'll be in 8596 on Rhapsody for the April 18th TA. Take care of the cabin. Hide a beer in the closet....lol
  12. Unbelievable!! So people that give out 2 dollar bills are being criticized for making the servers suffer with these notes...lol If you're giving out 2 bucks per drink....you are probably the biggest tipper in the room. Most don't tip at all and the rest maybe one dollar. As I've stated before when I've given the choice between 2 ones and a single two, they always take the two. Thanks for your wisdom......not
  13. Us Corner Aft people need to stick together. Enjoy the Genie!!
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