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  1. Maybe the last couple of Grandeur cruises passengers will get a block??
  2. My cousin also got a block from a Genie when they had a suite on Harmony. It was their last night and the block was on the bed with the tip envelopes. For what they paid for that suite I coulda gone on 6 cruises in a balcony. It was their second cruise.
  3. I like one small cube in any high proof bourbon. Noah's Mill Bookers
  4. I'm sure Royal could buy BT at a very good price too...😎
  5. Buffalo Trace is only $5 more per bottle than Jack around here and the same price as Jameson. I vote for BT
  6. Jack takes a probably good bourbon and runs it though some maple charcoal and ruins the flavor If I gotta have Tennessee Whiskey.....i'd go with George Dickel.
  7. We did a Blantons tasting in the gift shop on my most recent Vision TA. There were 4 of us that kept tasting until the bottle was empty. Good Times!! I was able to buy 2 Blantons Gold for $89 each and a couple of bottles of Weller. The manager informed us that if any gold was left after this cruise......it had to be put in the closet until they do the TA back to Europe.
  8. I would like to see just one bourbon on the Diamond list. Jameson is good...but it would be nice to switch it up a bit.
  9. Guess you haven't looked well enough. 😎 We always cruise with an aft balcony and the cheaper per day cost of Florida cruises covers our flights down there. I don't park at the airport. Uber is under $10. Same Day! Yikes!! I would rather fly than deal with all the DC/Balt traffic on the day I get on a ship. To each there own....
  10. We live in Virginia Beach I find Grandeur more expensive per person per night than similar ships sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Miami. I can fly to FLL/MCO/TPA out of Norfolk, spend the night, and get on a Radiance class ship for a similar price as driving to Baltimore, getting a room, and paying for parking. Plus I'll start my cruise in warm weather. Guess that's the reason I've never been on Grandeur
  11. Just got off after 25 nights.... We have the other corner for 14 nights in January 2020. #LoveVisionOfTheSeas
  12. It was fantastic.... Heading back to Barcelona November 6th to join my uncle on the Rhapsody TA.
  13. I sent you an email....but I believe your server is down as they keep getting kicked back to me. Just wanted to let you know the Serenade block is on the way. Should be there Friday. Thanks
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