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  1. Fingers and toes crossed that that is the case. We're scheduled to be on the Eurodam disembarking in Vancouver on April 29th. To follow current Canadian protocols, it will need to be fully vaxxed.
  2. We're not burger fans, but Dive In fries are a wonderful snack item for us.....and it looks like I will now have to add the frizzled onions. They look scrumptious!
  3. Thank you for sharing. It's amazing how far places really are when we look at a map. We think it's a hop, skip, and a jump, but in actual fact, there is quite a distance between places! I do have one question, though. I love that you send your granddaughter a postcard from every port. After you (finally) found one, did you search out a post office to send it? I would imagine that that might be a problem at times. I'd love to start that tradition with a grand or two of mine. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!
  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip and thank you for taking a few of your friends along with you. 😉
  5. I do that with my landline....from 10 to 6. It does flash if there is a call, so in an emergency, I can be reached. My cell phone I turn off, because DH has an alarm go off every 5 hours to remind me to test his blood sugar. Nothing worse that that screaming sound at 2 or 3 in the morning. 😂 On the ship, I tend to use my iPad.
  6. Have a wonderful flight and cruise! I'll be watching with anticipation for the thoughts of all those onboard! In the words of my favourite reality show host Phil Keoghan....Travel safe.
  7. Glad that all is well. And thank you for that last comment on your post. We have a Panama cruise booked for April, but the testing piece has me concerned-the timing and the rigmarole that goes with it-both getting to the embarkation (Florida!) and then flying home after disembarkation in Vancouver. (need to figure out if I'd need a test to fly from BC to ON after being out of the country) I still have a few months before final payment to make up my mind, but I am hesitant for that reason.
  8. I use any old card that I leave in my suitcase. These are usually just the last cruise/hotel I was at. You put it in the slot and the lights (and more importantly to DH the TV 😂) come on. When you go to leave, simply lift the card a bit (you'll feel the click) and it stays right in the slot, ready to push down and engage the lighting when you get back.
  9. Safe travels home. CC has been acting up for me, and won't let me react, but I've been following along! Thanks, again, for sharing.
  10. I was coming to say the same thing. My sister loves NCL "for the free drinks"and so when we travel with family it is usually with NCL. And we pay over $200 for the gratuity on the free drinks, whether we use it as much as others or not. Having it included with HAL is a bonus. I'm looking forward to wine at dinner, and some smoothies throughout the day. DH loves his soda, so I'll have to keep a running tab on what he is drinking so he doesn't go over the 15. 😉
  11. I enjoyed playing the time lapse on the space needle link. Thanks!
  12. My TA booked my April flights with Flight Ease this week. I know she called (she mentioned the waiting times) One leg of the home flight isn't on the public schedule yet, so fingers crossed it's a go!
  13. My condolences to the family. May the many happy memories be a blessing to you all.
  14. I wasn't able to log in, so tried the Already Booked--> Manage my Booking route. That worked. It spun for a few seconds before it locked in, but it worked. 10:15 pm EST Thursday.
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