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  1. No never. I pre-book my dinners and day 1 my 50% is refunded to me. I’ve never been charged again for a specialty dinner i’ve prepaid for. But, I always bring my confirmations for any pre-purchased item until I see all is in order and then they go into recycling 😉
  2. Everyone is correct - there had NEVER been a HAL and. Carnival ship there at the same time. While the various cruise schedules (like cruisett) aren’t always accurate, I got curious. The Sunshine is on a musical charter and the itinerary does indeed show a stop at a private island on November 19th. I suspect they will just flip the itinerary a bit, but if it is there, do report. Everyone will want to know for sure. Hopefully, it is not the case as usual.
  3. Happy to add you 🙂 BUT Could you please tell me how many days your cruises are for? Especially the 1st. I’m guessing the 2nd is a 7 day? Could you kindly confirm both for me please? Thank you 😄
  4. Hmmm, just because someone is on a fixed income doesn’t mean they don’t have other revenue sources (like investments) nor does it mean they don’t have deep pockets. If that is the assumption, then there could be a major error in it. In fact the younger passengers are also on a fixed income usually - it’s called a salary and many of them don’t have investments to dip into. 😉 And, they can only borrow so much and then no longer cruise if their lifestyles are more than their budget can bear. But what do I know? 🙄 I’m just a retired FP who has seen who has the money to spend and who doesn’t, generally speaking 😉
  5. Wow, this is weird. Do let us know how you make out, please. I’m a bit surprised - I’ve booked my Flight Ease always through HAL and not through my TA, but it’s always on my TA’s confirmation and my bill and paid for in my final payment. So for me, at least, this is really unusual. My flights have always been on my confirmation showing paid in full (my TA sends me HAL’s confirmation - just as if you booked with them or a PCC). The flights are in the details.
  6. No problem for us on the Rotterdam and the lemondade was decent too. I’m with cat133 - perhaps they had just run out and were restocking in Seattle? So, your last segment was a Pacific Coastal - 1 or 2 days? I’ve done those on my Collectors’ cruises and I have seen some differences but not missing lemonade 😉
  7. I totally understand where you are coming from. We had a very bad experience on O and I won’t risk sailing them again unless it’s nearly free. (Like you - I was GLAD to get off the ship - it was a first for us). Cruises are not cheap and such a bad experience as you had would definitely put me off risking to sai with l them again. Thank you for coming back and answering.
  8. The problem with this is that the people doing a lot of the lifting is the crew and your cabin steward. They receive nothing for their work. Those cases add a lot of work for the crew (not to mention risk to other peoples’ suitcases if they rupture or break) which I believe is a good part of the reason HAL changed their policy to carry on.
  9. You’re correct - No there aren’t - but the time shows on the phones and wake up calls are available. We use them all the time 😉 Since I take my IPad, as long as I change where we are geographically, I also have a clock and alarm there as well. That being said, DH loves his little alarm clock and is always thinking we need it. I have to remind him we really don’t need it but now and then, it mysteriously appears on a trip 😅🤣
  10. No, it won’t be there. Log in to your booking and click on “my itinerary” and it should show on your embarkation day. It doesn’t hurt to bring a print out of that or the email from HAL confirming your purchase with you - in case. Once you see all is good, it can go in recycling on board.
  11. No, the cards are only good for the cruise you are on. If it’s from HAL (part of a promotion) it’s non refundable and you either use it or lose it. If it’s one you purchased yourself or from your TA (in most cases), any unused amount on your card is refunded to you on the last night.
  12. The air fare is part of your final cruise payment. Your TA takes all the payments for your cruise. If you want to pay that portion ahead of time (no need really), call your TA and see if it can be done. I was always under the impression that in order to pay your flight ease early you had to pay the cruise off early, but that is from posts on these boards and I have not done it myself. I just pay it with my final payment. It’s in the total.
  13. Most of the beverage packages have the requirement that both occupants in the stateroom must purchase it. I haven’t bought the quench package so I went to check and that is indeed the case. Directly from the HAL site for purchasing:
  14. I’m not sure what your $140 pp is? OBC? But, if gratuities are not mentioned, it’s my experience they are not paid by HAL. But, gratuities are never charged with final payment. They are charged daily when you are on board and are part of your final bill for charges incurred on the ship. I hope this makes sense.
  15. OP, regarding the Thermal Pass, you might be wise to check this thread - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2697480-thermal-pool/?tab=comments#comment-58408223 While our experience has been that it is cheaper on day 1, it seems this may have changed by reports in this thread. I don't want to mislead you.
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