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  1. Look at the views - some while we walked but most from a tall tower we climbed.
  2. All our group were back to our meeting place on time (Antonio was meeting us at the tender drop off) and Antonio was soon there and we were off on our cultural food walking tour. We started with the walk first (have to burn some calories - LOL). And we were going to walk around the old city. This is a well. It had the unique properties of fresh water and salt water flowing into it and, as a result the water was perfect for the ladies of the time to make their bread. Salt was very expensive so this water was highly valued in olden days. This is a unique area of Sardinia. It is the only place in Italy where Catalan is spoken along with Italian. Part of their heritage. It is slowly fading out. The walls here are amazing. You can see the Catalan flag on the tower. The decoration on the church is relatively modern. It is tiled. This area was never affected by the Arabs/Moors, etc. (Moors is not the right term to use but one many are used to). Walking along the walls, the views are simply amazing. You just knew I HAD to take a pic of the Prinsendam, didn’t you? 😉 This port only gets about 25 ships a year. There is no dock and many of the larger ships can’t get here. The harbour is not that deep. Can you see the red covering on the lamp post? You will see many of them as they are preparing for Samana Santa. When the procession is at night they want the lighting red to represent the blood. They’ll be removed on Easter Monday. Nowadays people can paint their shutters any colour they want. In the olden days they were the colours you see here - the green was for the farmers and the blue for the fishermen. That way, they had their own advertising of what they had to offer 🙂 The catapult is not original but the balls that you see are. Each one ways around 100 - 200 kilos. One of the guard towers from olden times. There were a great many but there are not as many left now. The city was well fortified.
  3. We had a lovely evening and stayed up far too late considering we had to be ready to tender at 8 AM to get to Alghero. After some troubles some days tendering last year, I had set our meeting time to be before the shore excursions should start so that we could get off easily. Andrea took charge and arranged for 15 tender tickets and we were on the 1st tender (which wasn’t even 1/2 full). Tender procedures for this cruise are: Neptune Suites can walk off - no ticket, 4 and 5* Mariners go to the Ocean Bar and other independents and shore excursions go to the Showroom. Not sure if it will be the same for the next segment or not. We weren’t meeting our guide until 10:15 so everyone had a bit of free time to explore before hand. We went walking. Part of the port area - there are a LOT of sailing ships here - these are just a few: The beautiful city walls and towers - more on that later: Soon it was time to have a real Italian cappuccino & cafe late. Delish!
  4. The last little bit from our Gala night with our charming HD. Despite how young he looks, Bart has years of experience on ships (around 15 as an HD) and in the hotel industry before with Marriott & Walt Disney. Our chef: DR manager checking And kind of nice to have had 2 of our roll call members at our table 😄
  5. And, before I forget, here is tonight’s dinner menu. Can’t review it as we are doing Cellar Master tonight. (One of the reasons I came back a tad early was to clean up me, my cabin and prep as we have invitees coming over that are sitting at our Cellar Master table).
  6. So the Prinsendam has turned me into a liar. Just got back on the ship and there was my Gala night menu signed. So, here is the menu we had that night.
  7. Our next day was a sea day so there was the Mariner reception before the brunch. Boy, did we need a break. No one complained about a sea day at all 😉 Sea day = Gala night. Here is our captain in his day room. We had been invited for drinks in the captain’s day room and to dine with one of the officers that night. Really glad we went as 2 of our roll call members received their bronze medallion and one their gold. The brunch was so so. Got our tiles but believe it or not - it’s the one that features the Veendam and Volendam & not the Prinsendam.??? Not a Stephen Card one either. Later there was the Ask the Captain session. Quite interesting. Sea day = Gala night. We had been invited to the Captain’s day room with others for drinks before dining with an officer. Here is our Captain in his day room: We ate with our HD and I was surprised to see we had Teresa as our wine steward. I asked for her to pose for us so John and Jane could see her 😉 Our Gala night menu was different than the one shown for that night. I am supposed to get it back signed so I didn’t take a pic (DAM). In any case, here is the food porn from that night: Above is our amuse bouche then our appetizers below: Our main courses: Dessert: Bart and I opted for the cheese plate:
  8. Greeting from Ajaccio, the birth place of Napoleon. Here is our When and Where for today:
  9. Here is our group of intrepid travellers waiting for our train at the Tarragona trains station: My feeble attempts to get a couple of pics on the train as we travelled along the Mediterranean: And, we were back in Barcelona = heading to the ship:
  10. After this our tour was complete but our guide escorted us to the mercado as he knew we wanted to see it and then also showed us another way to the train station. He made sure we knew the way before he left us. It was late and we were famished from the walking so seeing all the food in the mercado didn’t help - LOL. It was time to savour the favour. We had a hard time deciphering the menu as the Spanish was a combination of Spanish and Catalunya so some words were difficult to figure out but DH managed to get the scoop. The mercado: The little spot where we decided to have a bite: This is their version of gazpacho: It looked like tomato soup but it tasted quite good. prices were quite good and simple once we knew what one word was. my salad Romanescu: DH and Andrea’s bites:
  11. Oops, I nearly forgot to post last night’s dinner menu. YIKES. Can’t comment on dinner as we ate at Sel de Mer. More on that later.
  12. Somehow, I missed these pics in the catacombs. The ceiling was low in some spots. Even I had to duck my head 😉 And here is our fabulous guide. He was very good and I think our entire group enjoyed all the knowledge he shared. Once again a 2.5 hour tour went to a nearly 4 hour tour. (Same price 😉 ) Nearly done Tarragona (are you saying thank heavens yet? LOL). It really is magnificent and well worth a visit. Of course we had to savour the flavour, but with luck, I will find some faster wifi and catch up tomorrow. Fair warning as there will be food porn here, food porn on our sea day and food porn in Alghero. After all, you have to savour the flavour 😉
  13. We were walking to a wonderful viewpoint - overlooking the amphitheatre: Ignore the churches - they were added later but everything else is original and 1,000’s of years old. Some of the ruins date back prior to Rome ones. Our guide did a wonderful job.
  14. Trying to do a little bit more catch up - sadly our piano bar player has lost his voice and taken to his sick bed so not staying in the Crow’s Nest. Once this is done, we might hit the show and/or the Casino. Since our meet time for tomorrow is moved a half hour later, it makes a big difference 😉 Like it made any difference last night considering how late we were up - LOL. This gives you a bit of an idea on the incline down the hill leading to what was the temple and is now the Cathedral. And now we enter another archaeological site. As our guide said, you need to peel the layers of the onion, but it can be done. Romulus and Remus of course. We are underground - in huge catacombs that were actually storage/warehouse areas. The city was built over them - amazing. Then we went to where they had preserved the bases of statues. They were reused in some cases. The head taken off and another head put on. this base has all 4 sides used for 4 different people as people forgot about one and wanted to remember the next. amazing. The pic above is the story.
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