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  1. My friends are 5* Mariners. They get internet regularly and certainly know how the internet works. AND they have been on the Koningsdam in the past and this was not the case - so this is new. They’ve always had internet and it is definitely different pricing on the Koningsdam for more devices. It’s not what they nor I are used to so I posted as a courtesy to forewarn. It’s certainly true right now on the Koningsdam. Whether it goes fleet wide or not, I don’t know but fore warned is fore armed.
  2. No need to worry about seasickness on the Rotterdam unless the seas are REALLY rough. I’ve done a TA on that ship and I would far rather be on her than the N Amsterdam any day of the week. (I’ve done a TA on the N Amsterdam and I honestly feel that the bigger ships do not handle a TA as well - JMO though after a few TA’s) The Rotterdam normally has a lovely itinerary for it’s TA and assuming it hasn’t changed, it’s a great way to get to Europe 🙂
  3. They are basically demonstrations now IMO. Not like the old “hands on” cooking classes. I’ve seen the same classes offered on several cruises and we don’t cruise that often 😉
  4. Actually the lowest fee ($30) is right in line with HAL’s old hands on experience which was very good. It was $29 with lunch in the PG.
  5. Maybe it’s a Koningsdam thing? I had no problem with two devices on the Prinsendam in the spring this year but they might not have bothered to update that ship with the pending sale. Just wanted to warn people “in case”.
  6. It should be. I have that promo and it specifically states passenger 1, 2. When I first saw it, I was thinking why would be both need it? But now, I ‘get’ it.
  7. My friend is sailing on the Koningsdam and was caught aback when they discovered that their wifi was only for one device. As most of us know you have been able to log in on different devices as long as it was one at a time. Apparently, on their cruise the regular internet charge is for ONE device only. If you want access to 2 devices, you need to pay an additional charge/higher cost for internet and the same for additional devices. It has nothing to do with logging off. The devices are apparently registered somehow so only those can be used. I have no idea if this is going fleet wide or not, but..... This might explain why they are having the internet promo offer on some sailings and giving it to both parties?
  8. What a great itinerary this one is and I’m sure one that is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It’s an adventure indeed and one we hope that our CC friends enjoy in their ports as well as onboard and, especially on the Amazon. Best wishes to our 50th anniversary celebrators & of course, we wish all our CC friends safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Volendam - 30 night Amazon Explorer: Loreto - have a great 50th wedding anniversary celebration on board Chergs helmslady - hope your 50th wedding anniversary celebration is a great one Bon Voyage everyone !!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!
  9. kazu


    Caution - I’ve been told by more than one steward not to do this. Not every passenger is honest (they were serious) and highly recommended we just leave it on the bed. We had super fast service and no reason to regret not leaving it on the door knob.
  10. Yes it is (without semantics 😉 ) for those in Neptune Suites and above which also includes drycleaning. laundry and pressing is a true perk for 4 and 5* Mariners as well.
  11. Your contributions are always helpful but the OP is looking for the NEW when and where. It’s changed since 2018. There are several threads about it. I’ll see if I can find the one for the OP FOUND IT - here is the thread by Vist0riann who was on the ship and she posted the new When and Where:
  12. I try to refrain from comments that I am about to make but.. I am really glad this thread has stayed on the first page so far, but, I find it sad that so few have said thank you or acknowledged our veterans and their sacrifices (and of course thank you to those who have) on this day of all. thank you freestying for starting the thread. It deserves many more posts. 😓
  13. Interesting - I’ve never been to a Cellar Master that wasn’t in the PG. but, I’ve only been on the Statendam (old one), Rotterdam (old one), Rotterdam, Westerdam, Oosterdam, Zuiderdam, Volendam, Maasdam, N Amsterdam, and a lot of the Prinsendam. They were all in the PG, always. Not sure if I would want to do one in the MDR and if the PG is unavailable on a certain night, it’s a good tip it is there 😉 JMO though and JME 😉
  14. They are a book on board event. I there is one, all of the wine stewards will most likely ask if you are interested to sign up. 😉 there should also be a beverage event announcement at the table at the Lido where they show the wines for the different packages. I haven’t been to a disappointing Cellar Master yet on any HAL cruise I’ve been on. Food is subjective of course, but I’m a tad fussy 😉 Wines are included of course.
  15. Yes, you can still do the online for purchase of excursions, dining, beverages, etc. I’ve never seen the shareholder benefit reduce. The OBC for shareholder is like HAL OBC - it’s non refundable - so you use it or lose it. No refunds for it.
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