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  1. Unless the keyboards are wiped, the videos are no less sanitary than books. And who says the screens are wiped after each use? Same with the casino slot machines. The libraries were always locked down in a Noro outbreak on HAL ships. If this is an ‘excuse’ to get rid of the libraries, it’s a poor one in my opinion. I’ve selected my books for my TA as I know the ship won’t have any and I will leave them when I’m done and I’m sure someone will happily take my germs to have some reading material. 😉.
  2. When I was on the Westerdam and used the pass, I was told it was limited to 35. There weren’t a lot of the names on the sheet when I signed up with my roll call partner which really surprised me as it was a 33 day South Pacific cruise with a lot of sea days. I went at various times for my elbow exercises. I had it to myself in the early morning. If I went later there could have been a maximum of 8 in the pool. It wasn’t crowded by any means 😉. And I hate crowds.
  3. You can carry on all the water and soda you want. Not just at embarkation but at any port during your cruise 🙂 I don’t believe any of the smaller ships have cabanas.
  4. CC members have been reporting that the on line price you pay prior to boarding is now cheaper than embarkation. That wasn’t the case in the past so it may be worth pre-booking and checking when you are on board and if it is cheaper, the staff will adjust it as taxmantoo said.
  5. Love those on the Rotterdam, the Stephen Card paintings and the art and statues on board. Thanks OP for the thread and the great pics 🙂
  6. Nope, if you don’t buy Club Orange (and who would in an NS?) then as per the paragraph you are excluded from the upsell and get togethers. Read right above “Your private lounge”.
  7. It’s been posted here and it’s also in the Cruise Atlas:
  8. Yes, if you bought the OBC or it’s gifted by your TA (in most cases).
  9. Bolding is mine. That’s a very good suggestion. If the virus is not under check ad control, the cruise line may decide to cancel the cruise or do a complete change of itinerary as well.
  10. According to the infectious expert on CBC and other news stations, a mask is not enough. You also need to wash your hands before removing, putting it back and, of course touching objects. It appears to be quite virulent. China is walling up key tourist attractions and closing parks, etc. I sympathize with those travelling to this area in the next little while and grateful we are scheduled until the fall.
  11. Here are the details: These are the areas they apply to: And here are the terms and conditions:
  12. I will try to word this better. I believe that all CC does now with the new forum is count posts. I don’t think the “club” tally is changing any longer.
  13. I don’t remember there ever being a 2,000+ club. I think it started at 3,000 or 5,000? My memory is short. Since CC switched to the new forum, it just shows total posts now under each user’s name.
  14. This is a real benefit. The ship often does the same thing in Venice. The nice thing about it is that you get the opportunity to explore beautiful Amsterdam and no need for a hotel 🙂 You can check in on either day. My choice would be to arrive on the 4th and enjoy some time in Amsterdam, recover from possible jet lag & sleep on the ship. Yes, you can do all of those things. You will have attend a muster drill. On our cruise with the overnight there was one on day 1 and a make up for those who had not yet boarded or had missed it the day before. Yes, you can. There is a muster drill on day 1. Ours wasn’t mandatory as those that hadn’t arrived yet did a make up on day 2. If you have checked in, do check to make sure you won’t be in jeopardy if you miss the day 1 drill. Embarkation day is pretty busy for the crew. While some will get time off later on, it shouldn’t impact your service. No different than any other port, really. Hope this helped.
  15. I believe they are similar to the robes supplied to the suites with an orange trim.
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