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  1. I did ask a few months ago due to assigned cabin locations (ship was switched from Zuiderdam so our cabins were all “assigned”). I asked if there were some cabins not being sold for capacity control due to covid and if so would it be possible to switch for one of them potentially. I was told at the time by the Resolution Specialist at the Office of the President that the Neptunes and Vistas were completely sold out and there were no empty cabins whatsoever. I did not inquire about the OV’s or insides. I interpreted that to mean there is no capacity control.
  2. I’ve seen the video and it’s a good example. But, our Volendam cruise is practically sold out. There aren’t a lot of cabins left. Not sure how that will play out?
  3. Assuming people can do private shore excursions, I don’t see the needing to lower prices. I’ll take a private sore excursion from a reputable guide any day with a few people on the tour that I “know” rather than a big bus that can’t even go to some of the places that the private tours do. People who book private tours don’t just do it because they are cheaper (they are most times, but not always) but for the quality. 😉
  4. Agree on selfish but I question if some of the rules are required if vaccination is required and people need to mask in port. No right or wrong answer sadly but common sense has to come into play someplace.
  5. Hmm, if everyone on the Greece cruises that are HAL’s first have to be vaccinated, then some of the restrictions that CDC are stating seem onerous to me. No self serve - no big deal. HAL is pretty much no self serve anyways, but to insist on ship excursions? And then go back to the ship and not be able to do anything on your own? IF you’re vaccinated and most likely masked in the port? That’s a bit much IMO. A lot of cruises in Europe have been successful and that was pre-vaccine. The cruises HAL will be starting in Greece will require vaccine.
  6. Actually you can do a B2B on those cruises if you wish as well. But, I agree with you, I woudn’t cross the pond for a 7 day cruise. There would have to be a land adventure as well 😉
  7. Thanks for the reminder, Tony. How could I have forgotten as we had the pleasure to be in the Netherlands for that great day. The Dutch are all so kind to we Canadians visiting 😄
  8. I did say requirement for tourists. As far as HAL goes, it seems to be pretty clear that it will a requirement for all passengers.
  9. I don’t know if it is. Vaccination is going to be required for any Europe sailings as that is an EU requirement for tourists to enter.
  10. As others have said, the crew will help you change rooms. You don’t even have to be there. Check with the front desk as to the protocol. The one time I changed rooms I did have to pack up my toiletries and anything in drawers. The crew simply removed the clothes that were hanging and put them on the rack and the suitcases underneath. It went as smooth as silk. Just don’t forget to empty your safety deposit box 😉
  11. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. It’s celebrated in our household happily 😉 I’ll happily celebrate by making DH a Mexican frittata. The only thing I am missing is guacamole. I’ll just have to run out and get some avocados and in celebration of Cartoonist day - make it as follows: The meal suggestion is great but we have fajitas often enough and for some reason, I rarely make DH frittatas. It’s a popular meal for this day. Interesting quote. I’ll pass on
  12. Thanks so much for your update, Katie. So glad to hear you have made it through the surgery and hope that the pain will not be too difficult for you. Glad you will have 3 days without it. Sleep as much as you can. It’s God’s way of helping you to heal. Take care. 🙏🏻 continue for you.
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