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  1. There was no need for that with the time being adjusted during the day. You were already on the ‘new’ time and there was no loss of sleep 😉 I really liked the clock change during the day. We felt no effects at all and it was an easy adjustment. Hoping they do the same thing on our next TA 😄
  2. Thank you kindly 🙂 I appreciate you confirming very much 😄
  3. Good point on the Eastbounds but on my last couple, they no longer change the clocks at night. They changed them at 2 pm. So 2 pm became 3 pm. I’ll take a TA to get to Europe over flying any day of the week 😉 Totally agree. Travelling across the ocean, it is a lot easier to adjust to the time than flying.
  4. I have travelled with both a broken wrist and a broken elbow but caveat - they were in the recovery stage. The wrist was out of the cast and in a sling and I was doing rehab. The elbow had been operated on and was just out of the brace. IF her doctor says she is safe to travel then she can abide by the decision but honestly I would be concerned about potential damage and the longer they take to set it the more complications there may be. I agree with your concern about healing correctly. However, IF she is totally assured that it is safe, make sure she uses a sling so it doesn’t get bumped in airports, busy spots, etc. Even then, she must be VERY careful. Personally, as much as I know how hard it is to miss a cruise, if it were me, I’d get my wrist attended to ASAP even if it meant missing the cruise. The longer it goes, the harder it is to repair (I know, believe me) and the more arthritis can become an issue later.
  5. Is that itinerary Alaska? 7 day sailing? thanks. 😄 I’ll get it added for you 🙂
  6. That’s very new Gloria. We’ve always had to book them on board in the past (as recent as May this year). Love that they are showing when they are planned for now. We traditionally go to every Cellar Master dinner. The food is different and normally very good. The Cellar Master does speak on the wines and why he/she chose them to go with the food. We’ve always enjoyed those evenings and hope you do too.
  7. Beautiful pic of a beautiful day indeed. 🙂 Enjoy!
  8. If you have a future cruise booked and would like to receive a Bon Voyage, just post here and I am happy to add you to the listing 🙂
  9. How nice on your gift of the books Tioga! I didn’t see them in the shops on our sailing or I would have bought one. Your pics are great and thanks for sharing the letter from Orlando. As to the models - the one of the Viking Sun and several others are not included in the sale. Just about everything on the ship goes to the new owners (even the left over wine), but the Viking Sun model does not. It is to be removed by HAL according to what I was told on board in May. (Both by Reisen planners and HAL staff). It was being left in place as it would have taken away from enjoyment for other P’dam passengers had it been removed too early I was told. Roy, IIRC, I didn’t see the models in the Oak Room so I think that they had been removed. The remainder of the models including those in the Neptune Lounge were still in place. You are indeed on a very special cruise Tioga. I’m glad they are doing a good job of it for you 🙂
  10. It’s included in the package. As long as your drink is $11 or less there is no extra charge.
  11. They will be in the Crow’s Nest (and Ocean Bar IIRC) on the night where the chocolate extravaganza is offered. For the regular nights, the Explorer’s Lounge is the best spot for chocolate in my experience. Great pics! Enjoy the chocolate 😄
  12. You can still see your cruise history on the site (when it works 😉 ) Log in and go to my account and then your Mariner status. Your history and # of days is listed there.
  13. It’s a “welcome back” promotion. If you book a new cruise within a certain time frame of your return from your cruise (usually around 60 or so days) then they offer you additional OBC depending upon the length of your cruise and category you book. Here is a screen shot of the one I received (sorry had to cut off the part that referenced my personal info).
  14. The price is always less if you can get more in the van, obviously. But as to free - There are few companies that do this and they are shared tours and, not private normally. Spain Day Tours is a typical example. Personally, I book private tours and get no compensation for arranging them other than the pleasure of the tour and the flexibility that a true private tour offers. My only exception in more private tours than I can count was one in the Panama where they made me the offer to have a free tour for one or reduce the price for the other. I chose the latter and asked that the price be reduced and happily told my participants we had a break 😉 I’ll take a good quality tour over a freebie any day and we have enjoyed many 😄
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