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  1. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Great to see a day for Family Caregivers. They are so crucial. If my dad were alive he would happily celebrate National Jukebox day. That was his business originally. Love the Mencken quote & the meal suggestion sounds delish. I’ll have to save it for another day though as we just had chicken last night. Love Sangria. Would love to have a real one in Spain. In the summer, I tend to make white sangria for company. Yes, there is a white sangria 😉 It’s popular in Mexico. YAY - a white wi
  2. I was guessing when you said downgrade and yes, I agree - that would be a let down. A Vista is no Signature. Volendam doesn’t have them - I would be tempted to ask for a steal of deal for a Neptune. 😉 I would hope you would get something for that. Not sure if it will happen but I hope it does. One plus for the Volendam - the cabins are larger IMO than on the Vista ships. The verandahs are deeper too. good luck
  3. Like you, I found my cabin by logging in. HAL said we would hear by November 30th. No one on our roll call has heard and my TA says things have not been totally done yet. She can’t even get a confirmation for the new booking yet and pricing is not done. So, we just have to wait and see, I guess. Interesting times. How were you downgraded? Signature Suite to Vista? I ask as my sisters were in Verandahs (one in the double wide on the Zuiderdam) and they have both been assigned verandahs. The one in the double wide got a B and the other a BB. We kept our
  4. I agree with you. There was one we found on the Prinsendam that we really liked. DH’s was $17 per glass and mine was $18. We would go up every happy hour and take advantage 😉. Other than that, many of the wines by the glass but one did not appeal. I just can’t drink the same wine over and over on a cruise - ergo the wine package (and some corkage when we are in Europe and bring some on to enjoy 😉 )
  5. At the last report I saw Roy, the unemployment rate in Canada was just over 10%, the unemployment rate here in New Brunswick was just above 8%. Support wise, the Government has been throwing in a pile of money to those who are affected by covid and were working. If their income went down they are entitled to CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) If they were unemployed, they went on CERB versus EI (Employment Insurance). The CERB is much more generous that EI. There is also assistance with rent for Small Business and others and a type of CERB for business.
  6. LImoncello gelato should go nicely, I would think. Or just some limoncello to drink with it 😉
  7. From what is known so far and what I have heard, the immunity is very short lived. People who have had the virus have re-contracted it several months later. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect we will find the vaccine has to be a yearly one - similar to the flu vaccine.
  8. My foggy, fuzzy crystal ball sees proof of vaccine required to fly, cruise, stay in a hotel, etc.
  9. Love it Roy 😄 Of course masks are required but here we are also saying:
  10. I believe the better package is called the Elite. The gratuity is added to the cost. It entitles you to drinks of a cost up to $15. Haven’t done it as we tend to use the wine packages at dinner (we like variety) but it’s been reported here on the boards that it is essential you request the package right away at a bar before you get your first drink.
  11. The Rotterdam people are referring to in this thread is the new ship which is being built and scheduled to sail next year - not the old Rotterdam which was sold.
  12. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 I like the first two days. Not sure why a hijacker has a day? Love the quote. I’ll pass on the meal suggestion with left over pork tenderloin and chicken. Haven’t thought about a gimlet in years. Love seeing all the different cocktails. @Vict0riannhappy 58th anniversary to you and Pat 🎊 @rafinmdcongrats on 50 years of home ownership 🎉 Times are not fun for many right now with lockdowns, not able to visit loved ones for celebrations, etc so let’s not forget:
  13. My suspicion is that the Rotterdam’s inaugural TA has sold very well and probably at a premier price so HAL will do it’s best not to cancel that cruise and amended the date while they negotiate with CDC.
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