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  1. It looks so fabulous! The only other ship of this size that I’ve sailed was the RCCL Oasis of the Seas, back in 2015. That was an awesome ship, but this one looks better. We will be sailing with family, so I cannot wait to share the fun with the grandchildren. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻
  2. Welcome! We also love winter cruises, to get us away from the cold Buffalo, NY winters. The longer the cruise, the better! Merry Christmas! 🎄
  3. I have now had 3 cruises cancelled this past year, so I cannot wait to sail this ship for my B2B, as I board January 29, 2022. Hoping to get our vaccine soon, so we can all return to normal. We all will certainly need this cruise by then after such a horrible 2020. The only cruise I did get in was on the Glory on February 2, 2020....Super Bowl Sunday. It was fabulous, but the year went down hill after that. We were to celebrate our 50th Anniversary on a B2B on the Magic, April 5&11, but that was cancelled. We then rescheduled to the Freedom for a 14 day Journey cruise to the Panama Canal o
  4. I had to chuckle when I read your comment, because it could have been me writing it. I do not have a printer, as well, and have to go to my local library to do this. And the library has become a hassle, in this age of COVID. I have to check in at the resource desk and give a specific reason for needing to use one of their computers, because it’s not allowed to just come in to browse or play games. Then they “assign” you a computer and come over to it with you to take the plastic wrap off keyboard and mouse. I will be doing my check in for my January cruise on October 26. I’m currently 117 days
  5. Thank you for taking the time to write a review with pics. I have a 14 day Panama Canal cruise booked for January out of Galveston, TX, if we can return to cruising.
  6. Scanning a menu could be a problem for some of us seniors. We recently went to a restaurant that required that, and since my hubby does not have a smartphone, he did not have a menu. I had trouble figuring out what to do, but my grandson helped me out. Thank goodness we were with family, or we would have been without menus! Not sure I like this.
  7. I can’t wait not only until we sail again, but when I can read another review from you and Patti. I’ve reread all my favorites from you and other favorites (Sid and Saint Greg), but it’s time for us to all gat back to the seas. It’s been a Long 6 months!
  8. 138 days until we cruise the Freedom for a 14 day Journey cruise to Panama Canal. Then 507 days until we sail the Mardi Gras for the first leg of our B2B.
  9. We sailed in February with our daughter and her family on the Glory, and our granddaughter, who was less than a month shy of 14, was at her teen club every chance there was an activity. She loved it! We will be sailing with them again in January 2022, and this granddaughter will be 15, nearly 16 then. Not sure if she will go at that point, but maybe she will. But her brothers, who previously enjoyed the younger camps, will be older as well, 11 and 13, so they will be attending the club she enjoyed so well this past February.
  10. Actually, I heard the CEO of Carnival talk the other day, and he pretty much said this. That they are better equipped to handle this virus than they were in March, and will quarantine only those effected. So, it sounds like no mass ship quartine. That would be great! So, I suspect less cabins will be booked, and they will have an area for quarantine only.
  11. Yes, very weird. I usually have purchases for my cabin made by now, along with all my excursions booked. I have nothing done for my upcoming cruise. I just can’t plan, and that’s very depressing. But I do have $1200 OBC that Carnival gave me for the cancelled B2B cruises, so I will just book onboard if we go.
  12. Greg, I know we all miss cruising, but I also miss reading all your reviews. I guess I may have to go back and reread all of the reviews I’ve already read. Boy, I wish we could cruise soon, but Im afraid my 14 day Journey cruise to Panama Canal on the Freedom in January will be the next on the chopping block. I had my B2B on the Magic in April cancelled, and I transferred all my FCC to the January cruise. If this one gets cancelled, I will transfer all FCC to my B2B on the Mardi Gras in January 2022.
  13. I almost forgot about those videos! I do believe I might have one or two......but no VHS player any longer to view them! 😂😂
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