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  1. This goes into effect in 2020.since you will be on ship as it changes into 2020, I can only guess that since the cruise began with Coke products, that’s what you will have.
  2. Not sure if this is worked the same way, as I never use a TA, but I redeem reward points for OBC with my Carnival Mastercard, and it NEVER shows up in my planner/account. But when I board the ship, there are notices on the desk of all the OBC I have.
  3. I have FTTF for my February cruise, but my daughter did not get it for her two cabins. We will board and then meet them in the lobby of ship and have them store their luggage in our cabin before heading to lunch. No way in heck would I give up my FTTF!
  4. Well, let me say that we started cruising with Carnival in 2000, after one cruise on a now defunct cruise line. We sailed with them for 5 cruises until 2007. After a break from cruising to take care of some medical issues and 2 major surgeries, we returned to cruising in 2014 with a cruise on the RCCL Independence of the Seas. We loved it, but never felt the MDR food wasn’t as good as our meals on Carnival. We also felt Royal tended to try to “nickel and dime” you more. But we followed in 2015 on the RCCL Oasis of the Seas with our sons and their families. The ship WOWED us, but the service was horrible, the food still not as good as Carnival, and there was even more pressuring to purchase things. Not to mention, it was necessary to pre reserve all shows prior to cruising, something I did not like. We rolled with a cruise in 2017 on the NCL Getaway. We were lured to them by their Free at Sea offers. This was the first year they were offered, and we loved having the drink package included, without the price of cruise going up. We booked the same ship to cruise with family in 2018. We found their food much better than Royal, and the service was also better. But there were no roaming waiters for cocktails, probably because they don’t have to push for sales, since most people have the drink package. What we loved was their Freestyle Cruising concept. To eat wherever and whenever you wanted. Loved that! Their buffet was fabulous and probably the best we’ve had at sea. We recently returned to Carnival because we missed them, their food (which have more complimentary choices now), their Dive in Movies, and their fabulous top notch staff. We felt Carnival gave us the best cruise experience for the value, which was important to us as a retired couple on a much more limited budget. With all that said, if I had to choose between RCCL and NCL as an alternative to Carnival, it would be NCL. But that is only my personal opinion, and everyone has different tastes in a cruise line. It is a very subjective matter. It all depends on what is important to you in a cruise line. I hope I’ve helped you. Happy sailing! 😎🛳🌴🏖
  5. No. I think it’s just the heading to our Roll Call. It is definitely March 28, 2020.
  6. I was told it was March 28, 2020. Not April 5. I think this is wrong, as our cruise is still posted as a regular cruise, and when I went to the Tom Joyner site, it was listed as March 28.
  7. Although I’m not a fan of Pepsi, drinking only Diet Coke, I’m not happy about the switch, but I’m certainly not getting hysterical about it. I do not select my cruise lines based on what soda is served. I drink so little soda, anyways. I imagine that the Coke I ordered for my cabin will now be Diet Pepsi. Oh, well. I’ll deal with it. 😜
  8. Awesome cabin!! Following along, as I will be sailing the Glory out of NOLA in February. I will have to keep in mind the Ruby Slipper for breakfast.
  9. Also, on a 5 day, there will only be one Elegant Night. For chefs table, I believe shorts are not allowed, and closed toe shoes are recommended, but not mandatory.
  10. We no longer dress formally, as it is too much of a hassle with flying. My hubby wears khakis and a nice polo or Hawaiian print shirt on Elegant Night. I wear a nice dress or Capri set, but nothing I’d consider formal. And I wear sandals that could be worn with every dress, to limit things packed.
  11. Well, thank you for clarifying the problem, as I got my information from other posters. Let’s just hope that there are no issues with this year’s charter getting off the ship.
  12. Bravo!! My sentiments EXACTLY! I am so tired of the holier than thou environmentalists. I do my part, but on my vacation I am using plastic straws.
  13. I will not carry a whole bag. I only usually have one frozen cocktail per afternoon. Carrying one will suffice. And I do recycle at home, as I do care about our planet. I’m just not using a sugar straw, nor am I carrying around dirty sticky reusable straws.
  14. As I said in a previous post, I will not be one of the people with reusable straws. It is just not practical on a ship. What do you do, carry around dirty straws all day? And how? They are sticky after a frozen cocktail. No. Until they are absolutely forbidden, and they find a better product than the sugar straws, I will continue to bring my own disposable straws. Sorry, but that’s what many of us are doing.
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