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  1. Actually, most of the foods do sound good to me, and make perfect sense for a brunch, not strictly a breakfast. Eat early, and choose the more breakfast items, but as a brunch goes into lunch time, the other foods make perfect sense. Every brunch I’ve had anywhere include lunch foods. I just may eat breakfast in MDR early, and return at lunch for some of the other items. But that Chia seed pudding just doesn’t sound good to me.
  2. Lol! I, too, was thinking the same thing. It just didn’t even sound good to me. Chia seeds in a pudding? 🤢
  3. I think I read elsewhere that they would, but that may not be accurate. I would like to know this as well.
  4. I am aware how slow the service could be, as we ate breakfast in MDR every day when we cruised the Breeze last March. It’s still a much better experience than the buffet. I HATE the long buffet lines.
  5. I will be back there in April, and I plan to go to Jacks Shack.
  6. I agree. We ate in MDR every morning, as it was a far better experience. I actually think that on sea days, we may hit the Brunch early for breakfast style foods, and hit it later for lunch, for the lunch style foods. 😎
  7. I don’t know what the fuss is about. This menu looks fantastic! Several items in here that I’d choose, and as long as my hubby gets his steak and eggs, he’s happy.
  8. I’m curious, as well. I will be sailing February 2.
  9. OMG! How can you do that? I have one full suitcase and a carry on, and my hubby has the same. No way could I fit everything in a carry on! 😱
  10. Following along, as well. I can’t wait for the rest of the review!
  11. All excellent advice. We are cruising soon with our daughter and her family in 3 different cabins. Your advice is very helpful, as one of the grandkids is a teen girl, and wants to go to the clubs.
  12. My daughter has been divorced for 10 years, and cruises frequently. Since the divorce, she has ALWAYS gotten a notarized consent to take their 4 children on cruises. There is no way that she would risk being denied boarding! And her relationship with her ex has not been amiable. One cruise, he waited until morning of their flight before handing over consent. Just a power move on his part. A real jerk, especially since he was the cause of the divorce (cheating for MONTHS after the birth of their twins).
  13. I vote for Magic 8 day, as well. I have almost that same itinerary for the second leg of my B2B in April on the Magic. My first leg is only 6 days, but in total I’ll have 14 days. The Southern Caribbean ports of Aruba and Curacao sold me.
  14. Oh, fabulous! I love your reviews! Can’t wait to see them! And Patti’s pics are awesome!
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