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  1. Use the throw pillows as back support on the terrace chairs
  2. Scarlet Lady has the BEST hair dryers!!!!! Way hotter than the one I have at home!!! Burned my index finger several times! I miss the hair dryer so much 😫
  3. Get rid of the net, replace it with an aft pool and get rid of all of those wrap around loungers on deck 16 aft and open up 16 aft to wake views like The Dock.
  4. Yes the TA felt so old! It was my first TA with VV after experiencing Princess TA I was hoping to get away from the older crowd. The universe played a mean joke on me 🤦🏻‍♀️ I am wondering how many of the sailors were virgins on virgin & if they will be back for the TA on Resilient Lady next year?
  5. Back from the SL Transatlantic and wanted to report back. Days 1-5 you needed to line up 45-35 minutes before doors opened. The lines for the Manor were wrapped around On The Rocks. The lines for The Red Room extended down the length of the Casino to Squid Ink. At day 6 the lines got shorter and you could safely get in line 25 minutes before doors opened. My thoughts on this is for longer itineraries a no reservation system works okay due to shows repeating but on 4-7 day itineraries I think a hybrid system where every sailor can reserve a show a maximum of once per show and line up after that would work best.
  6. Snap, I didn’t even think of this. And I have them both agenda’d every morning of the TA… damn. I bought 5 workout outfits specifically for these too and shoes… would really suck.
  7. Not happy about this but it is what it is. I will be planning to line up on the transatlantic sailing then 35 minutes before shows start.
  8. My first VV transatlantic too. Did a Princess TA last year. Looking forward to your live.
  9. The app had me up all night and in tears a month ago.
  10. My mom just celebrated her 80th birthday with us for our first VV cruise, an 8 day Southern Caribbean sailing over Thanksgiving. She was the oldest person on board I believe but we had a blast! And now we’re ready to embark on the transatlantic (her first) in 2 weeks 🤗
  11. The BH WaveCare quote came in at $243 which isn’t bad while TG AIG Deluxe came to $173. Which one as far as coverage is ideal?
  12. Hi Steve, I see Travel Guard / AIG and Berkshire Hathaway both offer missed port coverage. I heard Nationwide does too but I haven’t confirmed Nationwide yet. Of these 3 carriers which one would you recommend and why?
  13. Just a heads up, Allianz Travel Insurance DOES NOT cover missed ports of call. I am livid. I have them for an upcoming sailing and I am outside of the cancellation window for the policy. Had I known this coverage was not included I would have never purchased the coverage. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that offers this coverage for my other upcoming sailings?
  14. @sfspider thank you so much 😊 I really appreciate the time you took to detail your experience! I’m going to use it as a primer for sure as I suspect the sailing I’ll be on will have slightly more sailors than yours but not much. I will plan on arriving early for shows in The Manor for sure!
  15. Revised - I would loose the bar tab promotion NOT my MNVV.
  16. My sailing for 2025 went down by 90.00 but my agent said VV doesn’t reprice. You have to cancel and rebook which means you loose your promotions you were booked with initially. In my case, I would loose my MNVV.
  17. I second Cantgetin. Watch the video they posted!
  18. Personally, if I had the money & wanted a different embarkation and debarkation port to book end it would be the Portsmouth to Lisbon, Casablanca, and Spain for 13 days in Sept. 2025.
  19. I would highly recommend Southern Spain & Casablanca because it’s a 10 day itinerary and if you’re going to Europe IMO it should be for at least 2 weeks. Spain is the best country in the world, with Cadiz being the best city in the world IMO and this is the only VV sailing visiting Cadiz. And on top of Cadiz you get Casablanca.
  20. Thanks, can you please report back on how things go as well as how the “virtual queue” works?
  21. After my first TA to Spain I immediately applied for a Chase Iberia Plus Visa. I use this card for travel and entertainment expenses only. I quickly qualified for the introductory offer of 75k Avios. I use my Avios for direct flights on Level (Iberia operated) from/to LAX & Barcelona in premium economy, bulkhead. My direct flight, premium economy ticket for November of this year was only 27k Avios. My direct flight ticket from BCN to LAX in May I paid for with the card & premium economy bulkhead for that flight was only $700.00. Card earns 3x Avios on flights and 2x avios on hotels stays booked directly with the property.
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