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  1. My guess would be that by selecting the guaranteed rate you may get a higher level cabin. For example if you book a suite guarantee you could end up with a suite at a higher level than the lowest sky suite. For some cruisers the gamble is worth it, others like to pick their own cabin.
  2. Never wore, or saw anybody wearing, boots in the Caribbean. Have done more than 10 Caribbean cruises.
  3. We had Caesar salad on Equinox in November and again last night at a local restaurant. Saw it at our local supermarket today. Still alive and kicking. I know it is not to be taken lightly but it isn't something I obsess about.
  4. The robes were an unadvertised of Royal Suites and above on the Revolutionized ships but they are no longer automatically provided because a lot of passengers were just leaving them behind. If your butler does not ask you if you want them, just ask him/her and they will be given to you towards the end of the cruise. They are also available in the suite for your use on the cruise. I don't know if they are given in on Revolutionized ships. We always arranged reservations for specialty restaurants with the shore side concierge. You might get lucky and get a table just by walking up but it might not be at a time you want. Your butler will also try to get you a last minute reservation. You can order from room service but I don't know that it would be available on the Retreat deck. We didn't look for outlets on Equinox.
  5. I saw something a while ago that the M Class would have Sunset Suites. Perhaps they are replacing the Family Verandas on decks 7, 8 & 9.
  6. One thing you can do is put your valuables in the safe.
  7. Menu's started showing up about 4 weeks pre cruise but they were not accurate, they kept changing the order. Our 1st full day was in Key West, the next day was a sea day and that was the 1st evening chic night. The next to the last day was a port day and also the 2nd evening chic night. We only had 2 sea days on this trip and I've never seen them do an evening chic the night before you disembark.
  8. I only deal with my CVP with Celebrity and have not had any problems so far. She was able to cancel one cruise that I had quite a bit of money paid on, upgrade me to the PH after final payment, and move the money from the cancelled cruise to the upgraded suite. I would not have been able to do the upgrade if she had not moved the money. We were going to be on board when Alaska for 2021 opened up and I had a cruise that I wanted to move to our Alaska cruise. Spoke to her a week before, she knew the date and exactly what we wanted and took care of everything without me needing to contact her. It seems as though a TA could do this for you also, along with moving a booked cruise to another sailing without needing to do another deposit and wait for a refund.
  9. We were told you now had to ask because they were being monogrammed but a lot of guests were not taking them home. I just hope mine shrinks, the one on the ship was fine as far as the length so I think they will.
  10. Here are the robes we got on Equinox. They may only be on Revolutionized ships, and Summit is one. You do have to let your butler know you want them and they will be given to you towards the end of the cruise. You have unmonogrammed ones for use in your suite.
  11. The Revolutionized ships now have the Retreat Lounge in place of Michaels Club: Millennium, Summit and Equinox. Silhouette is next early next year. We just returned from Equinox and liked the new décor and had a great bar tender, she even went out of her way to track down the last bottle of our favorite wine. The only time we had a problem getting a drink was on embarkation day.
  12. Yes $700 is given as a future cruise credit to be used within a year. In my mind if we have to go with option 4 we would be done with cruising for one reason or another.
  13. We were just on Equinox and had excellent service in the Retreat Lounge and never once sat at the bar. I liked the lighter, airier décor. It felt more open and inviting.
  14. How much are you willing to gamble? Slightly off topic but we just booked a PH Suite with a NRD of $900 to save $5,000. We can: 1) take the cruise and are way ahead, 2) move to another cruise for $200, 3) cancel after final payment for a medical reason and our insurance kicks in, or 4) cancel before final payment and lose $900. For me, it was worth the gamble.
  15. I do bring my own hairdryer. I have short, unruly hair that is hard to style even with my own hairdryer.
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