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  1. I also feel sorry for those in this situation but we have spent thousands of dollars over the years on trip insurance.
  2. We've sailed out of Seward twice. The first time we were on a Celebrity Cruise tour and the bus did not even get to the port until 5:00. I don't remember what time the muster drill was but you should be fine with your planned schedule, just double check when you check in to verify the all aboard time and time of the muster drill. Your other choice would be to have the hotel take your luggage to the port, go the sea aquarium and then check in and board the ship.
  3. If you are that concerned and interested in how Celebrity handles operations, from tips to trash collection, as some one said make an appointment with the Hotel Director to see if you can get the answers you want. Or better still get a job with Celebrity in guest services. Otherwise, tip or not as you see fit.
  4. The Reflection had a small set up on the fan tail since the bar was on the next level.
  5. Absolutely, we do it all the time, both on land and at sea. That's why the beverage package is so important.😋
  6. Equinox has to go back to dry dock to finish what could not be done during the drydock this year. I'm guessing they don't want to cancel any cruises by doing it sooner.
  7. Equinox did not get a hot tub during the shortened Revolution. There are plans to add one but not until 2021 from what I've read.
  8. Also to avoid confusion, Sky Suites do not get contacted by the Shore Side Concierge prior to the cruise.
  9. I agree, I remember meeting Javier and Denton during cooking demos and special meals and they and their staff provided top notch food. If things are going down hill it is not because of their lack of skill.
  10. If the Luminae burger was lamb it was a recent change, or maybe just a one day menu change from the usual beef burger.
  11. You might be able to get a resident, senior or other restricted rate. They don't come with perks.
  12. You definitely want to take a taxi, uber or shuttle from Embassy Suites to the port. I'm not even sure they would let you walk into the port.
  13. Not unique to ship excursions. We had a shopping stop on a private excursion in Skagway Alaska.
  14. Thanks for the review of the Cozumel Chef's Market Discovery Tour. We are booked for our November cruise. We did it in St. Marten and really enjoyed it. The ones we had booed in St. Lucia and Jamaica were both cancelled.
  15. Juice, ice tea and lemon aid or punch are also available at the buffet for free. The water on the ship is fine, you can get ice water from the buffet. IMO you would be better off going with the free offerings and buying the occasional bottle of water for ports, or a splurge on a frozen drink or milkshake. Otherwise you would need to buy 3 packages. I think they have chocolate milk and free ice cream at the buffet that could be used to make your own milkshake.
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