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  1. Since you already entered your passport info manually there is no need to scan it.
  2. You will get a refund to your credit card. If you used OBC to book the refund will be added back to the available OBC.
  3. The menu posted looks like the 5 Senses menu that is normally $89.
  4. Aqua is 2 guests only and Blu is only available to Aqua class and suites on an available basis. You would need to pay a fee to dine in Luminae unless you are in a suite.
  5. The Royal Suites have a separate shower but as others have said it is not accessible unless you can step over the lip of the shower. There is no seat and I don't remember grab bars. Since you are in a concierge room I would suggest an accessible balcony, CC or Aqua room. At the most I would suggest an accessible sky suite. With more than a year to sail, accessible cabins might not be showing up on line. Best to call and check availability.
  6. The Porch is sometimes open for lunch on port days also.
  7. I guess I should have expanded on my post. I'm not against T-shirts, just not for dinner in any of the dining rooms. BTW, we have 3 cats.
  8. We'll be booking a placeholder on our November cruise. Our CVP already has us flagged for the Alaska cruise and date we want for 2021.
  9. Looking forward to your review. We are booked on Apex but will likely push it back a year but still interested in your take on the E class ships.
  10. There is no Retreat Sundeck but there is Michaels Club, the original form of the newer Retreat Lounges.
  11. The picture was easy but I could not get the passport to scan. I just did the check in on my computer and typed in the passport information. I could also have done that on the phone but the computer is easier to type on. I have both printed and electronic copies of the express pass and got luggage tags last week in the mail.
  12. Maybe you already used it. Or, is it coming from a TA? If so, it will not show on your on line account and cannot be used until you are on the ship.
  13. Doing the on line check in expedites your boarding process because Celebrity has all the information. You can check in on line or on your phone and manually enter your passport information rather than scanning it. I could not get ours to scan but I did upload the photo. When you board all they have to do is scan your express pass, either paper or on your phone.
  14. Wine flights in Cellar Masters were never included in the beverage packages so I expect the same for Craft Social.
  15. Chemo this was my thought when I first heard of this.
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