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  1. If you move to December 2021 final payment would be due next year.
  2. If you move the current cruise to the 2022 cruise with the same booking number you will not have to put down another deposit and will not be charged the $100 pp change fee. The deposit on the 2022 booking will still be NRD. If you cancel the current cruise and book a new one you will need a new deposit that will be refundable. Once you receive the FCC you can apply it to the 2022 booking.
  3. Once we use our accumulated points we will no longer be chasing points as we will never accumulate enough for another free flight. Kind of like chasing CC points to make Zenith, never going to happen.
  4. What are you suggesting, Big Brother Watching? How could they check that you were in your cabin and watching. Going room to room, ok. Making sure the TV is on, ok. But how would they know, unless there is a camera in your room, what you were doing?
  5. Although it is unlikely that you will not have a beverage package, on the off chance you don't, the only free drinks will be Michaels Club or the CC happy hour.
  6. Another question. Can you book with points through celebrity air?
  7. Our CVP said it is not applicable to pre booked cruises. Also, if you make any changes to the cruise date you lose the points.
  8. The OBC for booking on board stays with the booking # so if you keep the same # when you move the cruise the OBC stays. If you have an OBC from a booking not made on another ship and you move the cruise with the same booking # you will get whatever the promotion is at the time you move. Keeping the same # allows the deposit to be moved and if it is a NRD you will not have to pay the $100 pp change fee under the cruise with confidence rules.
  9. Glad our next cruise is not until August 2021.
  10. The ship is often the destination for us and I'm not paying over $20K to make my own bed, clean the suite, eat off of paper plates, use plastic glasses for champagne, etc. I'll stay home and enjoy my koi pond and spend my money on good wine and dinners out.
  11. Celebrity is waiving the $100 pp change fee for NRD bookings that are moved to another cruise. The deposit continues to be NRD but there is no $ lossed to make a change.
  12. The luggage drop off is just for upper suites. Celebrity personnel will still meet you at the suites entrance and escort you to check in. We've only sailed from Ft. Lauderdale since they started this program so not sure how it will work in every port. Our next cruise is from Seward Alaska and the luggage drop in is just a small building across the lot from the check in so interested in seeing how this will work for RS and PH guests.
  13. You can request something besides the alcohol, we always ask for Champagne (Tattinger, Pierre Jouet, etc.) and have never been disappointed. At Sushi on 5 you will be able to order what you want as part of the included specialty dining. They will also restock your mini bar with wine if you choose.
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