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  1. We have done 15 cruises over a 20 plus year time frame. Our latest cruise in Alaska on HAL had the least amount of entertainment of any cruise we have previously taken.
  2. Can you tell me what line is DCL ? thanks
  3. Does the entertainment on HAL cruises depend on the Itinerary ? We recently completed an Alaska inside passage cruise and the evening entertainment was pretty light.
  4. I think you only get charged if you use it.
  5. thanks purser. I wish ATT would have provided the same information to me prior to my purchase of their package with cellular at sea. I learned the hard way. As you said, maybe Our posts will inform other folks before they make the purchase.
  6. I am upset and the fee is not cheap. I was warning fellow cruisers purchasing this service for their own use what the unpleasant possibilities are.
  7. we recently did the thermal suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam.They do ask for a time on the booking , but we were able to go anytime that we wished. In Our opinion it was well worth it. Hope you get it and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  8. Hi Everyone, I recently experienced swollen ankles while on a 7 day cruise, a few days after the cruise my ankles were normal again. Does anyone know what causes this ? Thanks in adavnce for your responses.
  9. We were there last week , no salmon. The tour guide said they had been experiencing a drought in Ketchikan and thought after some rain the salmon would come.
  10. Hi Everyone , Be forewarned, I antied up for the cellular at sea package from ATT for $100.00. The service was very spotty. I assumed it would work whenever the ship was out of range from the land cellular service . I assumed wrong. There were 2 days of a 7 day cruise where the cellular at sea service away from land based service was not available for whatever reason. Needless to say my attempt to be reachable was flawed. I hope this helps fellow cruisers .
  11. nothing rude about it. your cruise, your money, your choice.
  12. pretty good except for the night they serve the fish special !
  13. this was a disgusting act by these protesters. they should go to jail.
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