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  1. Antarctica on the Coral , Jan 21st to Feb. 6th It was a spectacular cruise
  2. I always bring mine home for the grand-kids they are at the age now when I get home they count them to make sure I didn't take any! (brought 24 home just this January) I'm sure they eaten them all by now (even though my instructions are one a night)
  3. Thank you where did you go in Antarctica? I did a drive by cruise recently and want to see more
  4. I'm in my 70's and fairly fit- I would like to go to Antarctica in 2022- especially south Georgia and the Falklands How fit to I need to be- (I could not to kayaking but don't think I'd have a problem getting in and out of a zodiac. I can walk several miles---but not necessarily uphill or rocky any suggestions? comments?
  5. I’ve done the last cruise in September twice. Once the weather was warm and beautiful the other cold and we had snow shops in town were all open. Great end of season bargins
  6. I love the Coral as well I did not do many Princess excursions- I find the group size way to big and the tours so so I booked Volunteer point with Patrick Watts in the Falklands (he may already be full for next year) to be honest- this (other than actual Antarctica ) was a real highlight of the cruise for me for Montevedio and Ushuaia someone in our roll call planned some trips and I joined them (there was 20 of us I think total) I did do the punta Arenas I did the Magdelena Island Penguin reserve. After volunteer point it was a let down- but if I hadn't been to volunteer point I would have loved it. (it also didn't help that is was cold and raining that day) If you have other questions- I would be happy to answer them : lois 1112 @ aol . com (no spaces)
  7. I was on the Coral Princess East Falklands (where Stanley is) is not a large place. Tours sell out extremely quickly Patrick Watts is usually booked 12-18 months prior to the cruise The picture of the penguins above are from volunteer point and could have been my pictures. it is a trip you will not forget
  8. I'm recently off the Coral that went to Antarctica. When the wind is at gale speed I don't think it matters whether your balcony is covered or not. I was on the Carribe deck (partially covered) and didn't not notice much difference between balcony and the uncovered front of the ship on the same deck. You will love this trip. I've done over 30 cruises with Princess and by far this was my favorite.
  9. I've thought about this, I do go ashore and see things, but you can see Antarctica without going ashore. would you tell people who saw glacier national park in Alaska from a ship they didn't see it. If you went to London and saw the London eye but didn't ride on it- would that be the same?
  10. yes your right that was a slight exaggeration! But we had several places where we could see them extremely well. ( on ice bergs etc or porpoising) well enough to be able to tell which ones were seen. I looked at several of the expedition type ships before I booked this one, and some of them are quite big too. For me, I saw what I went to Antarctica to see. Beautiful landscapes, Ice bergs and wildlife
  11. I saw many penguins close up (close enough to touch) on my "drive by cruise" we passed many icebergs with all differnt types of penguins (on the trip I saw king, gentoo, adelie, chin strap, macaroni, rockhopper, and Magellanic)
  12. Not at all. My goal was to go to and see Antarctica which I did i would do it this way again
  13. It was the lack of outdoor space and the feel of being on a ship they loved the buffet and crew to much “retail” space
  14. thank you everyone. I wasn't trying to compare Coral and Sky- just people I met on the Coral who'd been on the sky (4 separate people) said they didn't like the sky and would not sail on her again
  15. I'm booked on the Sky Princess for September and thinking of canceling I'm just off the Coral, the people I talked to who had sailed on the Sky did not like it at all one of my favorite cruise things it to walk the promenade deck? any opinions?
  16. Just back from my "sail by" on Princess I would recommend it 100% it was a cruise of a lifetime-
  17. I'm just back from there. Patrick Watts volunteer point if you really want to see Penguins we saw 4 types. It is a long bumpy ride
  18. Just returned and it was cold I am from southern California and needed all the layers I brought. It did snow- it rained
  19. I'm just back (yesterday) from my drive by cruise on the Coral Princess. I would say the drive by is enough and wonderful . I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  20. Chris I agree with this 100% Of over 30 cruises with Princess this was by far my favorite. Captain McBain was great
  21. I am on the coral princess doing that cruise right now. ( I’ve done 30) Go for it. It had been my favorite cruise so far. Most beautiful places I’ve ever seen i don’t think anyone on ship had been disappointed
  22. I am currently on the coral We sailed out of Buenos Aires on the 21st. There were no health screenings
  23. Yes it was per arranged. I spoke to someone at 19 am that morning who assured me it was all set yp and arranged not sure what happen d the bottom left me is we did meet up and I think everyone was happy
  24. I agree the blank my name is and some sharpies works well im aboard the coral currently. Even though I was assured they would no one from princess ( officers or cruise director) showed up. It was wheelhouse bar and I was also assured bar would be open. It was not
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