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  1. I agree I get tons and tons of comps and there seems to be no booking limit next year I have a 48 day and then fly to another port and have another 28 day from there. Mediterranean and Norway cruises. Plus many in North America.
  2. I guess for me it was double Johnnie Walker Blue Label on NCL when I had ultra card for beverages. I drank 4 bottles on a 7 day cruise and I don't think the casino department was thrilled haha.
  3. i got 4 cruises in a row starting end of November, sadly I haven't been on a ship since i got off the pearl March 15, 2020.
  4. H, I'm prime and I have forgotten with comp drinks while playing was it a limited menu for us or a dollar amount limit ? Thanks.
  5. Isn't the whole point of the discussion about people who either don't know or deliberately go against the suggested rules or guidelines. I'm much more comfy in my Iron Maiden or Pink Floyd shirt and shorts but even as an invited guest I'm still a guest It's not my home so out of respect for the company I conform to the suggested attire. PERSONALLY it doesn't offend me seeing people underdressed or looking sharp in tuxes. It makes for great conversation but it's about respect.
  6. That's great news. I assume the turn around time is 24hrs like everywhere ? Hope you feel a bit more relaxed now. Scott
  7. there is pcr testing on long island not sure if this will help. just saying.
  8. I adapt to the rules, regulations or advisements to where I am. Before I booked I read and realized that I wouldn't be wearing my rock n roll shirts on Crystal. I have about 20 designers suits at home and won't be bringing any but out of RESPECT I will be dressing modestly in polo style shirts and pants. If people can't even buy basic polo shirts at any clothing store for 10-20.00 or some slacks stay home. Or enjoy many hobo lines available. That's my rant. Scott
  9. If i can't get quick turn around on a PCR test I might not be able to get off serenity and get on Royal Caribbean the same day in Nassau. 😪
  10. Safe Journey home Keith and other cruisers. I have to echo the others and say Thanks very much for the wealth of information Keith and other people that have chimed in. I'm a first time Crystal cruiser on Aug 28 and I feel very comfortable already. Scott
  11. Thanks for this. I have a Verandah A1 booked for Aug 28, and can't wait to enjoy some great meals and drinks after sitting home for 1.5 years. Can a fella select certain beers for the fridge that isn't generally stocked ? I'd love to have 24 becks waiting for me haha. Scott
  12. I would love to see a current room service menu and a mini bar photo or list. No rush since internet is bad but if somebody could maybe post when they return home I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Scott I'm on Aug 28th sailing.
  13. Keith, If and when u have time a room service menu pic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  14. That's sorta what happened to me. I just got off a HAL ship after 12 days and jumped on the edge. Was on a bender had free drink package and popped in casino played little slots nothing hit. then played roulette another day and lost my shirt so never played much. I had an NCL cruise after and they have decent size casinos so saved some bankroll for that. BUT again lovely ship, I have veranda room and it was awesome.
  15. I'm 40 and first time I tried to use a QR code on phone was last March in Whistler to read a menu my 73 mother asked me how. I had no clue. I order online with many apps and businesses but never had the need to scan anything. I'm also a paper guy with menus and reading books. I will adjust but some things I just prefer the hands on experience. Thanks for the photos and updates Keith. I'll be on the ship but not for a while so really appreciate reading your posts. Wish everyone a happy and safe trip. Scott Vancouver B.C.
  16. I'm sorry I can't say more but I was on it in Europe a few years ago. The ship is beautiful first of all. The casino was very very small so I didn't spend much time in it at all. limited tables. I played some slots and roulette and then used the casino bar as i had comped drinks ship wide as well for that cruise. It's decor was great just very small.
  17. I love cruising NCL love my Cagneys and Moderno and comp ultra drinks but for me personally this is a big negative. Holland America I have 12 day x4 cruises in a row so 48 days booked just port fees and taxes no daily fees like NCL. HAL lets me book the offers all in a row and they send out offers bi-monthly. So for me personally I may have to stick with HAL and the odd RCI. As platinum plus with NCL I will miss some perks but you can't have it all. Hopefully they change their mind I did get a generic mailer from CAS two days ago.
  18. That's great news. Thanks for the update. I need my comp Johnnie Walker blues from the casino bar. 😷🥃
  19. I cruise NCL, Holland America, Royal Caribbean and MSC. I find there's pros and cons to each. As a drinker Royal Caribbean is easy to get prime status for comp drinks but I don't enjoy the clientele. NCL has a great mix I get top shelf booze and specialty dining perks etc.. but they charge i believe 20.00 a day for booking comps and offers. I like Holland America because there's more older folks and no fees besides port fees and taxes but unless on a vip offer the drink may not be included, but the food is good and i love the music venues also I'm 40 but like to have more civilized and quieter people around and in staterooms so HAL is good for that. Their casino program seems to be decent to get comp rooms and they have cool VIP cruises. MSC don't care for too much, tight on comps and arrogant cruisers usually. you should really try all and see what works for you and play lots with that line. Scott
  20. yep two more cancelled for me 😪
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