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  1. It would be pretty tight with furniture, also a rough landing if something snaps.
  2. April 25th - May 2nd 2021 - 7 day Oasis of the Sea's Royal Caribbean $1046 Ocean Balcony plus a $25 gift card to that store. Fort Lauderdale Labadi Falmouth Cozumel
  3. Is the FCC restored with a new expiration and FCC number?
  4. Got caught up in the Dorian FCC also. Royals way around cancelling and offering a refund in my case (Mon-Friday 5 day cruise Majesty)they offered a full FCC or I could sail the Wednesday when the port opened and receive 2 days FCC for days missed.
  5. Check and see if the credit card you booked with offers any type of trip protection.
  6. Was having dinner at Bayside scratching my eyes wondering why the ship was pulling in.
  7. In the Dutch cafe on Koningsdam watched them assemble a huge gingerbread house that was pretty awesome.
  8. Agreed Double Cannonball cooked medium is my go to. Mostly sawdust.... As far as JR used a free coupon many years ago and didn't think it was anything special or worth what they were charging back then. Never tried Guys but hear good things.
  9. First off sorry for your loss and glad to hear you’re getting out and enjoying life. Superbowl Sunday is that weekend, so Miami is going to be a zoo. Be sure to procure your hotel and flight early as they may be limited or non-existent if you wait on it. Have a great cruise
  10. Hi All: Royal Caribbean Majesty 9/2/2019 5 day sailing out of PE picked up for $352. Inside cabin on deck 6 that's with taxes and port fees, OV cabins aren't much more. Key West and Nassau are the ports they dumped Cuba from the itinerary last week so guessing people a cancelling. Wish I could have shared a couple months ago 12/8 Oasis sailing 6D balconies were going for a grand. Inside cabins are still going for that price.
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