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  1. My husband and I were supposed to cruise on a July, 2021, 17-day cruise to the Baltic’s on the Statendam. Recently we were notified that the cruise is being postponed to a departure date of Sept.19, 2021 and now it will be a 21-day cruise instead of the 17-day cruise and on HAL’s new ship, the Rotterdam rather than the Niew Statendam. Additionally,, I believe, there are at least two other previously planned/now cancelled cruises that are combining with our (old) cruise date to the new, Sept. date. Purchasing travel insurance as part of the equation is becoming a bit complex. W
  2. I can understand the cruise companies covering their bases but.....you really have to keep in mind....how many times do you expect to cruise in your future? I know my husband and I have been retired for about six years and as long as we’re healthy and there’s a vaccine available, we’ll keep cruising. But...if the sizeable deposit placed on a future cruise can only be used as a ‘credit’ for a future cruise on the same cruise line, that may be a problem. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve cruised on a handful of different lines.....Oceania; Princess; NCL; HAL; etc.. because I shop aroun
  3. Hello! We are looking at a Baltic cruise for next year-end of the summer and in the YACHT CLUB on Splendida....and hopefully there will be a vaccine by then or we won’t even consider it. My questions are: Have any of the perks changed since the COVID arrived? Does YACHT CLUB and all it’s wonderful perks still appear to be in place for next summer as it was BEFORE Covid? Thanks for your input!!
  4. I’m also interested in this. Right now, MSC has their 2022 Calendar through April of 2022. I’d guess that any cruise schedules for In the summer (June 2022 or later) won’t show up on the MSC website offerings until around November of this year.
  5. Thank you! If we book and we pay for all three Yacht Club rooms for our family members ( this cruise is our treat) I wonder how the discount would work? Would it be applied to all three rooms we’d need and are paying for? Understandably,, MSC would need to know what individuals would be staying in each room (age, name, etc..).
  6. Thank you! We are also a MSC GOLD status bearer so could both the teacher discount and the Gold discounts be applied or not?
  7. Hello! I am a retired teacher. Our family had a cruise planned (a 50th anniversary celebration cruise for my husband and myself and our children; their spouses, and the grandchildren) on the “new” Grandiosa for this June. Obviously, we cancelled the cruise but are planning for the exact same celebration in 2022. My question is......I thought I read somewhere (after we booked our last cruise) that as a retired teacher I could have qualified for a discount from MSC. Are there any of you who have heard of this? Thank you!
  8. Two years ago my husband and I had booked a Mediterranean cruise on the “New”Grandiosa (Yacht Club cabins) to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year in June/July. We invited and included our two daughters and their families (son-in-law and two teenage grandsons) along for the fun. Our plans/reservations also included a three-day stay in an apartment in Rome and seeing all the sights there plus a fast train ride to Naples for a tour of Capri and Pompeii. My husband and I carefully booked and planned for these past two years with a lot of attention to detail. But, with
  9. Markanddonna, I’m looking forward to your “very detailed review before Christmas”!!!
  10. We made our reservations in late winter of 2018 for the Grandiosa. It’s our 50th wedding anniversary celebration so we’re bringing along our daughters; son-in-law; two, teenage grandsons for the fun (we’re booked for YC). Beginning several days pre-cruise in Rome....so we can show our family all the sights including a train ride to Naples to see Capri and Pompeii.
  11. The chocolate shop.......really expensive stuff???
  12. :0( Do you remember how much a gelato cost? Important question since we have the two grandsons who LOVE ice cream and gelato!!!!
  13. To “welshy74”: Do you know if there are packages offered for gelato and the chocolate shop? We’re bringing along our two grandsons (13/15). Thanks!!
  14. Are there any passengers who are currently sailing or have already sailed, on the new ship, the Grandiosa? I am somewhat surprised that there are not more posts since the initial, maiden voyage earlier this month. We are sailing early next summer and are anxious and interested to read what passengers in YC think!! THANK YOU!!
  15. Interesting thread... We are set to sail on the new ship, Grandiosa, for a June cruise in the Mediterranean (with our family/a total of five adults and two teenagers) to help us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! ALOT of planning has gone into this cruise/trip as we will be spending several days in Rome pre-cruise! We are very excited and hope our family has a memorable and incredible time with us old-timers!! ;0) What I find to be a tad disappointing is that when we booked the cruise (and we booked this 2020 cruise way back in Feb. of 2018), MSC listed what all would
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