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  1. Thank you! If we book and we pay for all three Yacht Club rooms for our family members ( this cruise is our treat) I wonder how the discount would work? Would it be applied to all three rooms we’d need and are paying for? Understandably,, MSC would need to know what individuals would be staying in each room (age, name, etc..).
  2. Thank you! We are also a MSC GOLD status bearer so could both the teacher discount and the Gold discounts be applied or not?
  3. Hello! I am a retired teacher. Our family had a cruise planned (a 50th anniversary celebration cruise for my husband and myself and our children; their spouses, and the grandchildren) on the “new” Grandiosa for this June. Obviously, we cancelled the cruise but are planning for the exact same celebration in 2022. My question is......I thought I read somewhere (after we booked our last cruise) that as a retired teacher I could have qualified for a discount from MSC. Are there any of you who have heard of this? Thank you!
  4. Two years ago my husband and I had booked a Mediterranean cruise on the “New”Grandiosa (Yacht Club cabins) to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year in June/July. We invited and included our two daughters and their families (son-in-law and two teenage grandsons) along for the fun. Our plans/reservations also included a three-day stay in an apartment in Rome and seeing all the sights there plus a fast train ride to Naples for a tour of Capri and Pompeii. My husband and I carefully booked and planned for these past two years with a lot of attention to detail. But, with this Coronavirus problem, we finally decided that it would be best for all to cancel/POSTPONE our plans for now. It was a hard pill to swallow but our only choice. Because our ‘final payment due’ was still a few weeks away, MSC FULLY refunded all of our money (deposit and excursions we had previously paid for). I’m not sure if we’ll get back anything on our Delta flight costs as we used ‘points’ plus upgraded to “comfort” for our flight back (an extra $600). Right now I see that several airlines are crediting ticket costs but it seems you have to rebook and use that credit within a year since purchase. We purchased back in Oct.’19 (with points) so that wouldn’t work. Things may change..... We are in our mid-70’s and our children all have full-time jobs that would be compromised if we got “stuck” somewhere overseas. We are planning on rebooking with MSC for an identical travel plan for 2022. Yes, this is a serious virus but I hope that the media outlets take a more responsible stance on what they report to avoid creating a complete panic!! We need to keep things in perspective!!!
  5. Markanddonna, I’m looking forward to your “very detailed review before Christmas”!!!
  6. We made our reservations in late winter of 2018 for the Grandiosa. It’s our 50th wedding anniversary celebration so we’re bringing along our daughters; son-in-law; two, teenage grandsons for the fun (we’re booked for YC). Beginning several days pre-cruise in Rome....so we can show our family all the sights including a train ride to Naples to see Capri and Pompeii.
  7. The chocolate shop.......really expensive stuff???
  8. :0( Do you remember how much a gelato cost? Important question since we have the two grandsons who LOVE ice cream and gelato!!!!
  9. To “welshy74”: Do you know if there are packages offered for gelato and the chocolate shop? We’re bringing along our two grandsons (13/15). Thanks!!
  10. Are there any passengers who are currently sailing or have already sailed, on the new ship, the Grandiosa? I am somewhat surprised that there are not more posts since the initial, maiden voyage earlier this month. We are sailing early next summer and are anxious and interested to read what passengers in YC think!! THANK YOU!!
  11. Interesting thread... We are set to sail on the new ship, Grandiosa, for a June cruise in the Mediterranean (with our family/a total of five adults and two teenagers) to help us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! ALOT of planning has gone into this cruise/trip as we will be spending several days in Rome pre-cruise! We are very excited and hope our family has a memorable and incredible time with us old-timers!! ;0) What I find to be a tad disappointing is that when we booked the cruise (and we booked this 2020 cruise way back in Feb. of 2018), MSC listed what all would be included in the price of our YC cabins. Now we are seeing some slight changes....and this particular one is not a ‘deal breaker’ by a long shot. As many have posted already, if you seriously want a snack, YC travelers only have a short distance to walk to get snacks at the bar and bring them back to their room. I guess we just expected that MSC would honor what amenities/services that were originally included when we first booked and paid our deposit. My suggestion to MSC would be to post “start dates” as to when the change(s) become effective - and thus everyone is on the same page and no one is unnecessarily upset/disappointed. What’s most interesting at this posting is that if you access the MSC website, “unlimited drinks in all MSC areas including a mini-bar” is what they are advertising in YC for their new ship, the Grandiosa. Hmmmm...
  12. Does the Cirque Du Soleil at Sea play every night? We had made CDS evening reservations on an ‘at sea’ evening and our reservations came back on a different night. So thought maybe it wasn’t playing every night. Thanks!!
  13. Well, we’re all set to go on the Grandiosa and we are all excited to experience MSC! I think I’ll make myself a little notebook with common, Italian phrases in it so I have an easier time communicating with our Italian crew members. However, depending on our experience, this may be a “one-time” attempt at MSC. My husband and I (both retired) cruise at least once a year, but the cost for seven people in the YC, as opposed to any other line, made it possible for us to pay for/ plan for this. We knew Grandiosa was set to sail this November so we thought a new ship would be awesome! I also got word that the individual assigned as captain is exceptional! I believe his name is Captain Massa (or something like that) and since that info was posted, there have been only glowing and positive responses on CC. We have sailed on Princess; HAL; and Oceania. If I could afford to,...I’d sail on Oceania (Riviera or Marina) every time! There is literally nothing I can find that is a negative with Oceania. The Marina will be refurbished next year and when we sailed on the Riviera (sister ship and same size as the Marina) in January of 2018, we did so not for the itinerary (Caribbean) but for the ship. And it was fabulous! We stayed in a room with concierge perks; the cabin/bathroom were great; the “dine at any specialty restaurants w/o extra cost” was wonderful and the food....was EXCEPTIONAL; the staff always cheerful and wanting to please...I could go on and on. The only downside to the cruise...my husband’s kidney stone decided to make its way through his system and he was indisposed for the last two days of the cruise (sea days). It was horrible and once back on land, we got home as quickly as possible and he had to have surgery. UGH! Our cruise plans for 2021 are to sail to Northern Europe,....and I very much wanted to see the fjords (the significant ones) near Bergen. Cost-wise, HAL’s Nieuw Statendam offers a 21-day cruise from Amsterdam up that way and then back down to include Oslo; Helsinki; Copenhagen; St. Petersburg; etc..etc..for a much more affordable fare than Oceania. You get what you pay for but we just can’t afford the $20,000+ it would cost on the Marina for a somewhat similar itinerary. I’m still trying to figure out the logistics...maybe we can stay in an interior cabin??? ;0) Thank you, Georgia-Peaches and all those wishing us well on our 50th anniversary! As we get older, I’m starting to think, “How much longer will I be able to cruise ANYWHERE? We are seniors - I’m in my late 60’s and my husband early 70’s - and for the most part, in good health. But, I don’t know how many more sailing years we have left, so there’s somewhat a desperation in our planning.....I’m trying to squeeze everything to do with traveling into the years we have left. So there’s more of an urgency NOT to make any mistakes of choosing the right product for us. Not everyone will relate to what I just said but they will most certainly come to that point in their lives when they might begin to understand our thinking..... In the meantime,.....Happy Sailing to you all on whichever cruise line you choose! We appreciate those who take the time and make the effort to post their detailed experiences and pictures!! It’s been so helpful!!!
  14. Good to hear such positive and encouraging comments about your YC experience! I read a later post (from a gentleman who had a virtual BTB on two different MSC ships but both were YC) that was very detailed and much less favorable about the entire experience, but especially the inferior quality of MSC’s food. We’ll be sailing next June on the new Grandiosa with five other family members in YC to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We’ve been planning on this since last year and had high hopes it would be fantastic! After reading your review, I’m once again encouraged that it will be a memorable and positive cruise!!! Thank you!!
  15. Thank you for your detailed account of your cruise on MSC. Our 50th wedding anniversary will be next year so we’ve booked a short, seven-day Mediterranean cruise on the new Grandiosa for next June with our family of seven-all in the YC! I was a bit more excited about this very special celebration prior to reading your reviews concerning, especially, the quality of food in the YC restaurant/deck. I have read so many favorable reviews of those who had cruised on MSC ships in the YC section and who had been impressed by the service; ambiance; and food! I remember one particular passenger that raved about the unending supply of lobster that was being served at poolside! It seems to be that the emergence of the YC was, at the onset, the creme de la creme! And as word spread, more and more people booked into YC for this fabulous, very affordable luxury cruising. Unfortunately, it seems that the luster and once unbelievable luxury of the YC is beginning to fade (?). :0(
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