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  1. I've had four e-mails today urging me to book shore excursions on my April 19th cruise out of Athens on the Spirit. There are two hopes of this cruise going ahead.
  2. What if it goes up? If you don't like the price then don't book.
  3. I thought it was the other way round. Four of us on the inaugural transatlantic on the Bliss in two connected balcony staterooms, we all loved it, that ship is beautiful.
  4. I've disembarked in NYC 4 times. My first tip would be to take the easy walk off, we had bags misplaced on our first two times in NYC. My second tip would be to get a taxi or an Uber rather than a shuttle if your hotel is in Manhattan. If you get a good porter they'll hail you a cab for a small tip. Got to be cheaper than a shuttle.
  5. Would you wash them after you had used them for each item? I'll say No.
  6. Just booked. Prices are great. Balcony cabin for an April Greek Isles cruise out of Athens via Istanbul. Had a couple of Cruise Next vouchers and some compo from our November Star cruise plus there is still 30% off, paid gratuities up front plus the Free at Sea (Booze and Excursions). £720 per person Can't wait.
  7. The way I read it is that under the old tier system you had accumulated enough points to be Gold. When they changed the tier levels nobody was moved down. So you were Gold under the old and even though technically you didn't have enough points you were still Gold under the new. NCL did not award you any extra points to make sure you were gold under the new system they just said OK you're Gold. If you check your points you should see that you have the amount you should have but it just requires more points to step up to platinum (was 76 now 80) Not sure I've explained it brilliantly Lets say you had 51 points. Under the old system that would have been Gold, but under the new system you need 55. NCL would not put you down a level so they allowed you to remain Gold but with only 51 points. That's the grandfathering. With 51 points you would have needed another 25 to be Platinum under the new system you would have needed 29. One more thing. Although you are not awarded the points until you have completed the cruise they are valid from when you booked the cruise. So you may have booked the cruise under the old tier system but not seen them until after you cruised with the new system in place. Hope that helps although it's confused the hell out of me.
  8. Aperol, Prosecco and a dash of soda Its bloody lovely, so much so that we went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of Aperol as soon as we got home.
  9. China 24,363 Japan 34 Singapore 28 Thailand 25 Republic of Korea 18 Australia 14 Germany 12 Source : WHO Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation as of 05 February 2020, 16:00 (CET)
  10. I'm not sure what the problem is with a connecting cabin, and yes I have been in one on the Bliss.
  11. All these answers are great if the OP is from the US. The username suggests that the OP may be from the UK. If this is the case then I've not come across an instance whereby anybody has needed anything but a passport. The only other form of government issued photo ID is a driving licence, or military ID if in the forces. The DVLA and the passport agency use the same photo as ID and the military usually warn against using military ID as it can obviously be used to identify military personnel who may not wish to be identified as such for their own security. I would give NCL a call and ask them to clarify. My mother did this when she was told on line that her passport needed to be valid for six months after her holiday, on phoning NCL she was told that as the cruise remained within the EU and that the UK was in the EU, at the time, that it was not necessary to have a passport that was valid six moths after the end of the holiday. She renewed her passport anyway.
  12. The prices went up when they introduced 'All Inclusive' which was all they would allow Europeans to book. People moaned it was too expensive, which it was, and they dropped it in favour of the £99 Free at Sea deal. Et voila! prices dropped again.
  13. We did this cruise with family in 2016. Everyone enjoyed it. It's a great cruise with some great stops. How can you not enjoy Rome.
  14. Its a clever ploy by NCL. They're splitting the show between three ships and calling it Two. You have to cruise all 3 ships to see the full show. Genius.
  15. I've never sailed Haven or had a Vibe pass but I was just wondering why you pay extra for a Vibe pass when you've already paid for Haven with its private areas and bar etc.?
  16. I'd just like to point out that 'cheap gross whitefish' is the basis of Fish and Chips.
  17. There was no access to I95 at the time we were doing the tour, something to do with it being blocked off by engineering temporarily.
  18. I got off the Star yesterday (10th November) we were officially told of a "technical issue" and unofficially told it was due to an engine fire, this came from disembarking passengers on 3rd November. We received notification of the itinerary change by e-mail, in our case at 10:30 pm on 2nd November whilst enjoying a meal in Venice. The itinerary changes were that we would stop in Split at midday on the first full day, rather than Kotor at 1:00 pm, Split is closer to Venice than Kotor. Second day would now be Dubrovnik, this was scheduled to be the last port of call, but we would now be there for a full day, this is not necessarily a good thing. The next day was now supposed to be Bar to get our fix of Montenegro and also because it is a relatively short trip from Dubrovnik, as it happened we didn't get into Bar due to a combination of poor weather and the unspecified "technical issue" and so we carried on to Corfu the next morning. The day after we were in Argostolli (Kefalonia) this was the highlight of the cruise for me. We then had a sea day and arrived in Venice on time on Sunday morning. The two furthest ports of call had been dropped. The distances between ports of call had been made as short as possible. Interestingly the behind the scenes ship tour was confined to the theatre and the galley.
  19. I always take my own extension cord, mainly because there are no UK plug sockets in the staterooms. The cord that comes with the cPAP is plenty long enough. I'm also in the fortunate position that I don't need distilled water. I was in receipt of a new cPAP this year that no longer stores data on a card but uses the internet to send data to my GP this is done by using an internal modem and WiFi. So it'll be fun seeing how that works.
  20. No cans of soda included. They'll probably confiscate it. Yes. Your steward will clear the fridge if requested. I always ask them so as to remove temptation. There are never any snacks in it though, just drinks.
  21. Vans are an item of casual footwear, similar to the plimsoll or sandshoe as we used to call them. They come in a variety of colours, mine are black, and can be slip on or lace up. @bkrickles1 No pants! We call that commando where I come from.
  22. You could try booking adjoining cabins. No need for keycard swaps etc. Just open the internal door and swap staterooms as and when necessary, only use one keycard per stateroom to purchase/book things.
  23. I urge you to read the final paragraph https://www.thebalancesmb.com/plastic-recycling-facts-and-figures-2877886
  24. Perhaps you could tell me what happens to them then?
  25. I've deliberately chosen cruises away from the seas of plastic. Seriously if you don't think they exist then maybe you should look at some of the photos that do exist. Six million bottles from one cruise line, so how many from all the other users and producers of plastic bottles? Were are they going because they don't just disappear.
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