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  1. The prices went up when they introduced 'All Inclusive' which was all they would allow Europeans to book. People moaned it was too expensive, which it was, and they dropped it in favour of the £99 Free at Sea deal. Et voila! prices dropped again.
  2. We did this cruise with family in 2016. Everyone enjoyed it. It's a great cruise with some great stops. How can you not enjoy Rome.
  3. Its a clever ploy by NCL. They're splitting the show between three ships and calling it Two. You have to cruise all 3 ships to see the full show. Genius.
  4. I've never sailed Haven or had a Vibe pass but I was just wondering why you pay extra for a Vibe pass when you've already paid for Haven with its private areas and bar etc.?
  5. I'd just like to point out that 'cheap gross whitefish' is the basis of Fish and Chips.
  6. There was no access to I95 at the time we were doing the tour, something to do with it being blocked off by engineering temporarily.
  7. I got off the Star yesterday (10th November) we were officially told of a "technical issue" and unofficially told it was due to an engine fire, this came from disembarking passengers on 3rd November. We received notification of the itinerary change by e-mail, in our case at 10:30 pm on 2nd November whilst enjoying a meal in Venice. The itinerary changes were that we would stop in Split at midday on the first full day, rather than Kotor at 1:00 pm, Split is closer to Venice than Kotor. Second day would now be Dubrovnik, this was scheduled to be the last port of call, but we would now be there for a full day, this is not necessarily a good thing. The next day was now supposed to be Bar to get our fix of Montenegro and also because it is a relatively short trip from Dubrovnik, as it happened we didn't get into Bar due to a combination of poor weather and the unspecified "technical issue" and so we carried on to Corfu the next morning. The day after we were in Argostolli (Kefalonia) this was the highlight of the cruise for me. We then had a sea day and arrived in Venice on time on Sunday morning. The two furthest ports of call had been dropped. The distances between ports of call had been made as short as possible. Interestingly the behind the scenes ship tour was confined to the theatre and the galley.
  8. I always take my own extension cord, mainly because there are no UK plug sockets in the staterooms. The cord that comes with the cPAP is plenty long enough. I'm also in the fortunate position that I don't need distilled water. I was in receipt of a new cPAP this year that no longer stores data on a card but uses the internet to send data to my GP this is done by using an internal modem and WiFi. So it'll be fun seeing how that works.
  9. No cans of soda included. They'll probably confiscate it. Yes. Your steward will clear the fridge if requested. I always ask them so as to remove temptation. There are never any snacks in it though, just drinks.
  10. Vans are an item of casual footwear, similar to the plimsoll or sandshoe as we used to call them. They come in a variety of colours, mine are black, and can be slip on or lace up. @bkrickles1 No pants! We call that commando where I come from.
  11. You could try booking adjoining cabins. No need for keycard swaps etc. Just open the internal door and swap staterooms as and when necessary, only use one keycard per stateroom to purchase/book things.
  12. I urge you to read the final paragraph https://www.thebalancesmb.com/plastic-recycling-facts-and-figures-2877886
  13. Perhaps you could tell me what happens to them then?
  14. I've deliberately chosen cruises away from the seas of plastic. Seriously if you don't think they exist then maybe you should look at some of the photos that do exist. Six million bottles from one cruise line, so how many from all the other users and producers of plastic bottles? Were are they going because they don't just disappear.
  15. Good move. I want to cruise on the Ocean not a sea of plastic.
  16. We don't pay the 20% gratuity. We pay a fee for the right to have any two of five perks, that fee being £99 for a seven night cruise, the gratuity is included. We can do this even if booking a Sailaway or Guarantee. So I would probably say that two nights in speciality restaurants would counter free drinks for a few hours every day. My point was that I have seen you say before that of all the offerings for loyalty that NCL is worse than the others and yet I can't really see why.
  17. My first experience on a cruise ship was with the 'art' auction people. We were accosted just after boarding and asked if we wanted to guess the price of a 'genuine' Picasso engraving, the person closest to the price would get to keep the engraving. Whilst casting an inexperienced eye and placing a completely uneducated guess on the price of the piece the young lady tried to tempt us to attend the 'art' auction later on the cruise. I asked what sort of stuff they would auction, not knowing that this wasn't the only 'art' auction at sea. The reply was "well all sorts, who is your favo(u)rite artist?" I said it was Turner to which I got a slightly puzzled look and then "Oh sure, we have sculptures too" Needless to say we went to the auction anyway despite the fact that we thought the auction staff knew naff all about art. Turns out they weren't the only ones, our estimate on the engraving was way out, although I never did see them give the $30,000 engraving to the closest guess. Oh and the auction was terrible, those that had shown an interest in pieces pre-auction were swooped upon to make spectacular bids on items that were no better than a piece of paper dropped in a puddle of paint. My advice is that no piece of free 'art' should be enough to tempt you to go to one. The sooner they kick them off the ships and dedicate the space they take up to something else, the better.
  18. I don't understand how the NCL offering is worse than the others. I think we may have had this conversation before but the free happy hours are negated in my case because we do take the drinks package, as UK cruisers the savings we make on the meals and the laundry easily cover the cost of the drinks package to us, and to be honest I would hate to be limited as to which times I could have a drink. I will not say that the NCL benefits are any better than those on other lines but from what you have said they are no worse than any other line.
  19. Really? How so? What are the benefits that other cruise lines offer that make the NCL offerings seem so poor. I'm genuinely interested having not sailed with any of the other major lines.
  20. UK based 'skins fan here (since 1981) and I agree the 'skins suck this year, again. So you're not missing anything exciting. I don't think the variety and choice of sport shown on any NCL ship is that great. I can't remember seeing any baseball (I'm a huge Yankees fan too) and the chances of seeing my favourite football (soccer) team is nil as they are not one of the elite European teams. In the end I just remind myself that I'm on a cruise and that I can still see games etc. when I'm not cruising, I suppose it helps when my other teams play more than 16 games in a season.
  21. Well that's a long post but I have to say I disagree with most of it. Ships do not always sail full, there are rare moments when they are not, take the inaugural transatlantic of the Bliss, the ship was definitely not full. I haven't been on the Breakaway or Getaway but I have been on the Bliss and the Escape and based on what I know of those ships plus what I have picked up from other passengers I find it hard to believe that Breakaway and Getaway have been the best ships ever built for NCL. I loved the Epic. I don't know anything about the Encore except that you haven't given it a chance. The best NCL cruise I've had to date was on a newly refurbished Jade and as such that is my favourite at the moment, although the itinerary helped so much, after that it would have to be the Bliss.
  22. Just a question about the breakfast. Isn't Continental breakfast delivered free anyway?
  23. Really is an over the top reaction to a Kiwi who was just making a suggestion. As for your second paragraph, dependant on your bank you could ask about a money transfer. My bank allows me to move funds from my credit card to any other account I have with them, then I make the payment from that account. Pay on one card and the other parties re-imburse the one who paid. This may not be possible, but it's just a suggestion from a Smart Alec Brit
  24. I think @thatjoeguy answered it better.
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