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  1. As you know from another thread we are considering a land trip in Berlin and Dresden for the Christmas markets if they happen. DH is doing all his wonderful research. We need two things to make it a reality--Christmas markets and available flights. stay well and safe, Pat
  2. Thank you , notamermaid and steamboats. We will have vouchers from the flights we would have taken in Sept. and enough free nights at hotels that we are not concerned about the money aspect. We have bookmarked the Dresden sight, and might need an extra day or two there. Hoping the markets will be open. We are traveling with friends and have been on 4 Christmas market river cruises. Time for a landbased trip. Again, many thanks. Pat
  3. Just found out that our Sept. cruise on Oceania is cancelled. We are thinking of replacing it with 2 weeks at the Berlin and Dresden Christmas markets, When do you think a decision will be made on whether the Christmas markets will open? Thank you for all your help in the past. You, Steamboats and GMT really keep us up on al the latest changes. Stay well and safe. Pat
  4. After three and a half months DH and I finally got hair cuts. Have also been able to go to church in person now for three weeks. My weekly trip to Aldi's yielded schnitzel in the freezer case. Can't wait to try it. Maybe I won't have to make it from scratch anymore. Always something interesting to be found. They have stopped sanitizing the carts, so make sure you have your quarter. They are providing disposable wipes for do it yourself cleaning. Cool yesterday and today in western Ohio. But it is summer and the heat will return. Stay safe and well, Pat
  5. Fran, I share your thoughts about masks. Being a retired infection control nurse, I have long known that they don't protect you, but, in hospital setting protect patient and keep you from spreading your "germs". I never wear one on a walk or in a car. Will wear one in shops that require them, like our local Aldi. They have been at the fore front here in Ohio with staff wearing masks and having the plexiglass screen. They also sanitize carts before use (no quarter needed), and have one way aisles . Try to do most of my shopping there. It took until 10 days ago for our local Kroger to have staff wearing masks. They do however not bag if you bring your own bags--the customer bags. Our churches are opening this week. Fortunately our parish is being sensible. They tell us if you are not ready, then don't come. They will continue to stream. We will watch the streaming til they work the kinks of in person services. We are getting a lot of small projects done, also not ready for a restaurant meal. This will all come back slowly for us on this special weekend when we remember all who have lost their lives in service to our country. Stay safe and well. Blessings, Pat
  6. Glad I got mine renewed for a May barge trip that was cancelled. Pat
  7. Coral, would share mine if we lived near you, don't think it would survive the mail. Sorry.🙁
  8. Noramemmaid, tried the Danube Wave cake I bought at our local Aldi. Bought it frozen just before Easter. Had half of one of the pieces last evening. It was soooooo good. Can see where making a whole one would have to be for a larger gathering than we are now allowed. Thanks, for all your wonderful info. Pat
  9. After six weeks of cooking and eating at home, decided to try a recipe that I have always wanted to try. German snitzel: it was wonderful. Not difficult, just a few more steps than I normally like. Even convinced DH to help. Have fond memories of eating it in an outdoor cafe in Cologne (sigh). We will get back to Europe. Europeans will come here. One day at a time is my mantra right now.. Jazzbeau, heard on TV last evening that the gov. of Maine has extended the stay at home policy indefinitely, won't even allow hotels to take reservations. You just might have to take up JPAlbany's offer of having Chris cut your hair. Hope I misheard that or someone spreading something not true, Stay safe and well. Pat
  10. We would have gone on our 30th river cruise in 2 weeks if it had not been cancelled. Rebooked it for next year. We have been on many of the major of the major RC lines. Our two favorites are Uniworld and AMA. Uniworld has priced itself out of our cruising budget. It is all inclusive, but still too pricey. AMA is not all inclusive, but the ones we have taken were wonderful. We have traveled with Viking, don't like their payment plan. Vantage and GCT are both non travel agent. They are probably geared more to an older demographic. A few of the lines we have used are no longer in existence. We really like Road Scholar, but again an older demographic. After you read the stickies at the top, figure out when you want to travel. We like the spring and the fall, fewer people, easier and cheaper airfares. Take a good look at AMA, think you would like it. This board has wonderful people who can help. Bur remember river cruising can become addictive. Good luck stay safe and well. Pat
  11. Here in the Dayton Ohio area it is a beautiful spring day. Went out for a walk, talked with a neighbor, she in her driveway and I i the street. We don't have sidewalks. Since we have become so car orientated it is interesting to see how many have forgotten the "rules of the road" for walkers--walk against traffic. An interesting note to our cancelled barge trip, not only did Road Scholar refund all our money, so did United. Got an email ouigo (sp.), the rail sompany we were using from Paris to Avignon. They also refunded the cost of our tickets. So go to hear from so many. Pat
  12. We were scheduled on a barge trip with Road Scholar next month. They canceled with full refund. They then sent out news about the same trip next year. So we booked that one. We had done our own air with United. Yesterday they cancelled that trip, full refund of our money. We started river cruising almost 20 years ago with Uniworld, loved everyone we took. The last on the Joi D'Vivre. It was wonderful. They have priced themselves out of our cruising budget. So that was probably out last trip with them. Good luck to all who are still trying to get cruise "stuff" straightened out. Pat
  13. well said sharkster77. We are starting to do more recovery from last year's tornado. Grandson and some unemployed friends will work for food. Yes we are still finding pieces of roofing and siding in the yards. Amazing that we had so little damage when all around us had so much more. Sent a package of toilet paper to my cousin in NJ. Still haven't figured out why people are stockpiling it. Thanks to all who are posting here. Stay safe and well. Pat
  14. pacmom

    Virtual Tours

    Good morning, Absolutely agree the Pergamon is remarkable. We spent an afternoon there a few years back. After all that has gone on in the Middle East, am so glad that it was taken to a museum. If you are in Berlin, Museum Island is a great place to spend time. It is quite cold here in southwest Ohio. April is playing her weather tricks. Stay safe and well. Pat
  15. notamermaid, can't remember on which thread you mentioned Danube Wave cake. Just returned from my local Aldi, really love that store. Went because they advertised creme brulee in the freezer section. Great weakness of mine. Perfect for Easter dessert. Right near it was Danube wave cake. A nice small portion, so I don't have to wait til extended family is here. Truly thought of you when I saw it. Yes, there is some in my freezer!!!!!!! Now on to make a mask or two to wear in public. A blessed Easter to you. Thanks for all your info. Pat
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