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  1. my only thought about Nikko is will it be entirely English speaking. We took a Croisie trip that was labeled English speaking. There were only 14 English speakers the remaining 60 pax were French. Yes we did have English tour guides, but it was difficult being in such a minority. Have never been on Gate one, but have read good things about them. Good luck making your choice. Pat
  2. second seating, now I really want to go to Dresden. Stopped there on a river cruise 14 years ago when there was water in the Elbe. Loved the city. Pat
  3. Salzburg's market is one of the best I have ever seen. We have been on 4 Christmas market cruises and loved this one and the one in Nuremberg. The items in Salzburg were just beautiful, didn't see any commercial items. The handpainted bells are lovely. Budapest has 4 markets easy to get to on the metro. Vienna also has more than the one at the Rathhaus(sp). Prague has the main market and a few small neighborhood ones. Thinking about this makes me want to see more Christmas markets, but the next will be a land trip to Berlin and Dresden, naybe next year. Pat
  4. we took this trip in Dec 2017. It was the first time they offered a motorcycle sidecar trip through Paris. If I remember correctly it cost almost $200. Also offered was a dinner at the Eiffel tower (cancelled because of high winds) and an evening at the Moulin Rouge. There is so much to see in Paris, would go back again. The JDV is a beautiful boat. We loved her. We are also from Ohio and big Uniworld fans. Pat
  5. Happy New Year!!!!!! Thanks for all the info from you, Notamermaid, G.M.T, and steamboats. You have been such a great help when planning river trips. Next year we are taking a barge trip with Road Scholar in the south of France. Something different after 28 river cruises. Am so glad we started cruising in 2001 before the rivers became so crowded. Here"s to health, happiness and lovely rivers to cruise in the new year and decade. Pat
  6. Notamermaid, a joyous Christmas season to you and yours!!!!! Thank you for all your wonderful help and your great sense of humor. Looking forward (hopefully) to next years help on the rivers. We will not be on the rivers of Germany, but on a barge trip in France in May. Again, many thanks, Pat
  7. Coral, thank you so much for making it clear to me. Pat
  8. may be asking a stupid question, but here goes. If you and your mother are traveling together, why do you need a solo. Are you not occupying the same cabin? Any two people can occupy the cabin, except for two minors. Good luck finding the right trip. Pat
  9. Charlesjb, there are good sturdy railings to all levels of the boat. Host Jazz, If you have ever sailed with NatGeo/Linblad, you know you get great guides. You also get photographers that really "need" a lot of photo stops. We had guides at some places, info for self guiding at others. Having sailed around New Zealand with Lindblad, it is my preference to not repeat. This is a very interesting trip, so glad we took it. Pat
  10. Will try to answer some of the questions. There were vegans on our trip--no problem with meals. Your order lunch and dinner after breakfast. one nice thing you can order a half portion of the entree. There are no elevators on the boat. There are cabins on the dining room deck. The lounge is one deck above. There are times when you leave and enter the boat from the top deck. Staff extremely helpful. Food and service were quite good. Galley very, very small. Amazing what they could turn out. A word about dress. My husband never travels with a sport jacket. We were never out of place at any time. Some of the Brits even wore jackets to breakfast. If you want to do this trip in the summer, then it is with National Geographic, They charter the boat for the entire summer. It is almost twice the cost of going in the Spring or Fall. Hope this helps. Pat
  11. Last year we cruised om the Lord of the Glens. The last part of the trip was on the Caledonia Canal. About 60 pax. Quite and international mix. Happy to try to answer any specific questions. Pat
  12. We have eaten at the chef's table on other boats. DH always wears "docker" type pants at dinner with a polo shirt. This is just a different venue not really dressy. After 28 river cruises, we find people dressing more casual. Heat has a great bearing on dress. Enjoy and travel safely, Pat
  13. deviating from the rivers next week. We are taking a small ship from Malta to Venice . Next May we are taking a barge trip from Avignon to Toulouse with Road Scholar. They have chartered the 22 pax barge. Safe travels to all. Pat
  14. try biofreeze. It is over the counter and workd well on knees and low back pain. Travel with it all the time. Try it pre cruise and see if it helps. Enjoy your trip. Pat
  15. gnome, you are right. we were also in that 202 cabin and so noisy. it was our second river cruise and the first didn't sail at night. We thought well it would be fine. Lesson learned. Trip was great though. And we are still river cruising with a few side trips to the ocean.. Thanks again for the clarification, Pat
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