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  1. Just found a $10(YES $10) interior cabin rate on a 4 days cruise from Charleston, BUT it leave tomorrow. Which I lived close buy.
  2. Sure would, give me some washy washy stuff, a box of rubber gloves and I'm in. Just found a 7 day out of Baltimore leaving this sunday for 199 interior 299 window but wife wont go😪
  3. Thanks for your "BoneHead" reply. Just trying to make people aware of what they are getting or not.
  4. Please correct me if i'm wrong. If I elect the Free Drink Package it DOES NOT INCLUDE the 20% Grat charge. So Free Will cost me aprox. $250.
  5. We did the B Triangle shipwreck, Save You Money, saw some fish, go to aquarium if you want to see Lots of fish
  6. I'am from Allentown PA, schnitzel right up my alley, good old PA dutch eats
  7. Do they have a nightly theme dinner?
  8. One day pass $19 vs $10 for two may ferry ride, token to Caves $3.5, token to Aquarium from Caves $3.5, Token back to catch Ferry $3.50 (total $20.50) but all day pass gives me other options if I change plans. Thanks in advance
  9. Its all up to the individuals bankroll and taste. We use our cabin for the 4 S"s. Sleep, Shower, Shave & you know. To many things to do on and off board to spend a lot for a cabin. We are more then happy with an OV, of course we are just "common people".
  10. Edhoff

    Tokens or tickets?

    FYI just watched a video on horseshoe bay. Public Trans drops you off at top of hill, appears to be a pretty long walk to beach, especially coming back all up hill.
  11. To much to do on board, just keep it at home
  12. Yes, but I'm on vacation. I wear dockers and a collared shirt. Wife just wears dressy top, slacks, capris.
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