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  1. Any updates if Captain Johnny is back on the Harmony? If not, who is serving as captain?
  2. So glad to have found this information via a search. This was extremely helpful.
  3. Thanks for the clarification of closed loop vs open-jaw. Thanks for the links.
  4. reedprincess, Yes we are US citizens. Going to Mexico, Aruba, Antigua, Curacao, and Tortola. Thanks for the info.
  5. Know that on a closed loop Caribbean cruise, an "official" birth certificate can be used. We'll be on the Regal in March leaving Galveston and heading to Fort Lauderdale. Is this considered a closed loop since not returning to the same port? We have passports that will be cutting it close to the six months needed to use for this cruise. Have always read six months prior to passport expiring were needed. Not sure if we have to meet the six month requirement for each port or just from the day we embark. Thanks for any information.
  6. Was looking for this exact topic. Several cruises ago, just one of us booked specialty dining and then used the BOGO (before the cruise pause). Specialty restaurants still allowing to book this way?
  7. What a stressful experience. Will really take your experience to heart as we are on the Wonder in late September. We were on an Alaska cruise when Harvey was in the Gulf. Son kept telling us it was headed straight for our area. We actually live near the Gulf of Mexico in TX. About 30 minutes from South Padre Island. At the last minute, it all changed, and Harvey decided to head to Houston! YIKES. Probably why you were being told it was ok to come until it wasn't. We were delayed getting home, but no where near what you experienced. That was tough.
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. Just two of us and both have TSA Pre, so definitely looks doable.
  9. We will actually be on the repositioning of the Regal from Galveston to Fort Lauderdale. Maybe we should just stay on and do a transalantic since the day we reach Fort Lauderdale the Regal will be heading to Southampton, England!😄
  10. Yes, fully mobile. Have done carry off before. Was concerned about how soon they might let us disembark. Thanks for your response.
  11. Thank you so much for the explanation.
  12. We do not typically cruise on Princess. It has been several years, so trying to learn about some of the differences. Have booked a cruise in spring 2024. If you cruise as Princess Standard, then anytime you order room service there will be a $14.99 fee plus if you order any pay item? Pretty steep.
  13. Been awhile since we've cruised on the Regal. Wondering if it is possible to make a 10:50 AM flight? I know the airport is very close to the cruise port. Always heard a safe bet is not before noon. Sadly 10:50 AM is the latest flight to our final destination without having to spend the night in Fort Lauderdale.
  14. Wondering if we did self disembarkation, what's the earliest flight we should book when cruising out of Port Canaveral to fly from Orlando? TIA
  15. Specialty restaurants usually not open on a port day for lunch. In our experience, only open on sea days. Occasionally, Sabor might open mid afternoon. Have seen that. Johnny Rockets also.
  16. Thank you for your response. We did a Royal transport the last time we were in Miami. What a fiasco. Totally disorganized. Never asked if we actually had a transfer. We could have simply just gotten on the bus. Nope, won't do that again. We have a noon flight, so we need to get off the ship and to the airport much quicker than happened through Royal.
  17. This one shows the new terminal in Galveston. https://www.visitgalveston.com/webcams/north-galveston-webcam/ You will be able to watch ships sailing from the new terminal on this webcam.
  18. How easy it is to get an Uber, Lyft, or taxi after disembarking from the Oasis to go to the airport?
  19. On our last cruise a couple of weeks ago, a crew member told us they were new to the ship and were required to wear them for the first five days they were out working.
  20. Certainly, the waitstaff probably wishes "Linda" is a figment of everyone's imagination. Too bad for the waitstaff to have to endure a second week. Glad your group was able to be seated at a different table. Thanks for an episode of never knowing what to expect on a cruise ship. 😳
  21. We've been to a Martini tasting "workshop" on the Allure pre-Covid. We kind of stumbled into it, or maybe out of it more likely! 🙂 Had a great time. Haven't seen one since then on Royal and we've looked.
  22. Yikes! Funny but maybe not. Did you think you were being punked? Anxious to hear if there was more to the story....in Paul Harvey style....Now for the rest of the story.
  23. That is so good. A 10 minute wait is acceptable. Hoping for that in January.
  24. Thanks. We'll be giving the Solarium Bistro a try in the evening.
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