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  1. Thanks! Considering deck 6 portside S2 but don't want to chance smoke.
  2. Was wondering if the smoking on the M Class - particularly Millennium - is usually forward or aft of the port side elevators. Thanks!
  3. RC has had their videos the whole time... no reason for them to settle... from their statements they were just being politely quiet until pushed too far with the bad faith law suit and bad mouthing from the family/attorney. If the stepGF had taken the plea deal then that would have put a serious crimp in the lawsuit and the grasp for $$$.
  4. Had an amazingly awesome excursion with Blue Hole and Basil and Kathy on Friday January 17th. I arrived on the Equinox and met them at 9:15 am near Senor Frogs. It was a longer walk than I had anticipated as we were docked furthest away from the welcome center but got there just on time. Took me 20 minutes. Weather had been iffy and Kathy first emailed at 6:12 am that they would have to cancel but further scrutiny of the forecast with back and forth emails and no concern by me if bumpy on way back they agreed to go out. Glad we did as very calm seas and perfect snorkeling. We were only boat at first reef with lots of beautiful fish - schools and saw a barracuda and Basil directed me to a nice elkhorn coral formation. Second stop two other boats were there but left shortly and once again only one at that very nice reef with lovely coral. It was a good size and lots of fish there too. Saw a large crab! Great variety of fish at both stops. Very clear water first stop, slightly cloudy second at edge of reef but fine over reef. Kathy is a great communicator. She also kindly helped me get some of my bangs out of my mask before the second snorkel that was keeping it from sealing well. She asked when I booked what size shoe I wore and they had the fins ready - I brought my own mask/snorkel. I was offered a free bottle of water. Basil pointed out area highlights on the travel out and back and took us in for a close look at the Atlantis Resort on the return. I am so happy I booked with them and it was the highlight of my vacation!
  5. Equinox was leaving at 3:30 so it was a bit more than 90 minutes... 1:45 was the latest time to get off. I was expecting we'd be allowed to stay until 2.
  6. JsMom2... I thought that as well.. the hockey picture showed her on the ground banging on the glass and she was doing that on the ship... no reason to pick her up especially as the GF had put his upper body out of the window and there was no glass to bang on higher up.
  7. I really felt that the items were extremely safe and secure where they were... no one could just have wandered into that annex room. It actually took a second return into the annex for the employee to find my smaller piece and get it back to me... but I wasn't worried it wasn't there. 🙂 We couldn't just leave the ship by ourselves at the end either... we had to be escorted off and back outside to the luggage annex. The latest time was 1:45 but there was a group of 3 that was planning on getting off at 1:00 so I went back to the Passport Bar and met that smaller group.
  8. I almost gave up on mine when they got stuck together but slowly sliding one off the other finally separated them thankfully... now I keep them well separated.
  9. I had a 3 night cruise a few years ago to Coco Cay and Nassau... both days were cancelled morning of due to winds... one became a sea day and the other day we went to Freeport instead... was happy they were able to offer a snorkel excursion at Freeport.
  10. Assuming the 60% off is off a set base price is not a good assumption... the base price changes as the sales change... often the bigger sales result in more expensive cabin price I've found while monitoring my booked cruises checking for price drops. Book when you're happy with the price and then monitor and rebook if the price drops.
  11. Just back and in Equinox Blu last breakfast not only did I have fun conversing with 2-top table to my right at window but also to my left and the second to my left 🙂 which had the friendly lady from Tampa I talked with for 45 minutes pre muster drill in the theater.
  12. It is unfortunate that booking on line there doesn't seem to be any indication that Aqua and Concierge cabins are *all* IV and not regular balcony. If you look at the deck plan and see those curved pieces over the 'balcony' then it's an infinite veranda. I guess those are the doors. For Veranda class you can book Sunset Veranda Stateroom or Deluxe Ocean View with Veranda to get a real balcony although only circular opening for the Deluxe.
  13. This is going to depend on the opinion of the Celebrity rep. The issue is that you go through Immigration and Customs in the morning before you reboard and not again when you get off the ship in the afternoon. Ours was adamant that only purse size was allowed despite a LOT of complaints and grumbling that folk weren't told when they booked... it does say no luggage and carry-ons in the letter you get the night before as someone kindly posted above. The rep also stated it wasn't Celebrity policy but Customs. End of argument. I was not allowed a 14x9x8 soft companion piece to my 22" rolled luggage that fits under a Southwest aisle seat. Basically... ask yourself if you'd be allowed to take it into a museum. One man insisted that he could NOT leave his carry-on. He did. Rest assured that your valuables are very well guarded. We went outside terminal 25 in FLL and there is an annex room with a security guard at the door. The cart with luggage was rolled into that annex - we only had 11 extend-your-stayers. Your pieces are tagged with a numbered tie on and you rip off the bottom half. To get your luggage back you need those claim receipts. We were told that the luggage would always have a person guarding it and if that person needed a break another coworker would take over. I left valuable electronics with no worry.
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