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  1. I thought the pictures I posted for you on this thread pretty much showed the couches the same size.
  2. I bring my own mask and snorkel so know fit is good no worry about leakage. Just got short travel fins.
  3. Here are pictures... I haven't been on board yet, next year... main difference is the sleeper couch doesn't have the one side 'arm rest', but has back cushions all along the back instead of just 2/3 of the way.
  4. There are instances of the deck plan bump outs for the bed not matching the actual cabins but 11240 has the black square indicating sleeper couch and that (the couch) is always by the balcony.
  5. Review link https://www.cruisecritic.com/celebrity-edge-deck-plans/dp/sunset-veranda-stateroom-sv/cc/
  6. It was suggested it would be good to ask that... not that they currently do.
  7. Might want to add link to Apex for deck plans... deck 6 for Apex if different, more single cabins. Ah, see you used cruisedeckplans... I use that all the time and doesn't have for Apex yet... perhaps link to the Celebrity Cruises deck plan page.
  8. When I got my last invoice I had called to get the captains club upgrade and clearly said no to the Vacation Protection Plan but it was on there... called right back to get it removed.
  9. I hope lemoncurds is back as well... but understand that this is work time for me and I'm just taking a short break so might be the same case. I hadn't even considered there being suite balcony noise next door.... I figure that's no more predictable than in cabin next door noise... and I've had some stellar memorable noisy neighbors even at high end hotels.
  10. Thank you vtcruising for your image... I've been poring over the pictures on your Edge thread.
  11. Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond! That's the actual stateroom I'm interested in. Were you happy with that cabin? And thank you for taking the additional time/effort to attach an image!
  12. vtcruising noted on another thread that these are wrong on the deck plans... the 10222 and 10226 are on same deck and bump outs also match across the hall cabins...
  13. hi all, Edge Concierge 10125,10127,10129,10131 bed location? Yes, I've checked the Edge sticky info and also cruisedeckplans. Hoping that someone who has stayed in one of these cabins could respond... not sure I trust the deck plan bump outs as have 10124-10130 match across the hall... usually across the hall is opposite near balcony or near bath. thanks!!
  14. When I first read about the hooks I bought some... went a little overboard with 50 lb ones. 🙂
  15. The martini ones aren't on deck 14 with the pool but 2 decks above on deck 16.
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