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  1. Yep, I did apologize for having our food truck link in my paste the first time. My husband really likes the key lime in a jar.
  2. MIne gone as well (and also Royal Caribbean reservation MIA). Logged in here to check and glad it's not just me.
  3. I'm also on the 4 day Nov 11 sailing just to Grand Cayman. I also don't really if they replace it with somewhere else or make it all days at sea.
  4. Oh, dear... I didn't realize I had put in the food truck link I had been looking at instead of the article. My apologies! Here is the right link although the charts have been included by another above. https://www.caymancompass.com/2021/07/08/live-chamber-of-commerce-legislative-luncheon/?utm_campaign=Newsletter - Cayman Compass Daily&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=139190059&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--wisk9FqNUCq5-n6mLl3__atvyo-qg80pYReCpp_1K2dkaycOdoUAleC1RHhtTU6pO0CKE8N8b-uxJmKCKPuO5Dnjipw&utm_content=139190059&utm_source=hs_email
  5. https://cfwfoodtruck.company.site/?fbclid=IwAR3oMKICalSCVR-lEVBdKSahDmm2j75uUyvosIyuMaDqptadpvx2fwEaWEQ from the 8 July 2021 article above Phase 3 could then see limited tourism return from 9 September. A set of information slides released by government to accompany the speech indicates that this phase is “subject to the achievement of an 80% vaccination rate”. At that point, the premier said tourism would be restricted through a flight ‘slot management system’ to limit the number of people arriving, and allow government and industry to build capacity for de
  6. This thread, reading the article, seems to say that Royal Caribbean is already not considering cruising to Bermuda anytime in the near future. From the article June 15: RCI’s Freedom of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas were scheduled to make 21 visits each to Bermuda from July to October. But RCI confirmed last week that the itinerary had been cancelled.
  7. I've got from Baltimore Sep 18 cruise booked (a lift and shift from last year). I think there's less than 10% chance it will go, sadly.
  8. I've done solo. I don't have any problems just starting up conversations with folk. I once was on a solo business trip and went out to dinner for my birthday and ended up at a table with a couple when they saw I was alone and invited me to join them and after finding out it was my birthday they offered to treat me - but it was already being paid for by my company. Dining. I just sat at a table by myself and brought my Kindle. The tables were close enough together that I ended up talking with neighbors most nights. I didn't check to see if they had any solo events.
  9. I'm so puzzled by folk who seem to think that if you wear a mask you can't be living life.
  10. We thought Luminae on Solstice was excellent. We did try Tuscan Grill (ok our night... they were a bit off.. but loved our aft table view) and Murano (also excellent). For a longer cruise and if you want to spend the money I'd try a specialty or two but definitely not needed. Our Luminae servers got to know our likes quickly and we felt very pampered there.
  11. I found out about the md.myir.net website here in Maryland from our FB vaccine hunter group. It has the dates for both my Covid-19 shots (and lot numbers), my last 4 years of flu shots, and my 2 Zoster shingles shots. Maryland MyIR is a free website service that allows consumers to view and print copies of their official vaccination records directly from ImmuNet, Maryland's immunization information system. ImmuNet is used by healthcare providers to securely maintain vaccination records for Maryland residents of all ages.
  12. Still expecting that for cancelled cruises if you'd already L&S'd to it that no second L&S?
  13. It's certainly possible I provided them as emergency contact at one point. I don't remember doing that. More likely would have given my twin who I have cruised with or my husband. But definitely possible.
  14. My stepmom sent me a text yesterday saying there was mail from Celebrity for me. That had never happened before. She opened and it was a New Years message and mentioned my Nov 2021 cruise. I've never lived there. My folks have never cruised or even looked into a cruise - my dad being one of those folk who thought even before the pandemic that cruise ships were floating germ factories. I called Celebrity this morning and they verified they had multiple addresses for me. My folks up in MA had become the main one (said there was a system upgrade recently), mine here in MD, and some place in IL. T
  15. A year ago today I had just arrived in FLL for my short 2 night Jan 16-18 2020 Equinox cruise to Nassau. The weather was perfect. The AirBnB was lovely. The restaurants were tasty. The cruise was wonderful. The snorkeling, especially the morning private me only excursion (with skipper husband and his wife as a 'chaprerone' as they didn't usually take out a solo female traveler) was fantastic - the afternoon ship excursion was ok. I got a late upgrade to Aqua class and due to some issues making the upgrade I was gifted a (free) Premium Beverage Package by a manager which allowed me to sample mo
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