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  1. We sailed NCL twice, tried Equinox last year, then went back to NCL Escape early this year. We prefer NCL, enjoy Howl at the Moon, the comedy club, find there is always something to watch/see. We never do the main shows. The main difference we found was food (which is always subjective). We found ourselves eating at the buffet on Equinox at lunch most days, because the alternative was the main dining room or the very small burger grill. We missed O'Sheehans for the casual drop by and grab a snack or a quick lunch, or as another alternative for breakfast. The breakfast menu in the main dining room on Equinox was the same every day, unlike NCL where there are some different things each day. We did not find the food in the main dining room any better with Celebrity. Also, many more bar options on NCL. Outdoor bars - we love the waterfront - indoor bars, many more options on Escape. We did enjoy the martini bar on the Equinox, but good luck getting a seat at the bar. That's a huge price difference, as much as we prefer NCL, not sure any cruise is worth that price difference!
  2. We also tendered there last week. Booked a group 2 tender, though no one ever checked groups - we just walked right on. Well organized at 8:30am when we were on the tender. Glad we went early, as we got loungers with an umbrella. The tenders are large, coming back we again walked right on. Waiting area on Harvest Caye is in the shade if you do have to wait. Water with ice in a plastic glass is free at both the bars and Landahark.
  3. On the Escape last week, we ate using the dining package in La Cucina. Before ordering, I asked the server what we could order. Her answer? Whatever you want, as much as you want. Ok then. She was quite charming, brought us extra pasta side, and 2 additional desserts that we “had” to try. So, I guess it does depend on the server.
  4. We at at what I'm pretty sure was Landshark just a few days ago If it's the large restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating (and Landshark on the umbrellas - LOL) then it was open. Harvest Caye is lovely, but watch for the jellyfish in the water!!!
  5. We just got off the Escape. We watched the sign for 5 O’Clock bar being taken down outside last evening. The signage inside was already down, crews were working on the re-fit. We were at Harvest Caye this week, and ate at Landshark. At least I think it was that, it was the large restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating. Margaritaville is already branded as American Diner, though we didn’t go in. We did get free Margaritaville “blender cups” this week. Fun souvenir, guess they were getting rid of the stock.
  6. If your bid to upgrade to Haven is successful, am I correct that in addition to the set gratuities, you also are expected to tip the Haven staff as they don’t share in the gratuity “pool”?
  7. We tried Celebrity, specifically the Equinox in April. We’d previously been twice on NCL. Short story - we are going back to NCL in March . We found the Equinox to have a fair amount of live music, which was nice. Mostly easy listening type music. No comedy club. No District Brew House, no Cellars wine bar. We also missed O’Sheehans (pub style, all day food). Though we are not water slide, rock wall climbing types, it is sometimes fun to watch activities- none of that on the Equinox. Fewer area to sit outside at a bar. We did enjoy the El Bacio cafe and the martini bar on the Equinox, that bar seemed to be the only lively one. Overall, a much more laid back vibe. But hey, a day at sea is always better than a day at the office!
  8. Not a big deal, just thought if I could use them that would be great. Thanks very much
  9. I have a Starbucks gift card, and wondering if it will be accepted in the cafe once on board. Thanks!
  10. Thanks very much for the confirmation. Looking forward to trying the speciality restaurants, though to be honest we’ve always enjoyed the main dining rooms on NCL. As a perk, we’ll give it a try. Cheers!
  11. Thanks. We’ll be on the Escape as well. I was confused by the wording (?)
  12. I booked a cruise with the dining perk, and chose times to reserve. The confirmation shows for Le Bistro as “a la carte” and the confirmation states “ charges will apply” ? Is this the usual way it is shown? We’ve cruised NCL before, but never with speciality dining. Thanks for any help!
  13. We were at this Hampton in April, and they gave us each a voucher for one free drink at the bar. Nice touch, we got our drink then sat outside around the pool and relaxed. The breakfast buffet is good, big plus is that the breakfast room area is really large. As others have mentioned, great walkable location to lots of bars/restaurants and a CVS.
  14. I agree with you about lack of lunch options on the Equinox. We sailed for the first time in April, and also got tired of the buffet.
  15. What car service did you use? Following with interest as we have never left from this port, but flights are a bit better for us than to FLL or MIA. Great to have a first hand account of logistics. Thanks and enjoy!
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