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  1. I have Google Pixel phone with Android OS and mom has a flip phone with some no name provide (Charity Mobile). I have Verizon. I think wifi calling should work!
  2. This sounds pretty easy! My hubby is pretty tech savvy so he will be able to help me too. I think I should be okay if this is all I have to do! I was also thinking about telling my cellphone provider (Verizon) that I'll be traveling internationally. That way if for some reason wifi calling doesn't work then at least I can call mom when I'm in port! Thank you!
  3. If I need the internet package and that's all I need? That would be great!!! So it will only cost me the daily internet charge?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to make phone calls on sea days to the U.S? I am going to need to check in with my 81 year old mom while I'm gone. We have 4 sea days total, 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end. She only has a flip phone so it's not like I can face time here (not that I know how to do that LOL). Neither of us are that tech savvy. She doesn't know how to text so I really can't see any other way than to figure out how to call her, but I don't even know if that's possible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I'm trying to book a tour with Bumpiing Tours but I have not gotten a response. It's been almost a week since I filled out the form on the contact page. Anyone have any ideas of another way to contact them.
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