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  1. I have Google Pixel phone with Android OS and mom has a flip phone with some no name provide (Charity Mobile). I have Verizon. I think wifi calling should work!
  2. This sounds pretty easy! My hubby is pretty tech savvy so he will be able to help me too. I think I should be okay if this is all I have to do! I was also thinking about telling my cellphone provider (Verizon) that I'll be traveling internationally. That way if for some reason wifi calling doesn't work then at least I can call mom when I'm in port! Thank you!
  3. If I need the internet package and that's all I need? That would be great!!! So it will only cost me the daily internet charge?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to make phone calls on sea days to the U.S? I am going to need to check in with my 81 year old mom while I'm gone. We have 4 sea days total, 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end. She only has a flip phone so it's not like I can face time here (not that I know how to do that LOL). Neither of us are that tech savvy. She doesn't know how to text so I really can't see any other way than to figure out how to call her, but I don't even know if that's possible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I'm trying to book a tour with Bumpiing Tours but I have not gotten a response. It's been almost a week since I filled out the form on the contact page. Anyone have any ideas of another way to contact them.
  6. Watching!! So awesome! Is another ship taking her place at Port Everglades? I can't remember...
  7. I think it will be there before 1530. It's almost there now! Watching with anticipation, LOL!!! If I can't be on a ship, I will watch them on my computer on a rainy chilly Sunday 🙂
  8. Has anyone else had issues making payments online? I've been trying since last Thursday and it's not working. I've tried a couple different ways to get to it an the payment option is grayed out. My cruise isn't until April 2020. Thanks, Carol
  9. I haven't been able to make a payment online either. I tried on Friday and again just now. My cruise isn't until April 2020! Something must be wrong with the website! Go Figure!!!! LOL!!!
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