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  1. We are serious about a vaccination program and it is moving ok now, although was set back by the media driven panic about Astra and clots. I have had both AZ shots. One of the reasons our program has been slow is that we managed Covid so well, there hasn't been the urgency to get vaccinated. Unlike many other Countries.
  2. Just got a new Samsung phone and has the latest Android version but have struck similar problems. When I got to the part about the mail address for the Medallion I was given the option of ship to address or Pick up at Port. We are in Australia so sending to address is not a real option. The Pick up at Port option has the words "not available" next to it. So I couldn't progress for that bit. I also can't do my Arrival Group or finish my Health stuff but I gather that is due to the fact that our cruise is a while off yet.
  3. I found Matt to be a great Cruise Director and he made us laugh a lot. He was very hands on. However, everyone has a boss, and as someone who has worked in a range of high positions, I suspect Matt would be "high maintenance". I only saw him as someone who I thought was great at his job, but had no idea of what goes on behind the scenes.
  4. To be honest I can't recall, as I was referring to the previous App workings before they "upgraded" it to the current version. Our first Medallion cruise was a couple of years ago and I can only recall her name and little photo was on the first screen and I just touched her photo which gave me access to adding her details, passport photo etc. I can't recall how it got there (i.e. by me or automatically) in the past. Like you, I think I added her. However I can't see how I can do that now.
  5. Correct, however as was pointed out on one of the Sapphire Roll Calls, the Sapphire doesn't need to be in Australia until January. Even though she is heading to Cyprus she will not be there for the northern winter and has plenty of time to get to Aust.
  6. Bearing in mind all of the threads and posts about the App I apologise if this has been answered, however my wife shows as a travel companion but I cannot enter her details on the App. In the former App version we both appeared in the booking and I was able to enter her details, passport photo etc. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to set up an account for her as well and do it separately. She doesn't have a smart phone.
  7. I agree entirely. It's a holiday for Gods sake and to me that means little planning whenever possible.
  8. We received that email as well but after I completed the task I delete them. However from memory the subject line was the usual "here's your next activity to earn PUP" or something like that.
  9. Same here. Our reveal was 20 PUPs as well. I wonder if there were any higher/lower.
  10. I hadn't thought of it like that but you are spot on. I just checked a cruise on my Personalizer but to do other things I need to go to a device that has the App. Just stupid.
  11. I agree that you assist a lot. I think that before starting a thread people should have a look at the existing thread titles, even if only the first page to see the very current hot topics. There are a heap of Medallion thread topics on page 1 which should alert people that all is not right and may be worth a read before starting another thread. Just my two cents worth.
  12. It doesn't have to be a really old device. My smart phone is a couple of years old and the Android version on it doesn't support the new App. It wasn't a very expensive phone though.
  13. Interesting, the fares for the replacement cruise are about $1,800 pp higher for the exact mini suite. I will be interested to see if they are good to their word about holding the price, or will they find an out.
  14. We did an escorted Alaska land tour not long before everything shut down and seats on the train to Denali were allocated, and definitely not a free for all. I think the Tour Guide did the seat allocating from memory. It was all very orderly.
  15. Sorry if this has been answered or is a dumb question, but can I do all the medallion stuff for my wife as well as mine. My last Medallion cruise I was able to enter her details, scan her passport etc, and when I opened up the App both of our mug shots appeared. She doesn't have a smart phone and we use the same email address. I need to upgrade my phone to get the latest Android version that will run the updated App, but I am putting that off as our October Singapore cruise is sure to be cancelled. However I am interested for future bookings which I will do (and get a new phone) just as s
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