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  1. This month I was on 2 cruises, 10 nights each. We sat next to a couple who did not dress and some who had shirt and tie. There were about 50% who did not dress on formal on my cruises. We were in club class if that makes any difference.
  2. Put the amount you have in excess on a slot machine via your room charge. Play a few dollars in the casino and then cash out.
  3. There were a few things I liked about having a card. The card has your muster station on it, your dining time and which restaurant, in our case it had club class. It also has the number of cruises you have. You merely touch the scan bar on the back of the cruise card to the circular medallion symbol when you disembark and regardless of which you use, medallion or card you hear the familiar ding ding that it was read. The misconception that the medallion opens your door, and is handy when your hands are full is a misconception. It unlocks your door but you need a hand to the door handle to open it. I really felt it was an invasion of one's privacy to see everyone's picture on the big screen at the elevators. If there were five people waiting all their pictures popped up. No personal info popped up but why do you need your picture popping up every time you're near one of these boards. They are every where.
  4. I sailed last week and did not do anything regarding the medallion. When I checked in at the pier I got a medallion on a lanyard. When I boarded I went to guest services and got my regular old black cruise card and didn't use the medallion. The old card does every thing it always has done without all the tracking.
  5. I can't figure out how to opt out. They gave my email to a dozen other sites and I now have to opt out of all of them too. A real scam this was.
  6. what ship? some ships the hallways aren't straight they zig zag like the Royal.
  7. how do you opt out after signing up. The FAQ directions don't align with the pages and steps to opt out
  8. Once you have a TA they won't talk to you........period. Are you sure your TA called and tried to get your cabin switched? After final payment you really are locked in unless for some reason they need or want your cabin.
  9. Zero......................it's included in the auto tip . The daily auto tip eliminated all the guesswork out of tipping and eliminated the need to use any cash on board.
  10. So far (knock on wood) I have always found someone along my route to car pool with and split the parking. Since San Pedro attracts a lot of locals from Los Angeles it's worked for me. I always ask on my roll call and to date I've had 100% success.
  11. This is correct and fair. You get to keep all your original perks. Had you booked the balcony originally you would have had the $50 balcony booking perk but you didn't book a balcony. If you had had complimentary gratuity and that wasn't a promotion offered when you took the upsell would you ask them to take away that perk, of course not. You might get your way by having your TA argue with Princess and they will do it as a customer goodwill but you were not entitled to it. I frequently take upsells to full suites and keep all my original perks from when I booked my mini but do not even think to ask current perks because I already am getting a bargain price.
  12. It's hard to know if and when they will offer Princess cards again but they just revamped their rewards program 9/24 and everyone was reset to zero points. As they roll new things out for rewards I'll watch for Princess cards and post it for you and anyone who's interested.
  13. I am hoping that too. I charged the cards on a credit card that gives me back 2% so I netted 12% plus the OBC the big Box company gives me it's a really BIG win win.
  14. That's on a very small number of ships . On RCL and NCL it's on all ships. I still believe Princess lags behind other lines in their suite perks. On RCL you also get double cruise credits for their Jr. Suites which would correlate to Princess' mini's.
  15. I just bought $10,000 on the AARP site before they discontinued their current program and eliminated all our points. It was for a 10% discount which is pretty good, I saved a thousand dollars. I applied it to our next 2 cruises and it was easy, no problem. Be aware of this.............if you have to cancel a cruise it comes back to the card (NO REFUNDS of cash) so DO NOT throw the cards away after you use them. I'm hoping the AARP comes back with Princess cards again, right now they only have Carnival, and it's 10% discount. My Japan Cruisetour (with ezair) is close to $20,000 so I am happy to save a significant amount.
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