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  1. It's hard to answer your questions since we don't know what what post covid will be like. Princess is comparable to Celebrity. There had been a daily "patter" delivered to your cabin each evening which lists all the next days activities. I suggest you have a highlighter and highlight what you find interesting to do. Wait until you're on board and check out the menu's of the upcharge restaurants and compare that to the main dining room to see if like the value and choices before deciding. Princess has had to lay off the entertainment for over a year. Who knows what will come back. To av
  2. I do not. The reason they started the auto gratuity was to insure the crew received their tips and that passengers didn't need to tip for every little thing. I for one won't be carrying any money on me while on board. I suspect most people won't be tipping extra but wouldn't admit it on these boards without a flameproof covering.
  3. Since I always book in club class this won't have any impact on me or those in club class when it comes to dinner.
  4. Yes indeed mea culpa! But the warning re magnets and the medallion still remains.
  5. As long as there is a warning inside the medallion you receive stating it is not recommended for people with pacemakers or other magnets there will be plastic style cruise cards. The liability would be to great not to have an alternative with such a warning IN PRINT! It is impossible to keep 6 feet away from your own medallion let alone some else's in an elevator or seated in the theatre or seated in the casino or in line for a coffee at the IC. The information booklet that comes with the Medallion has this warning "CAUTION: Product contains magnets which could be ha
  6. I don't use a medallion, I request a regular old black cruise card. There should be no line to check in for me since all of you will have used that medallion. Elite tier has their own waiting area at the San Pedro terminal and boards after the B2B's.
  7. Crew are people too so getting them vaccinated helps the world too. Getting as many people vaccinated as possible is a good thing regardless of who or where they are from.
  8. I'll take a pass this time. Too much FCC and gift cards already. If cruising resumes and I can use up all I've got then I'll reconsider.
  9. It won't help you for the next cruise but when on board pick up a handful of these forms and you'll have them for future cruises. I also keep the match price for excursions form handy which are available at the future cruise office on board.
  10. Whenever the CDC says we sail from a US port is when it will happen. I have no crystal ball.
  11. It is a trade off. Give up the balcony but get club class dining (they are full suites) for less then a club class mini suite. The cabin is spacious and the bathrooms have a tub and a stand alone shower and are very spacious. It all boils down to how much you want a balcony.
  12. The SUGGESTED amount might be up but you not required to give that amount. At guest services you can adjust them to be down to practicality. I personally believe the gratuities do not ALL get distributed to crew but goes to the company as well.
  13. We absolutely hated Share. I left hungry and went to the buffet to grab a bite. Wasted a heap of money on that dinner.
  14. There is no answer to your question. Nothing has been decided yet and we're all waiting to hear what will be required of us when cruising starts back up.
  15. 😏They would be all wilted by the time cruising resumes anyway!!!
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