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  1. I think the only thing that will change is the crew will serve you from the food table, no more self service. I don't feel that will impact my enjoyment at all.
  2. OBC is not cash money and when spent onboard is less then full value taking their mark up into account. If paid in other then FCCs they offered 125%.
  3. Got notice today of my Dec 19 2020 cruise is cancelled. No extra credit even though it was paid in full with FCC's which is why. Good will should have at least offered $100 OBC but didn't.
  4. I agree touch less seems the way of the future but cards can be scanned with touch less. When we go to muster drill as an example they say hold up your card and scan them touch less. When the pandemic subsides as other pandemics have done and we get back to normalcy it won't be such a big issue.
  5. The card works identical to the medallion in speed getting on the ship and at ports. It also avoids any erroneous readings of a medallion. Many reports of someone getting charged for a drink they didn't order , the person nearby ordered it. It's personal preference and mine is no medallion.
  6. I wrote to Princess regarding the need to use a medallion and here is their answer. Department, Customer Relations (PCL) <customerrelations@princesscruises.com> Tue 10/27/2020 12:34 To: YouDear , Thank you for your recent inquiry to the Customer Relations department at Princess Cruises. We thank you for your Elite Captain Circle loyalty level and for your patience. Your email was asking about the medallions onboard our ships and whether or n
  7. Does anyone know if the credit of 125% will apply if you used FCC's from a previously cancelled cruise?
  8. I went ahead and paid final for a Dec 19 2020 booking on the Royal. I will cancel 30 days in advance (Nov 19) if Princess doesn't cancel first. I used a Princess gift card and FCC's from a cancelled cruise so no money outlaid. I don't know if Princess does cancel if they'll give 125% to me having used FCC's but I'm willing to find out. The ship doesn't look like it's even 25% booked and it's a Christmas cruise which usually sells out.
  9. Your assumption of mini suites wasn't wrong it was your not appreciating someone's effort to search and paste for YOU.
  10. Princess will be an older crowd. Night life will be limited compared to Carnival. It is not a party crowd. Since you like Carnival and NCL you will definitely notices difference. Whether that will affect your enjoyment is another topic only you can decide.
  11. I found Chrysalis not snide but informative. They took the time to copy and paste for your benefit. Princess does not include club mini's at the regular mini's pricing they are different links you must click on. Instead of dissing someone who tried to help you why not state the fine print wasn't clear to you? Lesson learned from you is not to try to answer your questions.
  12. What makes you think it's about expense? It's about freedom to unwind and relax. If you can afford a cruise I doubt it's about a few more dollars.
  13. They will always be able to get a regular cruise card. I always do. Because of the warning inside the medallion instructions clearly states the medallion should not be used with people who have pacemakers. The magnets in the medallion can interfer with implants. There will always be an alternative.
  14. Those are the rules and if you don't plan to follow them plan to be denied reboarding.
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