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  1. That's why I suggested they get a second cabin across the hall. Didn't you finish reading my post?
  2. When you go to look at cabins as if you are making a booking, clicking on a cabin tells you the square footage so you can compare size accurately directly via Princess web site. That way you will know exactly what you would be booking. Four adult size people in a mini suite is tight. I wouldn't do it. Consider getting an inside cabin across from your mini suite and have the kids join you on your balcony and use their cabin to sleep and use the bathroom. Price a regular balcony and an inside and you may end up with the same bottom line and have as much room or more in your balcony cabin then stuffing 4 people in a mini.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking about when I started this thread about a cruise without ports. Carnival must have taken my idea and implemented it, don't ya think ??!!!
  4. Masks work, that's why they wear them in surgery and in the Dr. office to do any procedure where there is an opening in your skin. Cnn has shown how breath and thus your droplets are not spewn into someone else's airspace.
  5. Isn't anyone worried about a bankruptcy and the stock becoming worthless? I did buy 100 shares at $8 so I hope it yields a profit but am not wearing rose colored glasses.
  6. I have a cruise booked for next year and took a full suite. I feel it will be safer, and more enjoyable if we need to have room service or spend more time in our cabin.
  7. I bought the KN95 masks on ebay. They filter as well as the N95 according to google but fit differently. I also bought the full face shields so I can feel safer going to the supermarket. Would I like wearing these on a cruise ----probably not.
  8. I have been but not Princess. Some smaller ships even do a polar dip (Artic on National Geographic) we watched but didn't participate. Also in the Galapagos they do allow swimming. There are others that are small nature type cruises. I'd book one again in a heartbeat if they were sailing.
  9. So essentially you are stating exactly what's happening to me, Princess says they processed the refund but nothing was received. I will go look at the better business bureau, great idea, TY.
  10. Absolutely! I believe the doctors and scientists and virologists working round. Science is real and based in reality.
  11. Seems that an attorney would be more expensive then the difference between a balcony cabin VS an outside cabin. My amounts combined are about $1100 cash without the large FCC so an attorney would eat up all that and I'd end up with little or nothing.
  12. It shouldn't have to come to a lawsuit over something Princess acknowledges it owes. After this is over and I have used my FCC I will be looking to sail with Viking and Azamara and Lindblad (who is my favorite).
  13. Did that but it didn't help because I believe Princess did not FUND the refund.
  14. It is and was the only credit card I ever used and the info from Princess verified it was the right phone number. I called Citibank and they won't let me dispute it since from their end there is no refund, they say call Princess and ask them to send it again which Princess won't do. I already did a dispute back in April and lost because Princess told them the refund was coming. I can't dispute the same thing twice my bank tells me even though Princess stated I was owed the amount. I'm between a rock and a hard place on this particular $200 deposit. The other cruise that Princess cancelled has 3 sections to it and Princess acknowledges the 2 cash refund amounts which are correct (less then $5000 so I can file a small claim) and a FCC of 125% which is also correct. I'm more then annoyed that I've been waiting since March 15
  15. One of my refunds Princess says was processed and returned to my credit card June 2. My Citibank says they never received it. Princess refuses to help my further stating the matter is finished . Since the deposit for this cruise was $200 small claims is the option where I'm heading. I am also owed two other amount under the small claims limit and one refund of over $12,500. I'm out of patience and Princess won't help with the credit they said they sent.
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