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  1. Has anyone here done the Inside Access Behind-The-Scenes Ship Tour on Celebrity Edge? There's a fine print bullet that says, "For Celebrity Edge, some segments of this tour may vary." I'm wondering how the tour has varied on this ship as compared to the description and other ship tours. TY Rob
  2. I'm too embarrassed to report back.. But I will. My girlfriend had it adjusted back in April for the kids sail free offer. I didn't have the most up to date invoice. The invoice was a PDF with a link to pay online... So I was opening the old one but the link still took me to the correct pricing. So yay me for finding bonus money!
  3. And that's what I figured. Hopefully my TA sorts it, and I'm also paid in full now and not going to get another invoice 😎
  4. Would a kids-sail-free offer get auto applied to a booking? My gut says No, but our 3rd pax is a child.
  5. No, one is an inside and one a balcony which made me think it was a new c&a discount for the balcony.
  6. Maybe it's a TA system error then.. I clicked the link from my TA to make my final payment and submitted. I got back from them a $0 balance invoice. It does show the cruise fare to be a few hundred less. While it could be an error, we have two cabins on this cruise under different invoices through this TA and the other one has the right price.
  7. I'm looking at original invoice from my TA. When I go to "pay online" the remaining balance, it was much lower. Now sure why it's lower (and not complaining lol) - I'm more curious why it would be lower without me rebooking, getting some adjustments. etc.
  8. Thanks... I'm trying to figure out why my fare is quite a bit lower than when I booked. I haven't spoken directly to my TA about it yet. So ruling out things like a status change. It's about $100 per person cheaper.
  9. Question - If a C&A Emerald member books a balcony on a cruise over a year away, then a few months later obtains Diamond status, would that booking receive an automatic discount to reflect the cruiser's new status?
  10. I'm impressed that her name hasn't gotten out to the public. I figured the media outlets would want to give her her 15 mins of fame. As it stands, she's just a random ex-royal cruiser 🙂
  11. Yes that's it. It's so white washed in the near frame that it looked like a single white panel. So this would mean she's standing on her her railing and not completely on the other side I think. Either way, totally irresponsible and hope she gets some sleep on her flight home...
  12. My confusion is the fact that the wall behind her legs appears solid white, not glass, like I'm used to seeing. However it also looks like the photographer had to zoom in quite a bit from his own balcony on the aft bump so there could easily be some illusion to the pic.
  13. Sorry I am not very familiar with the rules for posting links or content I don't own... But a quick web search of "woman stands on allure of the seas" should show you the article for which I speak.
  14. Thanks. This is helpful. Although completely out of our control I like to know what may influence their decision making process.
  15. Thanks! So many fake photos going viral these days I like to get a second opinion.
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