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  1. Does anybody know if the Seaside is being replaced in Miami? Is Seaside moving to another port?
  2. I have a cruise next February. Any idea how early I can apply for shareholder credit? Would like to do it now. Will they post credit to booking even if shares may be sold within year? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Interesting. Wonder how many people had minor colds with a low fever and actually get denied!? Washy washy! Have fun!
  4. Did they actually do Thermal scans on everybody in Miami getting on the ships this past weekend?
  5. Great to hear! Enjoy your cruise. Thanks for posting!
  6. Now that we are a couple months into the new year, is it safe to say that Seaside Yacht Club Gelato, crepes, Venchi DRINKS, minibar are STILL included, no change, no charge? Thanks for update!
  7. Hello. Does yacht Club menu still have the selection of items each night at dinner that do not change? Filet mignon etc.?
  8. When I booked the zipline was definitely included. Wonder if anybody got grandfathered into getting that included even after it was removed.
  9. Thanks for taking time out to reply. Have a great cruise this week!
  10. Trip was booked way back in August 2018.
  11. Hello. Getting ready for a February cruise.. Had read in past the idea of Gelato, crepes, zip line, minibar etc. no longer being included. I know zip line is not. Wondering if anybody who booked when it was included was granted that perk. So, was hoping anybody on board in recent weeks can confirm what is still included and if changes have been made. Thanks
  12. Still get all drinks and Gelato included at Venchi Bar with Yacht Club?
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