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  1. This is what we want to do as well! We live in Seattle so just flights back from LA. Hope to see you there!
  2. I’m going to book this cruise as well and do it as part of a BSB if we are able!
  3. I was on her January 24-Feb 6th and she was looking a little shabby. I was wondering about this myself.
  4. It does. 🤣 Adios Mother blank
  5. 🤣🤣😂 I still blame the AMF drinks that the bartender was making. I have NEVER gotten that drunk even on my 21st birthday.
  6. I am super guilty of doing this on my second cruise in the Epic. I had a little bit too much to drink before muster and the next day couldn’t even remember going 😳 My husband was in the Navy at the time so he made me go to the makeup drill and made me walk to the lifeboats. I was very hungover so it was miserable. Lesson learned.
  7. Haha as long as it doesn’t turn political I don’t think anyone cares. I’m actually from a small New Mexico town that is a couple hours from Tucson so I know that area very well! I haven’t ever been to a hockey game there. I really like your upbeat attitude. Thanks for shouting me out about hockey!
  8. I actually love the name! I am so excited to have hockey! Maybe next year I’ll catch a game.
  9. Nothing for us unfortunately. We were able to do an 11 day Southern Caribbean in January so at least we had that. If our jobs permitted travel we were hoping to drive to our hometown in New Mexico for a visit but our cases have spiked in WA and we don’t want to bring the plague with us to a small community that doesn’t have a lot of resources. I’m hoping to take a week off and we can drive the WA coast but we will see.
  10. I always wake up super giddy right before we pull into port. I love watching the the shore come into view and seeing the bustling port!
  11. I hope you have a wonderful birthday trip no matter what you choose! I’m looking at something to celebrate my birthday October 2021 and this year is our 15th wedding anniversary and all our plans were of course cancelled but we are looking to maybe combining these missed milestones. I would love to do a 21 day cruise!
  12. Have you considered the Epic? It has the best spa of all the ships. The bathroom layout is a little weird but it doesn’t both us. We did an 11 day to the southern Caribbean in January and it was amazing! I’m a sun worshiper but we did see some amazing things at all the islands. My husband is a giant kid and loves the slides. 🤣
  13. Yikes, I highly doubt that. Every tourist economy is suffering.
  14. 1: my husband works for the DOD and travel always has to be approved with a full itinerary. 2. I guess you just have to have a positive test? If you come back from vacation and have it, they assume you got it on vacation. Especially if you live somewhere with a low Covid rate. 3. For my job and my husbands, it more to have less exposure. A cruise would put us with 4500 strangers. Likely no one from our area. 4. My job doesn’t care where I go as long as I’m willing to take an unpaid quarantine. My husband absolutely can be fired for lying about his vacation or destination. 5. I don’t see it as micromanaging. I appreciate what both of our companies are doing to slow the spread of the virus. To be fair, my husband has always had to submit a vacation request with an itinerary if we are traveling more than 100 miles from his base.
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