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  1. We were on an Oceania cruise last year, and they offered Stitch-n-Zip kits for eyeglass cases, etc. This may be what you are referring to and, yes, they are needlepoint. They are nice little kits in lots of different designs, with everything you need: canvas, needle and thread. But beware! No scissors! Come prepared!
  2. How does one find out what the “Air Allowance” is for a particular booking? If I am to make an informed decision to book my own flights, I need to know (1) the price of the flights I want to book, and (2) how much of a fare discount (Air Allowance) Regent will give me for doing so. I’ve looked on my invoice. I’ve looked on my booking page. I can’t find it. Do I need to call them and pay the $75 for this info? This just keeps getting crazier.
  3. Says Peter Cerda, IATA’s Regional Vice President for the Americas: “Canada has become a total outlier in managing COVID-19 and travel. While governments across the globe are rolling back restrictions, the government of Canada is reinstating them. The government should follow the lead of its peers, including, for example, Australia. While that country had some of the toughest travel restrictions during the height of the pandemic, it has now lifted these, including the vaccination requirement. Rather than following this example and enabling travel and tourism to recover, those in power in Canada believe that throwing more red tape at the pandemic is the way forward.”
  4. Some travel professionals are tearing their hair out. https://www.travelweek.ca/news/canada-has-become-a-total-outlier-iata-slams-reinstated-random-testing-and-other-restrictions/
  5. Yes I did. This is my favorite part. You must not: leave your room unless it's: for a medical emergency for an essential medical service or treatment pre-authorized by a Quarantine Officer have any visitors use shared spaces in the facility receive deliveries unless it is for an essential reason
  6. Absolutely. The five-star reviews of those quarantine facilities practically write themselves. https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/isolation/designated-quarantine-facilities#plan-not-suitable You mean we don’t get to quarantine for 10 days at the Fairmont?
  7. Good timing on your part, Edgee. We are supposed to take a train/bus tour from Vancouver to Banff, end of July. Maybe it’s due to my irrational paranoia about airport security, but we are debating whether to cancel this trip rather than take our chances flying into Vancouver. The possibility of a 10-day quarantine in some mysterious undisclosed location in a foreign country is … daunting.
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