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  1. The price of my ticket dropped by close to $300 pp yesterday. I guess I got the answer to my original question. Yes, the prices do drop again after they have been going up and up.
  2. Thank you for your response. I decided to book my tickets today through the airlines directly. I guess I'll see how it all plays out in the end.
  3. I think you missed what I meant in my OP, I have a cheap rate already on hold through EZAir, but was curious if airline prices change the way cruise prices do. I guess I shouldn't bother watching the rates, I'll just go with your jet suggestion. You don't have to reply to the question if your going to be nasty or snide.
  4. I saw that too but their reviews on TA for the most part were not good.
  5. Yeah, I have heard positives and negatives about using EZAir. The negatives about rerouting planes with long stop overs or worse missing your cruise all together have me thinking, I don't know if I should take a chance or not. Again, I don't know if those other people's negative experiences would have been the same if they didn't go through Princess.
  6. I looked at BA but for me to be able to pick my seat it costs me +$124 for the seat and then I would have to upgrade from the lowest basic I think that was another $ to even have that option. My dates were Aug 6/Aug 22 from JFK- NY to London. I can do carry-on as well
  7. Have you ever used EZAir? if so how did it go?
  8. I've been checking Princess prices pretty often and they have been going up just like the airlines. I could stick with the EZAir but have heard some not so great things about that as well as they often re-route your non-stop to stop overs at the last minute.
  9. What do you think by the summer?
  10. Being a new flyer I guess that's what I'm asking others with more experience. Do the prices of the rates go up and down the same way the cruise ones do? In the past I've followed cruise prices pretty well and have a pretty good idea about what time of year things are "on sale". I haven't had that much history of using airlines and tracking prices so I don't have a good handle so to speak on that industry and how it works. In a few articles/recommendations that I have come across, others have mentioned that prices do go up and down (like a bell curve) so I guess that's where my thinking was that maybe this is the higher prices and i should wait it out for the "sale season" as it gets closer to my sale date like 2 months before so to speak. I know that if it's very close to the date then prices are very high.
  11. The EZAir was about $390pp on BA basic economy ticket. The extra fees come to about $180/200 since I would need to upgrade to the next level of economy just thave the option to pick my seat and then to pick my seat it would cost me another $124pp so your really looking at a price of about $600. That price is with a $200 discount on the EZAir. So if I want to re-fare later, if I see a better cruise price I can't if I want to use the promo.
  12. I looked at Norwegian but others had mentioned that they were not a great option since they have been having money trouble I believe.
  13. When I first booked the cruise, I was basically only looking at the comparisons between EZ Air and direct ticket prices. Being a new flyer out of the US I had no idea what prices were good or not so I just kept watching them. Some other sites/people had mentioned they don't buy till much closer to when they fly for best prices, like 2 months out.
  14. My exact dates of flying are fly out Aug 6 (later evening flight, as my DH and I need to work part of that day) and RT Aug 22 evening flight so we have a little time after cruise to sight see. The cruise is Aug 8-20. So no real wiggle room with dates. I was looking at prices for main cabin/economy classic. Whichever one is a step above the basic no frills economy, so we can pick our seats in advance. I started limiting myself to Delta/VA from just reviews, opinions of other friends and family that fly. They also have a lot of flights with the 2-3-2 configuration so I don't have to pay extra for not having someone next to me. BA charges $84 for those seats in the back of their planes each way pp so it adds up. I wanted non-stop as well, less off/on and moving parts so to speak. I'm bit anxious flying and since I've only flown 2x in my life the terminals are a bit daunting knowing where to go and what to do.
  15. I'm a newbie traveler and I've been obsessing over the price of booking my plane fare for my up coming BI cruise this Aug. I've been watching non-stop VA and Delta flights from JFK to either HLR or Gatwick. In the beginning the flights were around $450/500ish but now they are $730ish. Did I miss my window to buy tickets for cheaper? Should I just buy them now and cut my losses before they go higher? Do I just wait a month or so out and hope as it gets closer it will drop? Since it's traveling in the summer, am I unrealistic about how cheap they will be? I do also have back up EZAir through Princess for pretty cheap but that doesn't include unknown fee prices. TIA for any feed back or suggestions you may have.
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