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  1. Good point. Flight times and price are similar so that's why I was thinking to ask if one was better than the other.
  2. What do you think about flying out of Gatwick vs LHR and doing the different options? Is LHR more centrally located for getting in and out of London than Gatwick? Some said the Gatwick airport was less busy so not as much time in lines etc.
  3. Thank you so much for the response. Do you think I should use a Southampton hotel as a base the day before the cruise or a hotel right near the cruise terminal? Not sure if we did one right near the cruise port if it would be just as easy to get to Salisbury.
  4. On the way back from the cruise we would have the time as we get into port on Thursday and are flying out Saturday. Do you think it's better to try and go to Salisbury, Stonehenge etc on the Friday we fly in so we can save the post-cruise days all for London instead of taking the IF tour on the way back to London post cruise? We are also only taking carry-on luggage, so I'm not sure if that saves a lot of time or not when we arrive.
  5. I'm looking at flights for my BI cruise in Aug but looking for recommendations/opinions on options: I'll be leaving on a Thursday night getting there early Friday, cruise leaves Saturday. Cruise gets back on a Thursday we fly back home Saturday night. My options are: JFK (NY) to Heathrow 7:00pm getting in 7:20am on Delta- cheapest about $577pp economy , but a bit more challenging getting to airport in rush hour. Would you head toward London hotels/sites or go to Southampton area? I looked into a few tours (International Friends) going to Stonehenge, Windsor, Salisbury etc. but most of them leave by 9:00am from London area. I don't think I would get out of the airport in time. or JFK to Heathrow 11:00pm-11:20am on Delta -$250pp more right now, no worries about rush hour- Don't know if this kills so much of the day that we could tour? or JFK to Gatwick 7:30pm getting in 7:50am on Virgin- $100pp more right now - Airport might be less busy than Heathrow? I think I would try and go toward Southampton, but again most tours start at 9:00 and don't pick up from Gatway. JFK to Heathrow 10:00pm-10:10am on Virgin-$100 pp more right now Return Heathrow to JFK 5:30pm-8:15pm Delta- Will we have enough time to take in some sites in London before the flight or is it just too much? Your thoughts and opinions are always so helpful TIA 😁
  6. I think K and George are booked for this year when I'm going πŸ™. I'm looking to do the same tour as you did with Military Tattoo transport.
  7. Gotcha! makes a bit more sense now, thank you!
  8. The fees I'm referring to are the seat assignment fees.
  9. I guess it's the + seat assignment charges that are charged after that is a little deceiving. Meaning, you think your ticket will cost $300 but after $150 seat assignment charge it's now $450.
  10. The other "fees" are for being able to pick your seat and the seat you picked. $34 for the option to pick it before and $84 for the specific location.
  11. Thank you! Now that ship cabin is done, I'm on to obsessing/planning the flights, lol
  12. Lol that's what I did first thing this morning. I'm in front of the steps now. Crisis avoided 🀣 My fair skin will be happy!
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