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  1. bubionda - We probably could... But who knows if they will even be sailing by 3/22/20... We are in a wait and see pattern at the moment.. We would hate to give the cruise line more money at this point... I see cruisingator2 above just put out the article on Virgin Cruises holding up on their roll out too..
  2. We are also still scheduled to go for Spring Break.... We really don't want to be quarantined either... We have an inside cabin for this cruise..🙃 As we have been to the Caribbean many times -- we always say they just change the signs, as we approach the island so a balcony is not necessary...😁 I will have to think that over in the future...
  3. RICCruisers - I don't think the cruise lines would want to lose all goodwill by screwing their customers out of a FCC or previous bookings that were paid for. Who would book with them again, if they did that? I know I wouldn't and I have been on over 40 cruises...
  4. smogfarmgirl - I agree -- we paid ages ago for this cruise... Hate to miss my Premium Drink Package and my Mud Slides...LOL🍸😊 We have another cruise on Reflection scheduled for July.... We will see what happens now and hope for the best... Good luck!!!
  5. WonderMan3 - I totally agree with you. We live in S. FL and are scheduled to leave on the Edge 3/22/20. We will see what RCCL/Celebrity does. They definitely are meeting, as we speak, to see what they can do re: cancellation plans...
  6. dani negreanu - Interesting that nothing was scheduled in that time period on Reflection... Sorry to hear about the cancellation. We still have everything set for the July cruise. We are taking a wait and see attitude and we will see if Celebrity cancels. We have the insurance and everything is booked through them incl. the air and excursions. The only thing we booked outside of Celebrity are the 4 nights pre-cruise in Dublin. We will see what happens. Take care and be well.
  7. Hi dutchclogs - I have not seen or heard anything further... It is a bit strange.... with that gap in June and no sailing until mine on July 6....
  8. I was curious -- we are on the Reflection 7/6/20 Sailing out of Dublin and we are taking a wait and see attitude. I noticed that after the June 5th Sailing of Reflection there are no other sailings until ours on 7/6 (which I found strange). Is the ship going into Dry Dock? Or is it possibly being chartered? I have not seen anything about this gap. Thanks for your assistance.
  9. davekathy - I was thinking of "Light My Fire" rather than "This Is The End... Hi TeeRick - We miss you on our thread... Sorry you are not traveling with us... I thought the ad was a bit strange, but most Millennials will not get it anyway. Maybe Celebrity is starting the a new 60's Boutique (with all the goodies) on board... LOL
  10. The next song for all of us children of the 60's will be done by Jim Morrison of the Doors to keep up the theme... LOL😁
  11. richard1s - I totally agree with you. My Partner and I like to go to the casino to have a little fun. We also only had $10 and up BJ tables - which I did play a bit (with some left over non-refundable shipboard credit) and won, but I also enjoy Three Card Poker and $30 per hand is too steep for me. Celebrity (and other casinos too) would rather have croupiers standing around at an empty $25 or $100 per hand table rather than opening a $5 table that would be full... I really don't get that logic at all... This was Christmas week and though the ship was busy the casino was not. They did give $5 credit on slots one night. By little gambling done, we actually left the ship with more than we came with...😊 We will be on the Edge in March so we shall see.... Happy travels...🛳️
  12. Hi all!!! This is such a popular trip many of the stateroom categories are sold out... We look forward to meeting others traveling on this cruise... See you soon...😁
  13. Hi all!!! Forty Days from Sail Away!!!🎈 just checking to see if anyone else is traveling for Spring Break... See you all soon...😁
  14. doskram - Follow-up ---Just got off the phone with Celebrity... The Celebrity Rep initially was unaware of $14 surcharge on the Classic package perk --- so she contacted a resolution specialist and they new what I was talking about and they are in the process of making the change to the Premium Package for me and my Partner. She said I would have a confirmation later today. 😁 Good luck!!!
  15. I had the same question -- as we paid the $14 PP PD and received it back from the TA as a OBC for the entire $196 for the two of us. Are they still going to upgrade us to the Premium package? I will call Celebrity today and see if I can find anything out.. I will get back to you... 😁
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