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  1. If you would like to persue this further, please note the following from the Guidelines we all agreed to follow when registering for our free Cruise Critic memberships: If you have any questions or comments regarding our posting guidelines or any content found on our message boards please be sure and let me know. I'll be happy to discuss them with you.LauraSSenior Manager, Communitycommunity@cruisecritic.com Be sure to send your email from your Cruise Critic email address of record and mention your member name.
  2. It appears that since the member started that thread, the only place the thread and their posts in the thread appear is in the threads shown in Topics.
  3. As a moderator I can see if any posts in the thread have been hidden from your view. No posts have been hidden in the thread you mention.
  4. @Até After clicking Find Content and the list appears, have you clicked Posts in the All Activity list to the left? That should show you what posts are available for you to see. If you click Topics, you will see the available threads the member started. In checking your Posts & Topics I see they go back to July 17, 2016 when you joined.
  5. See previous Announcement: NOTICE: Cruise Critic / Tapatalk Issues For further questions or information, please feel free to contact help@cruisecritic.com from your Cruise Critic email address of record. Be sure to mention your member name.
  6. See previous thread started October 30, 2020: Volunteer Passengers? - Celebrity Cruises - Cruise Critic Communit
  7. @RollTide73 Howdy Vicki!! Thank you for starting the Roll Call thread for your cruise! 👍 However, with no sail date in the title your fellow Cruise Critic members sailing with you will not be able to find this thread. Please reply with your sail date. I will be happy to edit the thread title. Looking forward to your reply, Host Kat
  8. Howdy everyone!! Just a friendly reminder concerning the Travel Agent Recommendations section in the Guidelines we all agreed to follow when registering for our free Cruise Critic memberships. This is the reason some posts in this thread had to be removed. Please do not mention or even hint about any travel agent, agency, cruise line "personal cruise consultant" names, contact info, websites, etc. General discussions regarding the type of agency (brick & mortar vs. online) to be used to purchase a cruise are allowed, as long as no recommendations for any source o
  9. Howdy @ellie1145! The duplication has been removed. Your posts were in the Approval Queue & one needed to be released. See this thread for more information: Posted just now - Hidden Hope this information will be satisfactory and glad to have you aboard Cruise Critic! Happy sails, Host Kat
  10. You are most welcome. As mentioned before, it makes a difference if you booked with a UK travel agency or direct with Carnival at www.carnival.co.uk versus booked with a US travel agency or direct with carnival.com here in the US. The booking policies are usually different between the two countries. Therefore, your post was moved to where the Host felt it should be due to the fact you are in the UK. Also as mentioned before, discussion of board management is not allowed on the boards. Please direct any further inquiries regarding the move of your post via email to the C
  11. @lucky13uk Howdy!! Welcome to the Cruise Critic boards!! Per the Guidelines we all agreed to follow when registering for our free Cruise Critic memberships, threads are moved if possible to a more correct forum where they will be on topic or the member will recieve the best information. In your case, you are in the UK & your policies are different than ours here in the US. Therefore, your inquiry was moved to our special forum just for UK Cruisers. That's where you should be able to learn more about cruising from the UK or on UK-based ships from cruisers just like
  12. Howdy @Boardwalkfun!! Thank you for your new thread on the Cruise Blogs & Websites forum. 👍 However, your post is off-topic here. This forum is for members to share their personal travelogue-type cruise-related blogs or websites with their fellow Cruise Critic members. I suggest you read through the lengthy thread titled Crystal Refund Roll Call on the Crystal Cruises forum. It is for tracking refunds from Crystal. The thread is for data collection only. You can post the requested information about your situation there. Also there is another
  13. @lhargrove62 Howdy!! Here are a few previous threads in this forum that should help: I sincerely hope this information will be helpful and glad to have you aboard Cruise Critic! Happy sails, Host Kat
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