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  1. I don't know who you're asking since you didn't quote anyone, but I wouldn't hesitate to book this cabin again.
  2. Stayed in 6145 this past December. I don't recall any noise whatsoever.
  3. Great question. This one's easy for me. I would love to see more of Croatia.
  4. My guess is that initially, indoor bars will all be open but with no seating at all. Entertainment will go on but with socially distanced seating. That might equate to more show times. Meal times might be accelerated with more than 2 set seating times, but not to the 30-40 minute extent. Anytime dining in the MDR might be suspended to better control capacity. Of course this is all speculation, but these would be some responsible actions potentially being considered by cruiselines.
  5. I agree with the others. What you characterize as "still planning on cruising", I characterize as "haven't yet cancelled".
  6. Practically speaking, I think most would tell you that there is very little likelihood of any Alaska cruises happening this year. Also, Celebrity has been cancelling cruises on a rolling basis after final payment.
  7. Your chart shows cumulative cases. That chart will go up even with only 1 new case and it never goes down. It's' not that meaningful as relates to opening things up. The Georgia DPH chart shows the rate of new infections, which is the more common chart, and it's declining rapidly.
  8. It's not new. It's click-bait by CNN; recycling a month-old article, perhaps adding a paragraph, and re-posting it as new news.
  9. It extended the No Sail Order given by the CDC in March that was set to expire.
  10. On our last Summit cruise, we ate in Luminae every night, occasionally ordering items from the MDR menu. Some of those items were recommended by our Luminae waiter. Between the service and the food quality plus the attentive sommelier, we didn't even consider specialty dining. We did have lunch in Sushi on 5 one afternoon.
  11. Yes, the right balance. I made no claims as to what the right balance is.
  12. Actually, that's sort of backwards. The longer people do not cooperate, the longer the restrictions will go on. But the pandemic would end sooner if we all went about our regular business, albeit with potentially more dire consequences. The trick is finding the right balance.
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