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  1. Now we're gonna need another thread about those darned entitled AQ guests taking up space in the MDR. 😂
  2. The one on Summit was smaller. As I recall, it was only 2 doors as opposed to the 5 in the OP's photo.
  3. I heard nothing for the entire week.
  4. I couldn't get this one uploaded from my phone during the cruise, so here's one more for you...
  5. I don’t think it’s a sleeper sofa. That would mean you can’t book 3 in this cabin. Check with Celebrity.
  6. I’m not seeing that in this cabin on Summit unless I’m missing something.
  7. The single door is the biggest downside for sure. The cabin, bathroom and veranda are all oversized which to me, more than makes up for it.
  8. We just boarded today. Here are a couple pics of 6145 to get started. Veranda furniture and shower. I think the “shelves” in the shower are new.
  9. You need to be targeted by Amex to see the offer in your online Amex account. I don't know how widely available these offers are in Canada.
  10. The email says something like Great News, You've used an Amex Offer. All the emails I get always have the caveat that you'll get the credit if your purchase meets the terms. I get these automated emails whether or not I've actually met the terms. Oftentimes I don't get any email at all, but I still get the credit after a few days. All this to say that these emails, or the lack of any emails, don't mean much to me.
  11. This is not true, in my experience. I've gotten the email immediately after purchases that haven't been enough to trigger the credit.
  12. That's what mine said when it was pending. Then it posted as Celebrity Cruises Miami FL.
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