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  1. Meanwhile, many countries are experiencing a resurgence in COVID-19, including countries like France, that are recording more positive cases than back in the spring. I don't think we are going to see Regent sailing for quite some time.
  2. Exactly. It's everywhere and the spikes continue to occur all around the world as we open things up a bit. France just had their highest 1 day numbers for positive COVID cases. With schools opening up the cases are increasing. I believe we are a long ways off from the start up of cruises in a meaningful way.
  3. Every component has it’s own risks and possible outcomes and it all has to work just right in order to have a safe journey. As they say, one weak link and the entire chain breaks. Too many if’s and I hope’s to get me on a cruise any time soon. We all know the risks and if people decide to cruise (and all the other travel that comes with it) then I wish them well and hope they have an uneventful journey.
  4. That is a common sense approach. I don’t subscribe to the theory that it will be safe to cruise once the cruise lines say it is so. I will need proof and that’s where the people who need to cruise play a significant role. They will be our test cases to see how safe it really is to cruise and what the actual travel experience becomes. There is no doubt that things will be different than what we’ve experienced in the past, at least for a while. Will the premium prices we pay for luxury cruises be worth it under the new normal? That’s the question that remains unanswered in my mind.
  5. Motley Fool likes to taut their previous winners and successes but not their losers. I ignore their recommendations, which are essentially advertisements. However, I think they make good points, but I would include all cruise lines in this riskier investment area now. I don’t know who the winners and losers will be in the cruise industry but I do believe that the industry will look a lot different when this is over.
  6. I did my research and what I said in my post is the overwhelming opinion of experts in this area. It didn’t come from the so called “news” media, facebook or the tabloids at the grocery store. The flu vaccine statistics come from actual data. So I’m not uniformed but I do admit that my perspective on COVID-19 is a very cautionary one. What I have seen in my own city and state (Austin, TX) is that large groups of people, indoors, and ignoring the safety precautions, led to a major spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the past couple of months. If we don’t follow the guidelines we now have evidence of what happens. I am hopeful for a vaccine and I will get one as soon as it’s available to me but history shows that these corona class viruses do mutate and vaccines have to be adjusted each year. Sometimes the medical community guesses correct on the strain of the flu and sometimes they don’t, thus the high variability in effectiveness rates. Admittedly, COVID-19 is a novel virus so even the experts don’t have the data to be precise on their predictions, so we don’t know what we don’t know yet. Hopefully they can find a vaccine that has a high effective rate like those for chicken pox or measles but history doesn’t show that vaccines for corona virus strains never get to that level of effectiveness.
  7. But we will have to wait for the Easter Bunny to show up before cruising. 😀
  8. For those who want to cruise as soon as their ship sails, I say go for it. You are right in that anyone who cruises before COVID-19 is under reasonable control and/or an effective vaccine is available, assumes the risk associated with cruising. So if they get sick or die then that is the risk they are willing to take. If the worst outcome happens, hopefully they will die with a drink in their hands and a smile on their face. The bottom line is that people will be aware of the risk and willing to take it. I believe that the cruise lines will have good intentions and good protocols and practices in place to maximize a safe environment. I also believe, based on what I’m seeing every day on the news and in person, that some people will not follow the rules and will put others at increased risk. I don’t begrudge anyone from wanting to cruise ASAP. It is a wonderful way to relax, have fun and see the world. Personally, I will wait and see how things shake out and jump back in when I think the risk is reduced and worth it to me. I do appreciate the folks who want to be first in line to cruise because we need some people to test out the safety and quality of cruising because it will certainly be different then what we were accustomed to pre COVID.
  9. There is plenty of scientific disagreement about this virus so I guess you can find one to support any opinion that one may have.
  10. Good luck. I am willing to trade off some freedoms and inconveniences in the short term for the hope that things will be better for the long term. For me, It’s more important to enjoy life and it’s journey for as long as I can. Cruising to me is not the most important thing. My wife, my kids and my grandkids are light years more important so I will wait until it is safe to cruise and then I will enjoy the heck out of it. I would feel terrible and selfish if I did something foolish and took a high risk adventure and was infected with COVID-19 and passed that on to my family, friends or even a stranger. I don’t deny anyone’s right to go on a cruise when it becomes available. A lot of people throw caution to the wind and then regret their decision when they wind up in the hospital and are fighting for their lives. Is cruising really that important?
  11. Most “experts” agree that the real infection rate is around 10X of those that have tested positive, so who knows what are the real number Of cases. A cruise ship to me is real concern although I know that there are differences of opinion and everyone needs to make their own decision. The problem is that everyone’s decision has the potential of impacting innocent victims so the risk extends beyond one person’s willingness to take calculated chances. We see that with the younger generation acting as if they are not vulnerable only to get the virus and pass it along to someone who doesn’t respond well to the virus. We had that happen with a close friend who was impacted by their college grand daughter. I guess when you see things on the news it doesn’t hit home because it sometimes doesn’t seem real. But when you see it for real, close to home, then it becomes personal and your attitude changes. I can tell you that this grand daughter is living a nightmare and is so worried that her Reckless actions may have jeopardized the life of her grand mother.
  12. All the more reason to take the cash and wait and see what happens. There is so much uncertainty. Thinking back to March when this all hit the US, my thinking that it would be well under control by the fall of 2020. But here we are and the numbers are far worse then they were in March/April. I would have lost a lot of money on that bet..
  13. The percentage of people that die from COVID-19 are down but the number of people contracting the disease is way up. For SC, there were 669 news cases yesterday while the numbers in March, April and early May were around 200 New cases per day. Deaths are down for 2 main reasons: we now know better procedures to manage the disease and save lives and also More younger people are getting the virus and their immune systems can fight the this disease better. I’m not saying that you need to get in a cocoon until this is over but taking prudent steps, masks, social distancing, proper hygiene, and staying away from crowds especially indoors are still prudent things to do. Multiple cruise ships that tried to sail recently had COVID-19 “outbreaks” and had to cancel the cruise and quarantine people. It’s too early to get a bunch of people together in enclosed areas (ships, buses, etc).
  14. Meanwhile, I have all my money back in the bank since I took the cash refund and I don’t have to worry about whether my next scheduled cruise is going to go, and if it does, whether the ports will be fully open or changed and whether the onboard experience will be so different that it isn’t worth the procedural hassles. If you paid for a cruise, via new cash or FCC’s, and you find out prior to the cruise that the route/ports have been changed dramatically and that previous cruisers don’t enjoy the new COVID-19 procedures, can you cancel your cruise and not lose your money or FCC’s if it’s within weeks of the scheduled cruise, based solely on the new itinerary or procedures?
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