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  1. I’m not feeling bad for anyone who chooses to play the Regent game of whack-a-mole. It is a choice that each of us makes and I sincerely hope it works out for everyone who decides to ride it out. I think it will be a long ride. I understand that these are unprecedented times and no one knows how long COVID will be around and how severe it will be. But there is no doubt that it is back (or never left) with a vengeance in the US (record number of new cases yesterday) and other parts of the world including Europe. What I don’t think is fair is the way Regent has decided to communicate (or lack th
  2. Pretty sad if they are afraid to give us too much information. Instead they give us too little and we are left to speculate. That only leads to false hopes, uncertainties and disappointments. But they keep our money and keep us booking future cruises when they cancel cruises so I guess they are getting what they want. Thankfully, I got out of this game in April 2020 and Regent doesn’t have 1 penny of my money. I feel for those who still have money in the game and are on a continuous roller coaster ride. The 2nd wave of COVID is starting and if anyone believes that cruising will start in earnes
  3. A bird in the hand ........................
  4. Sounds like it Wendy. Glad I got my money back early this year.
  5. Not so. You are struck if they decide your rebooked cruise is a go even if it it isn’t what you expected and hoped for. Glad I got my money back. Bought an airstream travel trail instead for years and years of enjoyment and exploration in the US and Canada. North America has as much beauty and interesting sites to see as anywhere in the world. Cruising is now a 2022 and beyond dream for me.
  6. I know that comparing Crystal to Regent ruffles some feathers but I think it is sometimes useful to compare similar (more ruffling) products or in this case, communications to their customers. Here’s what Crystal is saying about future cruises: ”Crystal has canceled all ocean, river and yacht sailings for the remainder of 2020. Sailings are expected to resume with the Jan 3, 2021 sailing of Crystal Esprit. Crystal's first scheduled river cruise departure is the March 26, 2021 voyage aboard Crystal Bach.” So why can’t Regent be more forthcoming with their cancellation co
  7. Agree. To add to the dilemma, let’s say that the cruise you had booked with FCC’s does sail, but the onboard and onshore experience is so different and so limited (a strong possibility especially for the early cruises) that it doesn’t meet your expectations of a Regent cruise experience as you have come to expect. Personally, I would feel ripped off and disappointed that I spent so much money on a cruise that was so different than what I was accustomed to and expected for a premium price. I must admit that my life doesn’t revolve around cruising so I won’t cruise until the facts come out from
  8. Simple, they want to keep your $$$$ as long as possible. Regent is a follower not a leader during these COVID times but they sure do advertise a lot.
  9. I believe at startup there will be a limited amount of ports that will be open to cruise ships and all cruise ships will be jockeying for port space, tour guides, etc. because they all want to get the $’s flowing again. I also believe that many tour guides are no longer in business. It will be interesting to see if the demand for cruise ship tour guides will equal the supply of guides. If the demand exceeds the supply then prices will go up. If supply exceeds the demand then maybe prices will go down. Simple supply/demand economics. The same holds true for airlines as many are cutting back on
  10. The only thing that I can say about Regent’s actions and communications during this pandemic is that they are consistently pathetic in being open and honest With their customers.
  11. Regent, get your act together. Be honest with your customers. There won’t be any cruising this year.
  12. All the cruise ships use the same pool of tour guides. With Regent, the more popular tours get booked quickly by people in named class cabins, sometimes leaving only less desirable options for the people in the less expensive cabins. I would prefer to choose a external private /small group guide than a Regent tour that wasn’t of interest to me. If that option isn’t available then it’s another reason to delay cruising until a somewhat normal state occurs. For me, the destination is a priority and if I can’t experience what I want to see and do, then I’ll wait until I can.
  13. Be careful what you wish for. If the cruise industry goes too soon and too fast they will have outbreaks and then they will be idled for a longer period of time. We’ve seen what happens when cities and states open up too much, too soon - COVID comes back with a vengeance. We are now seeing increasing COVID cases throughout the world and the experts believe the worst is yet to come because of the combination of COVID and the flu.
  14. Maybe I am more aware of my surroundings since I’m in the vulnerable category and/or I am more sensitive to people not following best practices. I have a nephew who has flown quite a bit and he enjoys the fewer crowds in airports and airplanes. He also interacts with groups of friends often not following best practices. It is certainly a different attitude about the risks and preventions for COVID-19 than what I believe in. My experience with my flight was that there were a noticeable amount of people that didn’t adhere to the best practices. Most notably people who wore their masks beneath th
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