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  1. I am leaving in a couple weeks for Seabourns 12 days of leeward islands so some of this info is quite helpful for me also. I do really need some advice on our St Johns, Antigua stop as we are there on a Monday until 11 pm. Does anyone have suggestions for the evening?
  2. Our ship will be docked in St John until 11 pm on a Monday. Is there anything to do at night?
  3. Just curious, is there a difference in the quality of the steaks in the TK grill vs The Restaurant?
  4. We probably will try the market lunch if offered. Its always fun to see the galley of different ships.
  5. I am really excited to hear that there is a fresh fish available during lunch as it is one of my favorites if done properly.
  6. I am not sure what all the pushback is on this forum, very strange. Just fyi, I have traveled the world and have done many cruises. Local cuisine is something I would appreciate.
  7. Quite often you can't get off the ship for dinner.
  8. Hmm, maybe we will skip it then. The only time we really enjoy a buffet is if it has a lot of high quality seafood.
  9. No, I am referring to the market dinners however I would also like to know what the galley market lunch is like.
  10. So I take it from the replies so far that it is just like a normal buffet, not anything special. I assumed it would be of high quality. Thanks for the info.
  11. Can anyone give me info on market dinners? I have seen in the menus a few market dinners but no description of what the are. I assume they are buffet style. Are they worth going to instead of the restaurant on those evenings?
  12. If you are looking for a large ship with decent food then I would suggest a sky suite on Celebrity. The Luminae restaurant is really good and they will make you pretty much anything you want with a 24 hr notice. We had a indian meal made for us which was really good. Also, you can buy a specialty dining package if you want to branch out a little. The food in the MDR and buffet are not very good IMO. Celebrity has always been my favorite however their prices have gotten significantly higher recently and so I am taking is Seabourn cruise for much less then I would pay in a sky suite (smallest suite) on Celebrity. Sebourn is a much smaller ship.
  13. I would love to find a cruise line that did this as well. I think the excuses of not being able to buy the local produce and other passengers might not like it to be silly. First of all, like the previous poster stated, these items can be purchased in the US or Europe (as well as other areas) without issue- the cruise line knows which ports they will hit ahead of time so would have a menu planned ahead. Second, nobody is suggesting that all the dishes be in the local ethnic style, but a couple of dishes per night in the main dining areas would be nice. It seems to me when they do actually try to make ethnic food that it is sterilized to the point that it no longer tastes right and that is why people don't like it, and if in general some people don't like ethnic food then they can order the regular dishes on the menu. It is nice that Carnival seems to have some local dishes, however now that my child is grown I will not go back to a Carnival cruise.
  14. This is very sad. I really love different cuisines and especially having local cuisines from where we are cruising. I feel that most cruise lines really miss the mark in this regard. If I could find a affordable luxury liner that highlighted local cuisine and cooked it properly I think that it would become my go to for cruising. So far the only good ethnic cuisine I have experienced on any cruise ship is Indian food when we had it made for us specifically. Sushi is also ok, but I have never had any that compare to land based sushi restaurants.
  15. Wow Raphael360, you certainly have had your share of ATM issues. I have never heard of a ATM eating a credit card
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