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  1. Anyone else see it as a bad sign that NCL has contracted with Goldman Sachs to explore alternative financing options? Read that yesterday.....
  2. You can manually input any date you want, but then it doesn't do anything when you click "Submit."
  3. I just called them because I'm having the same problem trying to get a refund on our May 1 sailing. They said it's an IT problem, they are working on it, and to keep trying throughout the day. It should be working properly later on. Again...... "they said."
  4. We have a 15 day on the Jade, Rome to Amsterday, scheduled for May 1-16. NCL just sent me an Upgrade Advantage email to try to get me to bid for a cabin upgrade! NCL also says they would never sail to a country under a Level 4 travel warning. If that is true, they can't sail anywhere right now, because the State Dept put the entire globe under a Level 4 warning. Waiting for them to cancel to claim a refund.....
  5. Definitely independent. Try Best Rome Driver. Top notch service. They will arrange your transportation and skip the line tickets. Look for my NCL Jade review from May 2019. And, yes, European excursions are certainly more expensive than US or Caribbean excursions.
  6. If THEY cancel, I think they have to offer you cash. Princess is offering FCC and a "generous" bonus to get you accept FCC. But, if that doesn't work for you, they will give you your cash (without the bonus).
  7. YES. I spoke with my TA yesterday about doing just that if we cancel our May 2020 cruise. She said we could our FCC toward our 2021 Baltic cruise.
  8. I was watching the price on our currently-booked May trip on Jade, Rome to Amsterdam. Last week it was significantly cheaper than what we paid, and I managed to talk NCL into some OBC even though we are long past final payment. I checked it again last night, and it is now $600 more than what we paid -- and the price we paid includes pre-paid gratuities! Luckily, if we need to cancel, we already have a 2021 cruise locked in for the Baltic. I just checked, and it, too, is higher by $700.
  9. Have never sailed in the Haven or in a suite, but we have done Sandals and Beaches with butler service. (I have to say, those butlers are excellent!) But if my butler was a no-show, my tip would also be a no-show.
  10. Costa Maya -- meh. You aren't missing much.
  11. I have a cruise booked with NCL in May and again next May. Would l be able to use some NR OBC that I just got to buy a CN certificate and apply it to the already booked cruise in 2021?
  12. Like Oakman58, we generally board as soon as we can, whether cabins are ready or not, and eat at O'Sheehan's. But, I have yet to pass a bar on my way to O'Sheehan's without grabbing at least a beer with my newly minted, beverage-package-enabled card!
  13. Since "the virus" has hit, I've been watching the price of our Med cruise in May. It has dropped substantially. I called NCL today, and they offered me 2 options: 1) pay $480 to upgrade from OV to balcony with all 5 perks and $200 OBC, or 2) take $350 OBC and keep my current cabin. Since we are cruising with my in-laws and have adjoining cabins, we took #2. YMMV, but it's worth a relatively quick call to NCL.
  14. Jost van Dyke -- hands down the most beautiful beach we've ever been to. Crystal clear water, soft white sand, and (if it's back) the best Painkillers at Soggy Dollar Bar!
  15. If you don't like it, or if you feel you didn't get your money's worth, march yourself down to the front desk on the last night, tell them you need to adjust your DSC, they will give you a form to complete, and, voila! it's done.
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