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  1. Been on it twice. Only complaint is the water slide isnt that good.
  2. Seen it open up within a month or two of sailing. Some will get it, print out boarding passes and luggage tags and then cancel it. You get to bypass the line outside and just get into the regular line inside and get your luggage earlier.
  3. Buy a rum runner and bring your own. If you need more, nips in your pockets when getting back on the boat in ports.
  4. I am not loyal to one line over another. I have sailed MSC, Carnival and Royal, and they all have pluses and minuses but will sail anyone except Norwegian, heard too many bad things from people that have sailed them. For me its always about itinerary first, and price second. Cruiseline never really enters into the mix when we decide. Cant think of anything that they would do that would make me say never again.
  5. The Sheraton in Old San Juan is a great hotel, right downtown and easy walk to any of the sites. If you want to relax on the beach before the cruise then the Marriott Courtyard on Isla Verde Beach is a great place to stay as well.
  6. I did that cruise last December for a quick pre winter getaway. We had a great time, been to both places before but was dirt cheap cruise. Just walked around Key West and went to Paradise Beach in Cozumel. The Victory was a fun boat to be on. Was great till the last night when we had somebody get drunk and jump off the boat around the middle of the keys, got woken up by announcements looking for him every 10 minutes and we ended up getting back to Miami 7 hours late.
  7. Just search his facebook page.
  8. Searched for a little while and couldn't find a movie schedule for princess. Is there a place to find movies for a cruise later this week in Mediterranean on Emerald?
  9. Just look at your account, you can see the times when the drinks are put on your account.
  10. This is what they are doing right now for canceled or changed cruises. I would imagine it will be the same for any future storms. Carnival Liberty 09/02/19 – This cruise is cancelled. Guests will receive a full refund of their cruise fare and any pre-purchased items. More details to follow in our email. Carnival Victory 9/02/19 – This cruise will now operate as a 2 day cruise departing Wednesday, 9/4 with one port of call, to be determined. Guests who sail will receive a pro-rated refund of their cruise fare and any pre-purchased beverage and Wi-Fi packages. Guests who wish to cancel will receive a future cruise credit for the full amount of their cruise fare. An email with additional details will follow.
  11. Better than nothing. If you are out having a good time and want something to snack on going back to the room and waiting for room service defeats the purpose of staying out.
  12. The Deli should be open 24 hours along with the pizza. Simple sandwiches to order and maybe some fries as well. Have them always have a handful of sandwiches ready so that there is no wait. No food waste and something other than pizza in the middle of the night.
  13. As an ex smoker I find non smokers are the most offensive. Call security when they light up and have them come to your door so they can see it.
  14. Guys Burgers is a huge downgrade from the old grill. Used to love an afternoon snack of fries, cheese, chips and chicken nuggets. Dont have any of that anymore and just have an overrated overcooked dry burger.
  15. robc1972

    Paradise Beach

    in December it was $3 to get in and fee waved if we spent a total of $20 on food and drinks between the two of us.
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