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  1. Here's a link that shows all the hotel and garage options. Most hotels in Galveston will require a 2 night stay if it's on a weekend. https://www.galveston.com/parkandcruise/
  2. We usually come in a day ahead and have stayed at the Hotel Galvez and then covered parking for the week is $18. Here are all the other hotel options as well https://www.galveston.com/parkandcruise/
  3. That's great! I'll try to reserve that as soon as I can.
  4. Is there a charge for these shows? If so, what is the fee?
  5. Love seeing each of these responses! All prove how much we LOVE cruising!
  6. Love the responses! Interesting that some would question if the trip was legit or a scam. Years ago there was a TV show (not a reality show) about a billionaire who would give a million dollars to an individual with the one stipulation they couldn't tell anyone - including a spouse or friends - where the money came from. If they did, the money would be forfeited. Sometimes the windfall was a blessing to them, other times it tore their lives apart.
  7. Love the answers! Some are the ship is the main thing and you'd want the most bodacious size cabin. For others it's the destination you'd be going as the first thought. Love the one about buying a ship and refurbishing it to your specs. What surprised me with that response is the poster would then turn it back to use for others to use as well! So what's your dream cruise?
  8. What if you were offered an all-expense paid cruise? What would you choose... The best suite to your favorite ports? A river cruise or an ocean cruise? A private yacht and crew? A world cruise? Your choice - don't overthink it, just write your first thoughts. My DH opted for a world cruise, but my first thoughts were a long Asian cruise (loved the movie "Crazy Rich Asians" and the Singapore images). So now it's time for your thoughts. What's your dream vacation if money was not an issue?
  9. Please let us know the results of what your TA works out for you.
  10. 🤣 To L Maxwell... This was not meant to be a "scientific" poll! If that was my intention, it would have required many more questions. But your response is flawed as you failed to note that several suite guests don't even use the special lounges. And your review of the "data" doesn't take into account how often suite guests book cruises as compared to other cruisers. They also get double points for booking that category which means they achieve "D" status quicker even if they cruise less.
  11. To Cruisegirl 1... I started this post in response to what I read in another post that RC is diminishing the perks for D and D+ by dropping those lounges in favor of suite guests. So, I wanted to see where most of those D and D+ guests came from - suites or lower cabin categories. Looks like the majority so far are not from the suite category.
  12. I've seen a lot of questions about who uses the D, D+ Lounges and wanted to find the answers
  13. I believe it can go all the way up to the day of boarding depending on how full the ship is.
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