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  1. That is good to know. I would never considered that was possible.
  2. Since you do last minute cruises, are the better prices on the balconies or higher? Is there much of a saving over booking 6 months in advance than one month? One more question...how can you check the rates. I've tried looking at cruises on the ship's site and TA sites and I only see "call for pricing."
  3. Sealed items shouldn't be a problem. I've brought back spices, tea, coffee, and candies from many countries back to the U.S. They're my favorite souvenirs. Just make sure any glass containers are wrapped really well! Cheese I'd be a bit unsure of taking back as on one trip I went to a farmer's market in Ireland the day before our return trip. Had cheese I was assured wouldn't need refrigeration. However, I spent most of the flight back in the bathroom either throwing up or being hit with a bout of diarrhea. Worst flight ever!!
  4. Most responses...Port Canavaral. That is a growing port. I've never embarked from there, but had it as a stop on a cruise from Quebec to Miami.
  5. Ticketmaster has an option for refunding your ticket? How does that work?
  6. I've done the Caribbean many times and am looking for new destinations. I want to do a transatlantic and I think most of those ships go out from the eastern side of FL and not Tampa.
  7. Yes, with the site having that so far in the process, they don't want to facilitate booking refundable rates.
  8. Can you book a specific cabin number in advance on RCI and it not be a non-refundable fare? When I just tried to do a sample booking and picked a cabin, my only option was NRF I thought the only way to get a refundable fare was to book a guaranty cabin? Can you book a specific room and still get a refundable (without it being paid by travel insurance)?
  9. Did you have a few days in Singapore before the cruise? I was there years ago, but after watching Crazy Rich Asians and seeing how much the city has grown, I am ready to go back there again! What were your other ports? Did you do other tours with CC members?
  10. We've mostly traveled out of Miami or Ft Lauderdale and recently did one from Tampa. We'll be moving to FL soon and it seems all the ports are an easy drive. Which are your favorite departure ports and why?
  11. Earlier this year we were docked next to the Allure and we could hear the music blasting on their open decks. We were so envious! We've been on 3 jazz cruises and there were 6 - 8 venues of jazz music every day. Loved that and chatting with the musicians.
  12. I would love to get some feedback from anyone who has done of these music cruises. I love the line up of musicians they have and am curious about how they run their different shows.
  13. I really loved that program!
  14. It's been at least 10 years since I've been on a Crystal cruise as we've been trying other lines and land tours. I read the opening thread about "share the experience" from 2013. Has this option disappeared where you can sponsor or be sponsored by a past Crystal cruiser?
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