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  1. Might be worth the chance , would save many trips to mid ship. 🎲
  2. Any secret stairs in the aft😉😉
  3. I saw very little tipping even when six chairs had to be moved to waters edge. Labadee was a pleasant change except for people wanting wifi and phone service in Key West.
  4. I guess I know what side I would have to sit in.
  5. Urine alarms are being installed on the hot tubs during dry dock, pools well be next.
  6. Can not find much doing a search, anybody have any info on Mr Tractor. Was active during the late 2000's . thanks
  7. The Reflection has more capacity, under normal circumstances it will be more crowded.
  8. My wife and I are both 67 and we call the "oldens" "geezers". On our last cruise, which was our first HAL cruise, we took this pic of the scooter parking lot outside the MDR one night. We had Fred Astaire dancers on this cruise, one couple waltzed to every form of music played.
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