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  1. Take comfort in the fact that most young (5-9 year olds) kids have absolutely no concept of age. My first year teaching (second grade) I was 21 and asked the kids to guess my age. I got answers ranging anywhere from 17-72!
  2. How about "I'd walk a mile for a Camel!"
  3. The self-stick ones that are mailed are sturdy enough on their own. If you are using the print yourself ones then of course they need re-enforcement or the plastic tag holders.
  4. Yes. I've done exactly that several times. Then I call the TA and release the hold while I'm on the phone and the TA grabs the cabin as soon as it pops back into the system.
  5. It isn't on Millie or any of the M-class ships and never was. It is being removed from all the S-class ships that had the restaurant as they are undergoing the Revolution. Silhouette and Reflection never had it on board.
  6. Thanks for the reminder to make an addition to the packing list!
  7. It's not difficult to determine. If you look in the mirror and say "who the heck is that"...
  8. The OBC we've gotten from our TA has been refundable, the OBC from X has been non-refundable. Curiously, I asked the TA (we've used the same one for many years)several times if the OBC from them was refundable and each time I was told it was OBC-N. Each time, once we got on board we found that the OBC from them was OBC-R. Now we just look on our account once we get on board. I find it curious that some folks find it difficult to spend, regardless of the amount. I've had absolutely no problem making it disappear!🤣
  9. Showing off is so gauche!😜
  10. Mine in Aqua that's 47 days out shows as Docs not available and when I go the Before You Board the Luggage tag button in still inactive. Yes, they're consistently inconsistent. (I always use an Incognito window when doing anything on the X website). Did you book direct or use (or transfer to) a TA? The TA we use generally doesn't have the docs available until 30 days, but they are available on the website usually at 45 (sometimes 46).
  11. Walking along the quay back to the ship in Bonaire we saw this. This was the view from the helipad when sailing from Bonaire. You can see the snorkelers enjoying the water.
  12. We're currently 47 days out and they're not available yet. In the past it's never been before 45 days. We always use a TA. We have no flights connected with this cruise. eDocs become available 30 days prior, but tags have been available for order at the 45 day mark. I wonder if suites get the availability earlier.
  13. I used Microsoft Edge browser for quite some time with great success, but a few months back started having issues with CC as well as other sites with difficulty loading. I switched my default browser back to Chrome and the issues were gone.
  14. It is definitely hidden. I couldn't find it when I wanted to put a cabin on hold about two months ago. I finally just clicked the button to have an online chat and the agent showed me how to do it. Just click the button to leave the booking and up it pops!
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