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  1. I really dislike drinking water from metal containers!
  2. As long as it's properly attired🤣
  3. Nowhere in my post did I say I don't support having a dress code. In fact I specifically said DH and I adhere to it. I did say I prefer not to judge others. I have no dog in this fight.
  4. Well perhaps the metal top was the utensil!🤣
  5. It may be waiting chilled in your room or the steward may wait for you to request it on the day of your choice. I've seen both. Yes, you can swap it out. We usually do. We take it to the dining venue and ask for a bottle of Prosecco or red or white wine and have never had any problems.
  6. Absolutely not. I'm saying the dress code isn't a front and center item listed on the booking page. Most folks look at dates, itineraries, cabin type and locations, cost and inclusions when booking and I'd bet none (or certainly very few) look at dress code when selecting a cruise line for their vacation. Personally, both DH and I adhere to the guidelines but honestly don't care what our cruisemates wear. Not everyone subscribes to Cruise Critic (or the like), nor has everyone sailed a cruise ship. We all come from different cultures, families and backgrounds and rather than being peeved at someone's attire I'd prefer finding out about the person....or not depending on my mood. 😉
  7. I'll really don't believe anyone says to themselves "I feel like wearing shorts and a baseball cap...I'd better book a cruise!" Once there, said person studiously peruses the suggested guidelines of dress and then chooses the cruise to fit their whims. I've yet to book a cruise where the paper or confirmation email included in large, bold highlighted text a dress code and rules of decorum. I'm happy if said paperwork or email includes the correct date, cabin, fare and perks!
  8. I get that, but the Silhouette cruise has at least 4 cabins available while the Reflection 3/13 has been sold out for weeks in Aqua and has only 1 cabin that popped back in yesterday.! I am comparing cruises that are within a 3 week time span on today's pricing, not to pricing when new deployments came out. Who is their right mind would pay those prices for Aqua on the Silhouette cruise? Insane!!!! Blu and Persian Gardens are nice, but not worth $3000 more per person!
  9. I was just browsing a few cruises for March 2020 Aqua Class A2. None are past final payment. Reflection 11 night 3/2/20 $2799 Reflection 10 night 3/13/20 $2599 Reflection 11 night 3/23/20 $1949 Silhouette 12 night 3/15/20 $5869!!!!!!! (Concierge is $3919 AND Veranda is $2729)That's almost $2000 more for Aqua than Concierge and $3100 more than Veranda per person. What am I missing or is this a case of Celebrity IT Strikes Again?
  10. I've just got to say I'm glad you've managed to bear up to this hardship.
  11. As long as you didn't cancel your original booking when you upgraded you are not subject to the charge. If you kept the original booking# you're good. The charge is added to the cruise cost, not charged on board like your gratuities are.
  12. You can only move from C3 to C2. C1's are not eligible for the 1 category upgrade.
  13. In our case DH and I booked our cruise in Aqua 1 1/2 years ahead. The other couple decided to join us after final payment. We advised them of our dining in Blu and that they'd need to book Aqua to dine there with us. Although there were desirable Aqua cabins available and the cost was within their budget and they were selling for a price similar to what we had paid they decided to book a reqular veranda. They were fine with dining alone, and frankly so were we. It gave us each some "time away." In your case, with three couples in one spot and 1 in the other dining room, as long as couple #4 understands that their choice will have them dining alone I wouldn't think they should feel left out. They may like the time apart from the group.
  14. We had a similar situation. We had booked Aqua and friends decided to join us on the cruise. They decided not to book Aqua and instead booked a regular balcony knowing the dining issue. They chose Select dining. We dined in Blu, they dined in MDR at the same time and we met before or after for shows and other evening entertainment. We dined in MDR one night with them to celebrate a birthday together. As long as everyone understands the arrangements going in there shouldn't be issues. The one rule I've seen strictly enforced is that those not booked in Aqua (except for suite passengers on a space available basis) aren't allowed to dine in Blu for breakfast or dinner.
  15. Reflection has Eggs Benedict In Blu. Both DH and I have had them served to us. That is odd that you couldn't get them.
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