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  1. We booked with and made all arrangements and payments through our TA. Our cruise was cancelled in March while we were on board and returned to port. All refunds and FCC was issued directly from X and we dealt directly with X without contacting the TA at all. It did take quite a long time (refund not received until June), but the TA wasn't involved at all. Additionally, our booking was part of a group booking by the TA. That did hold up the refund, but we received the correct amount in one sum onto our CC.
  2. We used a TA and received our entire FCC from X in the correct anticipated amount. Go up the chain at X. It sounds like you're getting mis-information.
  3. You are confused. I received my refund to BoA this morning as well.
  4. We were aboard our March 13 sailing when we received a note at our cabin door dated March 14 the cruise would be returning to port. We were promised a 100% refund and a 50% FCC. We received the FCC email a few weeks later. Today, May 29th, the refund FINALLY arrived on our credit card for cruise fare.
  5. They came directly from X, not from my TA by email
  6. We received our FCC certificates today from our shortened March 13 cruise. Still no refund.
  7. We received a letter while on board our cruise telling us it would be shortened by a week and that we'd receive a full refund and a 50% FCC. Since the we're gotten nothing but daily marketing emails trying to entice us into giving them money for another booking.
  8. Our cruise was cancelled while we were on it! We got a letter on the second SEA day. I wonder what group ours is in for processing?! Getting impatient.
  9. I'm happy to see that finally there are some reports of people receiving their refunds. DH and I were on board the Reflection that sailed March 13. On day 3 of the cruise were were notified that our sailing would be cut short and we were returning to port. We were promised a full refund, and 50% FCC. To date, we've had radio silence...except daily marketing emails enticing us to book a future cruise, and Captains Club newsletters with the same target. I am not the least tempted to give X more of my money for a future booking while they are holding thousands of our dollars.
  10. We got our remaining OBC refunded in cash while still on board on the 15th, the day we received the notice that we would be returning to port early. Since we disembarked we have only received a $50 credit from X. I have no clue what that amount is for.
  11. We were on board the X Reflection sailing of March 13, 2020 that was shortened and disembarked on 3/17. On 3/21 a credit of $50 showed up from X with no explanation. All of our OBC was either used or refunded in cash before we disembarked. I've no clue what this amount is. I guess I'll keep track for a while and see if the refunded amounts total the 100% refund promised. I think they will but it will take a while. We're also waiting for the FCC promised in a letter we received on board. We were told that would be issued in an email by both X and our TA. The TA told me our refund would be issued directly to us to our credit card and not through them.
  12. We were on board Reflection which departed PE on March 13th. The cruise was shortened and we were notified on Sunday the 15th that we'd be returning to PE on the 17th and would be issued a 100% refund along with a 50% FCC. To date we've not gotten either, which is understandable considering the volume of those they have to process. Captains Club sail the refunds could take 5-6 weeks and we would be receiving the email with the FCC certificate hopefully by March 27th. I'll update when we get either.
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