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  1. My husband and I will be cruising on Harmony next fall - our first time on an Oasis Class ship in 17 cruises. I understand RCI designed these ships without a Viking Crown Lounge (What were they thinking?). Since that was our favorite place to spend a quiet afternoon to read and people watch, what other venues on Oasis Class ships do you recommend for said activities?
  2. I’m going to be on the 25 Jan sailing with you. Thanks for the phone #. I’ll make the call tomorrow.....
  3. So do you think they still have the DL event but just don’t advertise it? When you had your drinks in the VCL did they even swipe your card?
  4. I don’t know this vodka. I’m not a Grey Goose kinda guy. My liking leans more towards Luksosova. Is that even in the neighborhood?
  5. We will be sailing on Majesty out of New Orleans on 25 January. As things stand, there will be no diamond event in the VCL. As I understand, 3 drinks from the “approved” alcohol list will be loaded on my card every night. I enjoy a weekly vodka martini every Saturday and only wine other nights. Does anybody know if a vodka martini is included in the “approved” list of my 3 pre-loaded drinks?
  6. I understand that MSC has a loyalty program match with other cruise lines. My husband and I are Diamond on RCCL. Can anyone tell me what that equates to on MSC? What perks are afforded to us for said status? Thanks
  7. I’m on Majesty in 8 days. So I can assume DL will not be available? While it will still be true that I can still get my 3 drinks on any bar on the ship, I will miss the socialization of my fellow long term cruisers.....and the snacks provided during the DL hours were pretty damn good....
  8. When my husband and I cruse, we prefer to “unplug” and totally remove ourselves from electronic devices and the problems of the outside world. For that reason we have never had any interest in purchasing the internet package. Next week, we are cruising with a close friend of ours and she was asking that if she purchases the internet package, will she be able to make and receive texts/phone calls on her phone. Can anyone shed light on this for me?
  9. There used to be a tab on the boards which you could use to search key words in a particular forum. Is that gone?
  10. We will be on Majesty in a couple of weeks and was wondering if the Diamond Lounge Event is held in the Viking Crown Lounge like it has been on many of our previous cruises on smaller ships that do not have a dedicated Diamond Lounge. Can anyone offer any information?
  11. We have cruised Royal many, many times. We have achieved Diamond status but since we prefer the smaller, more intimate ships, my husband and I have never been on an Oasis class ship. We were recently presented with a deal on Harmony that we could not turn down so we booked for spring of 2021. My concern is that we have heard from fellow cruisers that on Oasis class vessels you should “pre-book” several of the shows because the “good” seats will sell out long before the cruise sails. This is totally foreign to us. We have been cruising since 1995 and have never had any trouble getting a seat at any show. Can someone shed some light on this for us? If I need to prebook seats I will but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do that. Any info would be greatly be appreciated.
  12. Spend a night in FLL and fly out the next day.....It would probably work but why end such a relaxing vacation with such stress?
  13. Where does the Diamond Club happy hour take place on Majesty? We were on Radiance in February and every night the entire Viking Crown Lounge was reserved for Diamond members. Does anyone know if that is the case on Majesty?
  14. Does anyone know if RCI has some sort of a program where we can be put on some kind of email list and can be contacted to offer reduced rate fares if they see at the last minute that a certain sailing is not going to leave the dock full? We will both soon be retired and since we live in Florida, we can be there in a day’s drive. If they sent out a notice 4 or 5 days before sailing, we could make arrangements to get on the ship.
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